Brian’s Column: The Motor City Witchcraft Trial(s)

In sham hearing, judge-sullied jury convicts Doreen Hendrickson of integrity
Are you next?

A girl is accused during the Salem Witch Trials

Simple as that. The comparisons to the Salem Witchcraft trials are apt, where people accused by the church elders of being witches were obliged to either:

  1. admit to witchcraft (~ Doreen falsifying a tax affidavit form) and throw themselves on the mercy of the court to perhaps only suffer imprisonment (in Doreen’s case, resulting in stating income—federally privileged earnings—which the government might then assert to require a tax payment), or
  2. deny being a witch (~ Doreen filling out a tax affidavit form legally and truthfully), from which the judges assume defiance, and thus conclude the person is a very dangerous witch who must be killed (in Doreen’s case, be torn from her family and home to a federal facility in Virginia for several months).

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Book Review: Cracking the Code

The fascinating truth about taxation in America
by Peter Hendrickson
Review by Brian Wright

Cracking the CodeThree things cannot be long hidden:
the sun, the moon, and the truth
— Buddha

For a book that rather prosaically walks the reader thru centuries of political principles, statutes, and regulatory code pertaining to the American federal “income” tax (FIT)[1], Cracking the Code (CtC) is exceptional in so many ways. I especially want to draw the connection between concrete tax resistance or defiance—or in the case of Pete’s book on the FIT, accurate tax definition—and the worldwide movement toward adoption of the simple nonaggression principle in civil societies. Continue reading