Book Review: The Truman Prophecy (2015), Excerpt #7

From Part 2: Toto, Curtain #5: Fry & Spy on the Doorstep

Flag_II[Excerpt from The Truman Prophecy,
due for publication 12/25/15.]

“It is never wrong to take freedom for yourself…
It is never right to take freedom from another.”
— Jerry Day,

_____________________________ 4Q 2015

Auburn Heights, Michigan. Feisty, bantam-weight Jake Foster had scrapped for his living since he was a boy on the tough streets of Pontiac. This latest dustup with the Michigan monopoly power company (DTE Energy—nee Detroit Edison) would yield the same response: a fight… perhaps to the finish.

Could he and his dear wife, Brenda, prevail?

The cards were stacked against them.

Today, without so much as a pleasant voice on the phone or polite notice in the mail, a pack of variously uniformed human-shaped entities showed up in and around his yard to shut off electric power to his home.

Jake wasn’t home. In fact, ironically, he was in nearby Rochester handing out fliers for electric-meter choice.

The huff-and-puff entourage included a couple of Auburn Heights’ finest, presumably to quell any violent reaction from Jake’s 80-year-old spouse.

Why were they doing this?

Probably because he refused to allow installation of a ‘smart’ (RF-emitting/surveillance, Fry & Spy, F&S) electric meter on his home. The Fosters had plenty of reasons, not just the general concern about being zapped and surveilled with harmful RF radiation, but life-threatening conditions!

Brenda’s physicians had diagnosed her with electrohypersensitivity (EHS)—of the borderline ‘severe’ type. In her case, the aggregation of the normal electric fields of modern life—even without the F&S utility meters—brought the following symptoms:

  • daily headaches
  • ringing in the ears
  • chronic sinus and ear pain
  • sleeplessness
  • nosebleeds
  • fatigue
  • indigestion
  • regular bouts of depression
  • bleeding from the eyes
  • seizures

This is how she characterized her sickness and cure:

“When we were in our second home in the 1990s, before EHS was considered a valid affliction—or when the establishment could no longer suppress knowledge of the condition—cell phone towers were proliferating; one was built practically next door. That’s when the most severe symptoms began… and when I found out I had EHS.

“We were fortunate to be able to move to our current location, away from such excitants and away from clusters of power lines or substations. Some of the less severe symptoms continued, but my integrative doctor told me to also remove as many household EMF sources as possible. It seemed daunting at first, but in retrospect remarkably straightforward: we simply removed or lowered these sources: WiFi computer hookups, cordless telephones, fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, other appliances, and cellphones.

“Fortunately, that worked amazingly well. Combined with eating organically and healthfully, avoiding exposure to other toxins—such as fluoridated drinking water and atmospheric aerosol spraying days—I became completely symptom free. Today when I’m exposed to abnormal radiation, the symptoms begin to recur, but not with the intensity of the past.

“Living with an F&S meter attached to my home is simply not a medical option.”

Husband Jake, though apparently not afflicted with EHS, yet, was also more opposed to the invasion of privacy aspects of the DTE devices. So exercising his constitutionally guaranteed First Principle property rights, he locked their existing analog meter in place… with a hard-to-remove ‘Tatar Guard’ (ref.

Of course, being politically savvy and legally alert, he covered all the bases with proper legal notices to the power company, township and village officials, the Michigan Public Service Commission, and so on.

People who take a more causatorial view of how the political process works will conclude that the reason the power company entourage made such a visit in force to the Fosters’ residence was related to Jake’s political activism… not only in regard to the death meters, but also as a prime mover in the Republican Liberty Caucus.

Jake has probably written more letters and emails to his state and federal legislators, to his village and township councils, to the media, and other public officials—not to mention showing up at their coffee klatches and wine and brie receptions—than any Michigan citizen. He’s a Republican precinct delegate in a state party that is on the cusp of being controlled by a ‘Ron Paul’ liberty majority.

In short, he’s been a major pain in the ass to the established mob in Lansing and at city hall. So they intend to make an example of him.

Brenda calls as soon as she sees the authorities arrive, and Jake arrives at the scene in time to watch the technicians cut the power from the pole. Jake accosts Auburn Heights popo #1:

“Officer <Meathead>, why are you here, what are you doing? Has a crime been committed?”

“We’re just here to see there’s no trouble, sir,” replies the young clueless policeman.

