Guest Article: Is Wapo Completely Insane?

Washington Post Grasps at Crazy Conspiracy Theory in Support of Hillary Clinton
By Wayne Madsen [full original column at this location.]

Via Paul Craig Roberts site:

The Washington Post, the newspaper upon which the U.S. government relies to castigate «conspiracy theories», has advanced one of its own.

The Post, which has a full-time reporter assigned to disparagingly report on «conspiracy theories» – the paper calls them «ideological movements» – is proffering its own kooky conspiracy theory. The theory is that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was poisoned in a plot orchestrated by Russian President Vladimir Putin acting in cahoots with Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump. The Post’s story follows Mrs. Clinton’s collapse during a September 11 memorial service at the site of the former World Trade Center in New York. The validation by the Post of such a libelous and unsourced story dangerously worsens already-frayed ties between Washington and Moscow.

The Post story also cites previous unfounded charges that President Putin ordered the assassination, by radiation poisoning, of exiled former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in 2006. After the Post article was published, other pro-Clinton websites added to the conspiracy theory laundry list the alleged poisoning in 2004 of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko. In a September 29, 2009, interview by this author with RT, it was suggested that the allegations surrounding Yushchenko’s poisoning may have been a fabrication by Kiev in an attempt to blame Russia. The video interview has since been removed from YouTube. Continue reading

Guest Column: Big Money Intends To Shut Down Our Website

Some disturbing discoveries surrounding the latest fiasco
By Paul Craig Roberts [Full column here.]

Note: What Paul and others are taking on reminds me of the 1999 movie The Cider House Rules, starring Michael Caine, Tobey Maguire, Charlize Theron, and Delroy Lindo. It is based on the book by John Irving. The message is that just because somebody, somewhere, without any connection to others’ real lives sets down a rule for others in writing—in the movie, a list of 12 ludicrous rules is posted to illiterate cider house workers, such as they have to go up to the roof to sleep—such silly, arbitrary rules are malicious and real people should ignore or defy them en masse.

Today, in Washington, particularly, legislators pass legislation or executives issue edicts that are completely antihuman. Based on a recent Washington Post column, the US House has passed a law that enables the federal government to shut down sites that it feels are Russian propaganda outlets. The WaPo PropOrNot list of 200 includes the Ron Paul Institute, Natural News, and PCR’s site! Is this a violation of fundamental First Principles’ law? You betcha. And qua Cider House Rules, we the people are going to ignore and defy all such tyrannical measures. [And they keep coming every day. It’s obvious that the Men of the Power Sickness are pulling out all the stops and behaving like dictators. They are at the end of their ropes, so let’s proceed quickly to hang them… from lamp posts.]

Dr. Roberts Column:

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