Brian’s Column: Time to Remove and Replace DJT…

… then all the rest committing crimes and precrimes against the Constitution

The time is now and the task is straightforward. We the people must take charge and rid ourselves of the current administration in its entirety—then set up a special independent people’s grand jury or people’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission to indict and put away all federal officials who have violated their oaths of office thru treason to the Constitution and our First Principles, conveyed in the Declaration of Inde- pendence. The emblem on the right expresses the deep popular need for us to end the Imperial Death Star, today having the form of a Zionist-(faux)-Christian-totalitarian alliance—and seeking WWIII qua Armageddon that will usher in the Rapture and the ‘Golden Age’.

Note the twin cross, which hails from the disturbingly prophetic movie V for Vendetta. Then think of Adam Sutler, the self-appointed Chancellor in that story who postures as a moral ‘Faith’ leader… run by financial powers behind the throne who dominate thru mind control, false-flag terror, and a vicious secret police network.

The Donald, DJT (Dumbass Jackboot Turdblossom), is the quintessence of the Adam Sutlers (make that Idi Amins) of the world—a cunning whim-worship- ping narcissist ‘Mob Boss’ of astonishing vulgarity, misanthropy, and unfathomable ignorance.

But let’s get down to cases. First the case against DJT: Here’s a general letter I penned a week or two ago to my so-called liberty Republicans and to any libertarians who were taken in by the Zeppelin-inflated, flak-throwing chickens**t hustler.


It should be clear by this—we had just heard from one of them that Trump had come out irretractably for civil asset forfeiture (where the police take your home, car, cash, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc. because they’ve decided they need the money, and you can’t get it back)— and the long following list of First Principle violations, we in the freedom movement have been sorely misled, to say the least.

The short list of antiliberty, unconstitutional crimes or ‘precrimes'[1] that we’re seeing or are soon going to see follows:

  • torture
  • rendition
  • illegal war preparations
  • drone murders
  • massive violation of property and life rights via environmental assaults e.g.:
    • Dakota pipeline
    • GMO crimes–cabinet supports
    • ‘Chemtrail’ (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) crimes–cabinet supports
    • Electronic bombardment of the ionosphere (HAARP)–cabinet supports
    • radiofrequency assaults (‘smart’ meter tech and G5 networks)–cabinet supports
    • medical fascism—we’ve seen DJT make some statements and moves toward keeping Big Pharma honest, but nothing of substance to prevent the states or feds from violating fundamental rights to make one’s own medical decisions, especially with vaccines.
  • War on Drugs rampup
  • aggression against ‘improperly documented’ human beings coming into US borders
  • courting/inciting of WWIII (primarily via threatening Iran)
  • treason for actions on behalf of a foreign government (mainly Israel)
  • executive orders
  • unConstitutional emoluments
  • civil asset forfeiture, i.e. explicit rape and pillage by government officials above and beyond normal levels

Thus DJT needs to be impeached, but it’s important that the process be initiated by a generally proliberty representative in the House (like Justin Amash, MI) and removed for rampant violations of the Constitution and First Principles.

— End of Gist of Letter —

The only problem with impeachment and removal of DJT is that it still leaves MRP to assume the presidency—Pence is a social conservative who makes Anthony Comstock look like Germaine Greer—and of course all those other generally horrific basic-individual-human-rights-violating pricks in the cabinet, etc. And of course the Congress and judiciary are rife with particularly slimy state-worshippers of all orientations.

[Unbelievably, Trump did pick an excellent Constitution supporter candidate for the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch. So we want Gorsuch to remain in the loop and be approved.]

On account of the fact that impeachment and removal of the president won’t solve the overwhelming problem of persistent government corruption and deep treason/criminal behavior by high federal officials, consider the following eminently doable and workable program (note, also best to have liberty-oriented individuals lead the effort, not the ‘left’… though the left can supply large numbers of feet on the ground to make it happen):

The DJT National Constitutional Boycott

Astute readers will note that the obvious constitutional and First Principles’ violations that I’ve listed for DJT pertain to his predecessors in spades. Thus, if we’re going to impeach and remove DJT, we the people need somehow to subject previous living presidents (and their executive henchmen) who have flagrantly fouled our sacred documents to similar punishments… and, of course, the judiciary and members of Congress, past and present, who have committed Constitutionally treasonous votes, such as the Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act, and so on—it won’t be difficult to gin up a list of bills that were passed by supermajorities and ruled constitutional by DC (District of Criminals) gangsters.

The gig is up. Here’s the essence of the plan. [Details to come.]

We the people are going to organize a boycott of corrupt federal government—meaning that we are going to insist that any federal official who has violated his oath of office or plans to (as determined by public statements or concrete actions of violation, list to be forthcoming) shall stand down, resign the office. As a transition measure, the presidency and vice presidency shall be filled with the 2016 presidential candidates of the Green (Jill Stein) and Libertarian (Gary Johnson) parties, respectively—who shall be president for the first two years will be determined by a flip of a coin, then they will alternate for the second two years of the term. [The president for the first two years of the term shall pick the cabinet and other executive officials.]