“Oh, there’s plenty of trouble. See that man up on the pole? He’s cutting off our power. Arrest him, now,” asserts Jake. “I want him charged him with theft and trespassing.”

“Mumble, mumble,” said Officer <Meathead>. “Just doing my job …, mutter, mutter…”

Upon hearing the discussion, <Meathead’s> superior ambles over with a concerned look on his face, giving the 75-year-old Jake the classic phrase of menace, “Is there a problem here?”

“Yes, Sergeant <Halitosis>, big problem. I’m reporting a crime to Officer <Meathead> here, and instructing him to apprehend and arrest the man over there climbing down the pole. Only, first, I want that man to climb back up the pole and restore my electrical power. Maybe you can help <Meathead> do his job, chop, chop!”

“That’s not how it works,” Mr. Foster. “We’re here to make sure there’s no trouble… from you.”

“I see,” said Jake, then over to his wife, “Sweetheart, I want you to go into the house and dial 911. Tell whoever answers that you have a robbery and trespass/breakin in progress and to hightail it over here with a squad car. Also mention that two officers of the Auburn Heights PD a Sergeant <Halitosis> and his subordinate, Officer <Meathead>, are aiding and abetting the theft. So bring back up, maybe a SWAT team, since both officers are heavily armed… not to mention thick as bricks.”

Then to the policemen, “Gentlemen, let me say it real slow: Here’s what you’re going to do: 1) Officer <Meathead>, you’re going to walk over there to the man from DTE and arrest him, but before you cuff him you’re going to 2) order him to climb up the pole and return to us what he stole. Then 3) Officer <Meathead> here will drive the patrol car to return to headquarters with the prisoner, 4) Sergeant <Halitosis>, you will call DTE to have them send another crew to pick up their truck and remove it from the Fosters’ property.

“You will remain here until the new crew arrives, then will catch a ride back to the station with them.

“Now I want each of you if you agree, to nod your head and stroke your foot on the ground once, that’s one time only. Stroke twice if you do not agree.

“Make it snappy, guys, we’re losing daylight.”

The policemen both stroked once, indicating agreement.

“Outstanding,” said Jake. “We’re almost finished now. As soon as you proceed, <Meathead>, my wife will call again to cancel the SWAT to this address.

“Then, Sergeant <Halitosis>, as Officer <Meathead> returns to the station and you have made your call to DTE for a pickup crew, use our phone to call your chief of police and have him, next business day, contact the CEO of DTE with the following statement (which shall be reported in a news release to all Auburn Heights media outlets):

CEO A. Pencil Dick
DTE Energy
One Energy Plaza
Detroit, Michigan

Dear Mr. Dick:

We, the police department of Auburn Heights, Michigan, in full Constitutional and First Principles service to our citizens, are launching a new policy of getting tough on corporate crime. Thus we have apprehended and intend to prosecute your service associate D. Clueless Bob who attempted to rob the Jake and Brenda Foster residence of its power on September 19, 2015.

Fortunately, the owner of the property intervened and issued the proper instructions to our officers <Halitosis> and <Meathead>, so no net crime was committed, only attempted. However, trespass and attempted robbery are still serious crimes. Mr. Bob, apparently, acted on your orders. Thus, be advised we are issuing an arrest warrant for all DTE line officers, including yourself, responsible for authorizing the aggression.

As a courtesy, you and your fellow suspects may self-surrender within 48 hours of receipt of this mailing. Details below.


Forrest Swayze, Auburn Heights Chief of Police

Well, okay, that’s not exactly how it went down.

Sure reads good, though, doesn’t it?

Like the way life is supposed to be in America.

Fact is, Jake was away on the other side of the state, yes, doing the leafleting and politicking for the full analog meter choice bill being submitted by liberty Republican Representative Glenn of Midland.

The entourage tricked Brenda into letting them climb the pole and do the shutoff. What a pack of jackals! Every one of them. Their superiors certainly knew Jake wouldn’t be on hand to man up for his 80-year-old wife and their precious castle.

What’s happening in Michigan and in all the other states where the S&F meters are being forced on the public is the goombahs are going after the weak ones, the elderly and the infirm, individuals with few resources or family support.

In the same weekend as the Fosters’ cutoff, a 92-year-old disabled and blind Lincoln Park woman, Ms. Olga Puste, had her power shut off by DTE for refusing to allow an F&S meter to be installed on her home. How is she going to fight that? Ms. Puste is a naturopath who does not believe in RF contamination of her natural world.

