Brian’s Column: The Truth Tsunami

After being bottled up like an angry volcano, is 2017 when the truth lets loose?

Yes, I think so. Very good odds, I’d say.

As many readers know, I’ve long been a general ‘truther,’ from 9/11 to ‘smart’ meters, from GMOs to toxic aerosol skies, from corporate-government factory schools to debilitating lies about the federal income tax. All these and more represent a series of deception-enabled high-crime assaults by the Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS), which I show how to simply ‘undo’ in my recent novel, The Truman Prophecy, and its derivative spiritual-political philosophy of Trumanism.

Nevertheless the powers that be (PTB), the Imperial Wizards, have many tricks up their sleeves to thwart awareness of their plans, to keep people in the dark like mushrooms with automated, 24/7 systems for dumping TV perceptual-emotional BS fertilizer on them. Yet, with Englanders rejecting the European Union and Americans electing Donald Trump—not saying anything laudatory about the man (it looks like he’s going to turn into just another globalist-mob Swamp Creature), only his significance relative to people not blindly accepting the BS anymore—humanity is showing signs of awakening from decades of a New World Order-induced trance.

The lion’s share of the NWO mind control machinery is used to disguise high crimes of the most monstrous dimension and intent. I wrote a book, The Truth Torpedo, now a bit dated, but focused on several of these Threats. My own latest highest-priority Threats are identified in the Truman Prophecy and Philosophy, as follows:

  1. Tax Lies—thoroughly exposed and remedied at the practical personal level by The Hendrickson Discovery
  2. False-Flags—the 9/11 attacks/coverup and other major false-flag acts of state terror, many with deep-state, globalist architects
  3. Toxic Skies—covert atmospheric aerosol spraying and electromagnetic bombardment of the ionosphere (HAARP)
  4. Frankenfoods—massive distribution of harmful genetically modified organism (GMO) crops to world populations
  5. Fry & Spy—radio-frequency (RF) and dirty electricity now principally thru electric ‘smart’ meters: surveillance, health/safety violation
  6. Sliming Baby—medical fascism, particularly via mandated vaccines that whack immune systems and escalate the autism epidemic
  7. ‘Botting’ Junior—compulsory state factory schooling, longtime affliction of the body politic, acculturating kids to prison planet

AND, my feeling is that we, honest humanity free from any domination whatever, are DUE for a truth BREAKOUT very soon. Likely this year. Think about it. On every one of the above fronts—and dozens more—an overwhelming amount of solid evidence and logical argument have accumulated… to the point that the ongoing simple denial by authorities is like trying to hold back the tide with a tennis racket.

We have so many legitimate alternative sources of news, and genuine factual knowledge, in contrast with the official stories—take for instance the recent wholly ludicrous “Russians are Coming! Russians are Coming!” stories emanating from CIA organs like the Washington Post—there’s simply no way the establishment can continue in its Big Lies. The dimmest village idiot sees through the deception, as does every other semi-indepen- dent mind, en masse. We’re in the era of the Emperor’s New Clothes times a hundred, with a hundred little boys.

It’s the old story: You tell a lie, then people find out about it, you tell another lie to cover up the first lie, then another and another and another, eventually you run out of ‘lie space.’ There is such a long string of lies by the PTB that the whole fabric of Matrix illusions is about to collapse of its own dead weight. It’s unsustainable. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. And when one little lie is exposed, the whole house of cards collapses in a microsecond. 2017: The Year of the Truth Tsunami.

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