For purposes of the boycott, it shall be established that the entire DJT and MRP administration will be standing down immediately upon DJT or a majority of his subordinates choosing to acknowledge and accept the terms of the boycott coordinating committee (BCC)—however the boycott participants choose to select their leaders. It is a certainty that gross violations of the Constitution have been or will be committed by the DJT/MRP administration as currently configured.

Boycott leadership (the BCC) shall construct a list of bills voted for and judicial actions wrt those laws that constitute prima facie violation of the Constitution and Declaration First Principles. Any federal legislator voting for those unconstitutional bills and any judicial official, including prosecuting attorneys, ruling or acting in favor of the government in its execution of the unconstitutional statutes deriving from those bills shall be removed from office. Detailed lists of legislators and judicial officials shall be created by the BCC. Legislative/judicial cceptance of the boycott will be established by majority vote of the aggregate assembly of legislators and judicial officials.

Judicial officials who have been removed shall be selected by the newly filled office of the presidency. The positions of legislative officials—Representatives and Senators—who are being removed will be filled alternately by the 2016 candidates for that position of the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, the Constitution Party, and Independent candidates. If no third party exists in 2016 for an office, the next-in-sequence third party candidate for the previous office shall be the official.

Officials guilty of gross constitutional violations—including officials of previous admin-istrations—shall be subject to investigation and indictment by special independent people’s grand juries.

Boycott Content

Meaning, until corrupt federal officials yield to the boycott and leave office and/or surrender to the indie people’s grand juries, we who support the boycott shall make no tax payment to the federal government, nor shall we cooperate in enforcement of unconstitutional statutes or executive orders that violate fundamental human liberty. If in the federal military or police forces, boycotters shall refuse to assist or enable unconstitutional orders, we shall stand down and deny consent to acts of federal aggression.

The Good News to Herald Out Immediately

Let’s understand that a large number of decent individuals who would call themselves liberals or progressives, who value their supposedly Constitutionally protected liberties, are already on board for the idea of impeaching and removing DJT from office. At the same time, they realize MRP (Meathead Republican Poseur) will be a bad replacement, plus DJT removal still leaves the rest of a very sick and sadistic cabinet.

But these ‘good’ liberals are very unlikely to think so radically as to remove and replace the entire government on Constitutional, First Principles’ grounds. This is good for us liberty-lovers, because we can use the National Constitutional Boycott to lead these liberals into a correct understanding that will effect peace and prosperity all around… plus a benevolent society that is not dominated by ruling dinosaur families or their sycophants and Men of the Power Sickness bringing our species to extinction.

We in the liberty movement have a tremendous opportunity here to lead the Boycott for these liberal masses, while at the same time spelling out the outstanding news, the convenient truth, that unless you are a federal government or federal corporation employee or your earnings are due to the exercise of a federal privilege, YOU ARE NOT SUBJECT TO THE FEDERAL INCOME TAX.

In other words, you can legally and prudently perform the key action of the DJT National Constitutional Boycott—that is, not make a payment to the federal government—because, guess what?, you don’t even owe it. Further, there are straightforward means to recover incorrectly made payments. It’s what I call the Hendrickson Discovery, and it’s conveyed in this watershed 2003 book, Cracking the Code… to the benefit of hundreds of thousands of working Americans just like you… who have recovered in aggregate between $2 and $3 billion over the past 14 years.

You can start the boycott even before the Boycott begins!

More detail on the Discovery here.

Share the good word, and climb aboard. I’ll leave you with the thought that, yes, DJT is a disaster for human life and liberty, probably several notches worse than his predecessors who were more subdued and surreptitious psychopaths. He is operating under a larger global agenda that does, in fact, gel with lunatic End Times theology… with these Men of the Power Sickness on a mission of full-spectrum tyranny suborning Armageddon.

Especially for you liberty-oriented who have been snowed, we don’t have much time to save the ship. And as liberty people, it is YOUR responsibility to man up and face your mistake—if you voted for him and still support his flagrant acts of Big Brother. DJT is Mussolini on steroids, Idi Amin in white, a potential Adam Sutler who will soon outlaw all resistance in the name of, what else, liberty. Don’t fall for it. Join us in the glorious boycott of Leviathan.

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[1] The notion of precrimes comes from the Spielberg, Tom Cruse movie Minority Report, where supposedly the elite police forces of the country have access to a system of knowing that a crime is going to be committed before it’s committed… and the police arrest and put away the criminal ahead of time. I’m using the term here in a less odious sense, simply to designate that we can expect executive branch officials to push for gross acts of unconstitutional aggression by listening to their statements before they get down to business.







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  1. Thanks, yes, I know Christopher, and I think Cracking the Code is complementary to state citizenship, but there seem to be more wrinkles in the implementation with the latter. CtC is about as straightforward as it gets in keeping or recovering your property from the feds and from the states, too. On the other hand, I haven’t fully explored SC, and I need to.

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