Then as if to show there’s no hope the controlled local media do a puff piece not once touching on the criminality of what DTE is doing. [DTE has no legal authority to compel use of F&S meters. It’s as simple as that. As in our imaginary story above, DTE is committing malicious and completely illegal acts of aggression… AND THEY HAVE PAID OFF EVERYONE TO LET THEM ROLL OVER THE WEAK.]

For those who are curious, here are the laws that are violated by forcing F&S meters on individuals:

Michigan Penal Code, Act 328 of 1931: MCL 750.539 a & d –

It’s a felony to install a surveillance device on private property without the explicit consent of the owner.

US Code Title 18, Section 2511 –

Interception of electronic communications without consent of the transmitting entity is prohibited.

18 US Code, Section 113 –

Forcing harmful (anything above 60Hz) radiation upon the public is public endangerment and prohibited.

U.S. Energy Act of 2005 –

The AMI (F&S meter) must be “requested” by the customer before installation can take place.

…requires all public electric utilities to offer net metering on request to their customers;

Michigan Consumer protection Act –

(a) Representing that a part, replacement, or repair service is needed when it is not.

(b) Representing to a party to whom goods or services are supplied that the goods or services are being supplied in response to a request made by or on behalf of the party, when they are not.

The Precautionary Principle (from European Union countries)

When human activities may lead to morally unacceptable harm that is scientifically plausible but uncertain, actions shall be taken to avoid or diminish that harm. Morally unacceptable harm refers to harm to humans or the environment that is

  • threatening to human life or health, or
  • serious and effectively irreversible, or
  • inequitable to present or future generations, or
  • imposed without adequate consideration of the human rights of those affected.

Which does, in fact, mean that every legitimate law enforcement agency in the state—whose officers have all sworn an oath to uphold explicitly the US Constitution and implicitly our Independence First Principles—MUST work to bring all thieves and attempted killers, corporate or non, to justice.

This latest agenda evidenced at the highest reaches of Michigan corporate-boardroom dominance is neo-Nazism at its most insidious: slamming the weak and infirm and ensuring no one comes to their aid.

The words of Germany’s reverend Martin Niemoller have never been more apropos:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out.

“First they came for the 80-90-year-old grandmothers… to take away their power… and the whole bunch of us, especially the mainstream media and intellectuals, stood by with our hands in our pockets and our heads up our nether regions… ”

Shame on everyone!

That’s built into the agenda, by the way: passivity and compliance of the general population, also called ‘grooming,’ preparing everyone step-by-step to acquiesce to ever escalating violations of freedom… until as a patriotic duty people voluntarily line up for the busses taking them to the death camps. If you read the cultural history of the rise of the Third Reich, it is a spitting image of what we’re seeing today here in the ‘land of the free.’ And has the same causes.

But Jake and Brenda will not go quietly into that great night. Nor will hundreds of others here and in other states. Arizona, California, Maine, and Texas now have full analog-meter opt out programs. Michigan (via DTE) is only one of four states that actively prohibits the analog opt out.

The tide is turning. Representative Gary Glenn has written and submitted HB 4916, which has been referred to the House Energy Policy Committee. The Energy committee chair, a statist Republican, is in the pocket of DTE and will attempt to kill or neuter the bill. The bill has substantial support in the committee, and the Fosters et al are out persuading a majority of members to approve.

So much for the street level opposition in Michigan.

Chance has worked with Foster on several liberty Republican causes in the previous three to five years. He knows that Jake will be receptive to founding and building the Clean Energy Toto Affiliate/Chapter—or will be glad to help someone else rise to be 1st founder/builder.

Chance and Jake make arrangements to sit down and discuss the plan. As the Libertarian Party of Michigan continues its slide into irrelevance, Chance has also kept an eye out in those ranks for young, active talent attuned with all the priority Toto causes. He has someone in mind for the Clean Energy Toto: a recent Oakland University engineering graduate named Derek Gampp.

Chance calls him up: “Derek? Hi Chance here. Listen I’d like to run some ideas by you for a project I’m spearheading for liberty in the energy market… especially to make optional the new DTE so-called Fry & Spy meters.”

“Great, I’m in!” responds Derek.

“Wow, that was easy,” remarks Chance. “Does a week from tomorrow work for you, 2:00 in the afternoon? I need about an hour to lay things out, and we’ll be joined by Jake Foster of the Michigan Coalition for Energy Choice. In fact, he’s close to you there in Rochester—Auburn Heights—so could you meet with us at his home?”

