Guest Column: Big Money Intends To Shut Down Our Website

Some disturbing discoveries surrounding the latest fiasco
By Paul Craig Roberts [Full column here.]

Note: What Paul and others are taking on reminds me of the 1999 movie The Cider House Rules, starring Michael Caine, Tobey Maguire, Charlize Theron, and Delroy Lindo. It is based on the book by John Irving. The message is that just because somebody, somewhere, without any connection to others’ real lives sets down a rule for others in writing—in the movie, a list of 12 ludicrous rules is posted to illiterate cider house workers, such as they have to go up to the roof to sleep—such silly, arbitrary rules are malicious and real people should ignore or defy them en masse.

Today, in Washington, particularly, legislators pass legislation or executives issue edicts that are completely antihuman. Based on a recent Washington Post column, the US House has passed a law that enables the federal government to shut down sites that it feels are Russian propaganda outlets. The WaPo PropOrNot list of 200 includes the Ron Paul Institute, Natural News, and PCR’s site! Is this a violation of fundamental First Principles’ law? You betcha. And qua Cider House Rules, we the people are going to ignore and defy all such tyrannical measures. [And they keep coming every day. It’s obvious that the Men of the Power Sickness are pulling out all the stops and behaving like dictators. They are at the end of their ropes, so let’s proceed quickly to hang them… from lamp posts.]

Dr. Roberts Column:

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Guest Column: Taking Back Our Country…

… from the lawless, corrupt criminals running Washington and the media
By Mike Adams, Natural News [Full original column posted here]

taking_back_countryNote: Two columns arrived that seemed to make good guest postings today, the other one being from Jon Rappoport of entitled, “No matter who wins, the case against Hillary is still alive.” But Mr. Adams column expresses more completely the thinking I’m having on the eve of Election 2016: namely, that so much truth has come out regarding the Clintons’ crimes that a very real prospect exists for demolishing the entire corrupt New World Order enterprise and the global mob bosses to whom Hillary and Bill are beholden.  So here’s the excerpt from Mike’s column:

(NaturalNews) Today We the People are taking America back from the lawless, corrupt, incompetent criminals running Washington and the lying leftist media.

We’re going to start by rejecting Hillary Clinton and the entire corrupt political class, most of whom belong in prison, not in high office.

Next, we’re going to reverse the completely idiotic policies, executive orders and regulations of the lunatic leftists who have been running American into the ground for the last eight years. This effort is going to begin by completely repealing the disastrous, unconstitutional, ill-conceived health care fiasco known as “Obamacare.” Continue reading

Guest Column: Governor Jerry ‘Tuskegee’ Brown

Governor Jerry Brown mandates a mass medical vaccine experiment on blacks by signing SB 277 into law… total violation of medical ethics… brings back Tuskegee era medical crimes

[Full July 2, 2015, column by Mike Adams, Natural News.]

SB277-California-Law(NaturalNews) Governor Jerry Brown now goes down in history as the first person to legalize a state-wide medical vaccine experiment on blacks. He signed SB 277 into law today, reawakening the era of Tuskegee’s medical experiments against blacks while invoking the same twisted justifications as Tuskegee: It’s for “public health!”

In this pharmaceutical-funded sellout of his own citizens, Governor Jerry “Tuskegee” Brown also openly violates the American Medical Association’s own Code of Medical Ethics which says that patients, not government, should have the final say on medical interventions. And this from a Democrat Governor who claims to support “choice!” When it comes to injecting your children with toxic, brain-damaging vaccines laced with mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and MSG, Jerry Brown has no hesitation in stripping away that choice, making parents obedient slaves to the California medical police state. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Breakthru on the General Satyagraha Front

Upcoming book on GMO menace may cascade for truth and justice

AlteredHere’s a column from last week in Mike Adams’ outlet that will make anyone concerned with the species’ health and freedom stand up and cheer. I sure did. It’s called Altered Genes, Twisted Truth, by Steven M. Druker. It promises to be a thorough expose and indictment of the corrupt, death-and-disease-causing Big Agri technology known as genetically modified organism (GMO) applied to crops and foods. Here’s the kicker: the book and its message—the knockout subtitle: How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public—is wholeheartedly endorsed by one of the premier scientists of our time: Jane Goodall. From her foreword:
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Guest Column: I Miss America

From the February 16, 2015, post of Mike Adams of Natural News

ThriveThis just expresses with common sense eloquence how real Americans feel and function… and what they wish for: Yet, I’m not so wistful about it. I believe we’re on the threshold of ‘authentic swing’ consciousness world wide and the best of America will be restored thereby. Will excerpt most of it, but you should go to the original for the full whammy:

  • I miss the America where surveillance efforts were focused on foreign enemies rather than domestic citizens.
  • I miss the America where children weren’t routinely kidnapped by hospitals and CPS officials because their parents wanted a second medical opinion or refused to poison their children with chemotherapy.
  • I miss the America where citizens respected local cops as “peace officers” and local cops existed to “protect and serve.”
  • I miss the America where veterans were honored and celebrated rather than condemned and medically neglected.
  • I miss the America where openly pledging your allegiance to the United States Constitution did not result in your name being added to the FBI watch list.
  • I miss the America that won World War II and beat back a tyrannical fascist government in the name of freedom and democracy. Today, the occupied American government has become the very same tyrannical fascist bully it once sought to defeat.
  • I miss the America where doctors actually tried to help people prevent disease rather than taking kickbacks from drug companies to put more patients on more medications.
  • I miss the America where health insurance was affordable… and voluntary.
  • I miss the America where brain-damaged vaccine fanatics weren’t dominating the news, calling for the arrest and imprisonment of informed parents who wisely choose to avoid injecting their children with vaccine poisons such as mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde.
  • I miss the America where television news actually resembled the truth and wasn’t just a White House propaganda racket disguised as news.

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Guest Column: Imminent Revolution in Consciousness

Why the real revolution is being achieved with consciousness, not bombs
by Mike Adams

ConsciousnessI don’t know if you can see it yet, but you are living through the unfolding of the most profound revolution in human history. This is a revolution of raising consciousness, advancing real science, holding corporations accountable and empowering individuals. Sites like Natural News are hubs of this revolution, but the real power comes from readers, bloggers, customers and activists like you.

What kind of revolution is underway, exactly? Well, there are several of them happening all at the same time, and all of them are bloodless: Continue reading

Guest Column: Good vs. Evil Tell

How to instantly tell who’s evil vs. good:
the philosophy of ‘control’ vs. ’empowerment’
… from Mike Adams
Excerpt from Natural News 4/30/2013

Good vs Evil Tell(NaturalNews) I get this question all the time from readers: How can we know whom to believe? Who’s really telling the truth? Which person should I support for political office at the next election?

What if I told you there is an incredibly simple way to tell not only who’s good and who’s bad, but also how to tell who is pushing absolute evil onto our world? Continue reading