Brian’s Column: “The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!” Gate

Wouldn’t be the first time…

… that the mainstream media [what I’m taking to calling, as a whole, the GPN (Government Propaganda Network)], working with and for the CIA, simply concocts a convenient Big Lie—“Despite all appearances, people, your all-majestic emperor is NOT naked.”—and spoon feeds it to a just-tell-me-what-to-think-and-do public.

Personally, this notion that the Russians are behind Hillary’s defeat [and the destruction of everything that makes America a bright, shining Candyland] reminds me of the scene in Mel Brooks’ 1987 movie, Spaceballs, where Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis) dangerously orders his ship, Spaceball One, to go to LUDICROUS SPEED!

From this corner it appears the GPN and its backers are spinning childish lunatic fantasies, as a last gasp-cum-death throe. Tomorrow, the meeting of the presidential electors, will provide a significant data point as to whether America has sufficient humanity remaining to brush off these dying, demented space-lizards and move on. Paul Craig Roberts presents some scary, yet reasonable, speculation on who’s behind the curtain pulling the levers, and what may happen if Toto and Dorothy do not reveal, then call out the Wiz. Personally, I think the people will call this CIA-GPN Big Lie Bluff… and drive a stake thru the heart of the mainstream media… finito!

Munchkins of the world, unite!

Truth would quickly cease to be stranger than fiction, once we got as used to it.
— H. L. Mencken

PS1: What’s happening among many of my peers who became addicted to the mainstream Kool-Aid over the years is that a MAJOR post-partum depression is setting in. They see that their TV and print icons—amiable anchors, esteemed correspondents, columnists, Hollywood celebs, hyped humanitarians and AUTHORITIES—are likely facing extinction. Unlike those of us who questioned the connection between these media paragons and (malevolent) power, these dear GPN junkies chose true-believer loyalty, instead. I truly feel for these friends of mine, for their imminent loss of comforting images from their living rooms… even imprisonment of some of their respected major-media figures who took part in the deception processes of multiple SCAPs.

The good news is our GPN peers will learn a new way and start thinking for themselves, adding to the freedom, benevolence, and prosperity of the entire country. Remember how it was for many of us who grew up with the idea of Santa Claus. It was tough for a day or two to realize he was an illusion, but virtually all of us got over it and grew up reasonably well. Which is my segue to Christmas. Everyone have a Merry Merry and a Happy Happy.

PS2: Keep in mind, too, that fully programmed GPN drones are filled to the gills with American Exceptionalism. So any facts and figures you show, say, that the United States government and its military and intelligence forces rank in the top ‘one’ these days in worldwide body count—innocent people displaced, imprisoned, tortured, killed, not to mention fatally or harmfully deceived—will get everything you assert dismissed. In fact, don’t be surprised if they call Homeland Security.

Just my general point that when a GPN addict cites the CIA or the New York Times or the Washington Post, he or she actually believes that the story is true beyond question. But to leave this column on a cheerful note, all the inside aggressors in our government and cooperating governments will be rooted out and indicted/convicted for their crimes against humanity. [Good news from Trumanism and Independents Rising.] The dyke of deceit is no longer holding. 🙂



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