“Fine. But didn’t DTE cut off his electricity?”

“He’s on generators, now, says they’re working fine.”

“Okay then, sure.”

“Great, see you then. In the meantime please read thru my Toto Worldwide prospectus, as well as my After 9/11 Truth booklet, which contains a lot of material relevant to the core Toto processes. I’ll email you the links. I’m also going to send you the link to a very elementary article by Foster Gamble of Thrive, entitled ‘Smart Meters and the Global Domination Agenda,’ which I hope you can read.”

“Will do.”

“Okay, thanks, bye.”


They met in mid-November 2015 as planned. Jake had read the Toto prospectus and followed most of Chance’s thinking via Website. He’d glanced at the Toto prospectus and was devoted adherent Chance’s action-oriented 9/11 book concept.

Chance laid out the context:

“Okay, gents, briefly here’s the way I see the ‘Clean Energy’ Toto Affiliate and Chapter 1 coming together. Give me your feedback and questions anytime throughout my discussion:

“Basically, what I’m looking for is someone to head up the Clean Energy Toto Affiliate and initiate Chapter 1. Clean Energy Toto matches the setup needs of the Clean Skies and Clean Food Totos. When my book, The Truman Prophecy, comes out in early December, you’ll see the parallels.

“First I want you both to become fully familiar with the prospectus and with the implementation of the 9/11 Toto Affiliate/Chapter—also covered in The Truman Prophecy.

“Per the prospectus, a fully operational Toto Affiliate has the following elements:

  • A short explanatory booklet of the Toto truth
  • A personal letter of persuasion of the Toto truth
  • A list of obvious official story contradictions
  • A questionnaire of 10-12 Toto truth questions

“As we roll out any Affiliate/Chapter, most will lack items #1 and #3. Item #1 is the more important, but Toto builders can use good substitutes such as a great video or another booklet or quality articles—for example, the outstanding video by Josh del Sol, Take Back Your Power.

“Derek, the Take Back Your Power video and site are primary resources, please master them thoroughly.”

“Item #3 shouldn’t be hard to construct from the information you already have, especially from, say, the Take Back Your Power site.[1] Also Michigan has a very active resistance with several good sites and dedicated people, with plenty of variety to suit your particular tastes. Here are the three I’ve been familiar with:

“Back to the list of Toto Affiliate items:

“Item #2 is an essential, so perhaps you, Derek, can get together with Jake for an hour or two, and come up with a draft of the letter, using the 9/11 Toto letter for a model. I’ll be happy to help and to edit, if either or both of you can get the ball rolling.

“Finally, a questionnaire (item #4) is essential and will need to be written. Eventually, we want to have clean obvious facts posed in the form ‘Did you know that?’ followed by the questions (undisputed facts) with boxes next to them.

“The questionnaire will be an iterative process. What we want is ironclad questions/facts that show: a) Fry & Spy meters are dangerous, b) Fry & Spy meters are unnecessary, and c) specific individuals and organizations are responsible for the high-crime assault of Fry & Spy meters—who must be investigated and indicted by a grand jury(s) for assault, trespassing, and other acts of aggression.

“What I’m going to do now is first transcribe the brief introductory Thrive column by Foster Gamble, “Smart Meters and the Global Domination Agenda,” because it is such an excellent summary of the threat:

If I were an elite international banker, hell-bent on creating a global totalitarian state, a complete energy tracking and control system would be a powerful and important part of my strategy.

Of course, I wouldn’t call it a “control grid,” or an “electronic surveillance system,” or “Gestapo meters.” That would be too scary and revealing. I would follow the lead of such clever titling as the “Clean Air Act,” and “No Child Left Behind.” I would call them something like… “Smart Meters”…in a “Smart Grid.” Yea, that’s the ticket.

To fulfill my mission, I would, of course, have to create a one-world government, so I would need to transcend national sovereignty as well as fund the new “World Order.” Fortunately a “carbon tax” (that my cronies and I can just buy our way out of) would accomplish all of that in one swipe! And the benevolence of well-intended but uninformed environmentalists would inspire them to go along with it and help fund their own captivity. Brilliant! I would naturally have all the taxes paid to my “World Bank” so we bankers could dominate the system.

