Brian’s Column: The Fourth Dream

Combo of Barry Sanders, Jason Bourne, and Roy Hobbs
By Brian R. Wright

A continuation of the Three Dreams column

As if to underscore the notion that enlightenment is at hand, last night I had the most remarkable and empowering dream, arguably, of my life to this point. I include the recording as a high-def scan on the right, click on the image to expand it the better to read.

In a nutshell, I was poised for my second sleep sequence and to get back to sleep soonest I employed the Spiritual Magic Move described in The Truman Prophecy… only on this occasion enhanced with a ‘Feel the Wheel,’ no-mind practice of Falun Dafa.

It took me to an immersion in the ‘God’-source: utterly deep quiet skyscape, mountain-scape, seascape, sunlit. Then sleep. Then dream: I’m a combination of centered supreme athletic force (a la running back Barry Sanders) with capabilities of Jason Bourne (of the Bourne movies) and even Roy Hobbs of The Natural. I feel incredible power, limitless energy and vision, as with Hobbs: “Anything he wants to hit he hits.”

“I’ll have what HE’s having.” [I’ll have much more to add as the year progresses.]

I tell you people, especially to friends of mine who have all but run out of gas, hang on just a bit longer. You, too, shall be the Roy Hobbs of your world. THIS is the year of the Grand Truth Convergence, fulfillment of the Prophecy, and everyone’s extraordinary breakout! Continue reading

Shawnee Mission, Hail to Thee

10: Visit to the ol’ hometown for my high school grad class 50-year reunion
By Brian R. Wright

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Note: These columns are a series I am making into a volume of my memoirs, working title: Volume 1: Overland Park Ways. You may follow the links at top and bottom of page to go to preceding or succeeding episodes. The series starts here. {If the [Link to Episode <next>] at the  bottom of the column does not show an active hyperlink, then the <next> column has yet to be written.}

Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas
High School: Shawnee Mission West… Vikings
Event: Cocktails w/serious hors d’oeuvres
Location: Mission Hills Country Club, Mission, KS
Date and Time: Friday, October 13, 2017, 5-9+

Followed by a Saturday the 14th tour of the school—Hi, Eric with the brass, um, horns!—, brunch at a nearby sports bistro (Maloney’s), and, for a handful of the historically motivated, a reunion coda at the Johnson County Historical Museum. So that about wraps it up. I decided that the 50th reunion weekend belongs in the memoirs as a flash forward, since so much of what transpired was of high reminiscence value. In the form of a travelog…

[It occurs to me herein I’m mixing past and present tenses indiscriminately. Sorry for that.]

Remote Contact

Throughout the summer I had thought, hey, this is a big year, my 50th anniversary of crossing that all-American threshold of receiving a high school diploma. I felt it would be nice to make the effort this time—perhaps the realistic last best chance to dip into the teenage nostalgia pool without being laughed at as a beyond-the-pale geezer. It was getting to be late July and I thought by this late date, any reunions would have surely been imminent or behind me.  Continue reading