The currency would need to be electronic — in the form of “carbon credits,” (energy use) and I could control people by doling out the vital energy everyone needs, based on their degree of compliance with my domination agenda. Of course, to do that, I would need to be able to monitor energy use — right down to individual appliances — so I would create a mandatory, all inclusive electronic grid that could not only track, but also control each individual’s energy consumption. I would also seize the opportunity to have each appliance externally controllable and, as much as possible, to have them — along with TVs and video game boxes — serve as surveillance instruments to monitor exactly what is going on inside people’s houses.

In the beginning, I would make it more expensive if anyone tried to opt out. And ultimately I would use “law enforcement” to…well, enforce installation of the devices on the homes of “dissidents,” or “insurgents.” If people notice the high fees and high levels of radiation being generated by these devices, or the destructive health effects and illegal “transmission” qualities of the instruments, I would need to take my tactics to the next level. If the resistance were significant, I would get around the health, freedom, trespassing, theft and extortion issues by simply pressuring the politicians and judges, that my banks and corporations control, to pass new legislation making it a crime to resist.

If I get enough installed quickly, in the US and around the world, I figure that the radiation, in concert with the fluoride, MSG, Aspartame, mercury, pesticides, and chemtrails will render the masses docile, sick and weak enough to be ineffective in standing up against my plan. And if not, at least I will be able to cut off energy from and raid the homes of anyone trying to buck my system. I will use my control of media and education to convince them it is “for the good of the group” and the environment.

Now the worst scenario for me would be if people were to wake up and realize that they have the power to stop me, or if they were able to get true “new energy” technologies past my suppressors and out into the world, because people would be able to access electricity off my grid, off my meter, out of my control. In fact I would not have an excuse to track and control their energy use and it would undermine my oil, gas, coal and nuclear profits. If folks had plenty of clean energy and were saving all the money they now spend on energy, how would I convince them that they need to be under my control?

So if you haven’t already, please welcome your “free” installation of your Shrewd, er… I mean… “Smart” Meters today!

For an excellent, in-depth exploration of all of these issues and threats, make sure you watch the video by Josh del Sol, entitled Take Back Your Power.

“Okay, now for the questionnaire. Again, use this as a starter kit for producing the desired format series of questions as described above. I’m drawing the starter questions from from the Take Back Your Power site, under the tab 10 Questions for Your Utility Company:

The Clean Energy Toto Questionnaire—Starter Kit

Hundreds of thousands of people across the United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom have realized that they have power over their utility companies and governments. The following questionnaire will test your knowledge of the facts:

Did you know that…

1) You are not legally required to accept a smart meter?

You do not have to accept a smart (or “advanced” or “upgraded”) meter. Any utility company who states this is lying.

2) Your energy bills will probably go up with a smart meter?

Where smart meters have been deployed, energy bills have consistently risen – sometimes dramatically.

3) In the United States, your 4th Amendment rights preventing unlawful search and seizure in your own home are violated by smart meters?

With a smart meter on your home, you can no longer retreat into your own home and expect to have the privacy that is guaranteed by law. Thus, smart meters are unconstitutional and illegal.

4) Your energy use information will be sold to third-party vendors in order to market products or track your activities in some way?

Just like Gmail and Facebook data, your privacy will not be preserved if you have a smart meter.

5) The smart meter program does nothing to help the environment by reducing energy use?

None of the existing smart meter programs have shown energy savings. In fact, having a wireless smart meter and smart grid mesh system takes more energy because now there are millions of new wireless transmitters on the grid that are constantly using energy and constantly transmitting.

6) Fires are a frequent occurrence with smart meters?

Throughout the world there have been thousands of fires that have occurred once smart meters have been installed.

7) Deleterious health effects are related to smart meters?

There are over 6,000 studies showing biological effects from the same form of radiation that smart meters invisibly emit – commonly known as “electro-smog” pollution.

8) Smart meters continually emit microwave radiation?

Your smart meter is continuously communicating with hundreds of other smart meters, grid infrastructure, and in the future, all appliances in your home.

9) Smart meters been proven to be dangerous?

Thousands of people have become ill once smart meters were installed on their home and science shows that microwave radiation of that nature is a serious health threat.

10) Utilities are receiving financial kickbacks for forcing smart meters on everyone?

In the United States more than $11B of taxpayer funds were spent as “incentives” for utilities to attempt to force the installation of smart meters upon all of their customers without their consent.

Chance had a draft of this chapter in hand, from which the above list was drawn. Jake and Derek expressed their appreciation.

Chance told them, “I’ll be back in touch with you in December and early 2016. You’ll have the book available shortly to help you construct your Clean Energy Toto elements.”


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