Brian’s Column: People’s Justice Ends Public Terror

Understanding and ending the escalating public-terror assaults at their source

TV-Head-StopThese days, no sooner does a purported ‘lone nut’ terrorist attack—99 times out of 100, the nutcase and/or patsy has connections to ‘radical Islam,’ gee, what are the odds?—on innocents occur, worldwide, than the next week here comes another. TV-Planet-Mind was just getting accustomed to the (6/12) Orlando, Florida, (extremist-Muslim-hatred) op vs. homosexuals when on Bastille Day (7/7), Charlie Hebdo II takes place in Nice, France—via an 18-wheeler-wielding assassin, the TV gods say, who mowed down multiple civilians for Allah.

Mainstream ‘news’ is still coming in and if the past is any indication, we the people are going to be lied to, grossly, once again. In recognition of the rash of ongoing subterfuge by public officials and their embedded media, I have put together a two-step program for hard stopping these atrocities: 1) ascertain that the official story is a lie and 2) form a people’s grand jury to investigate and indict officials and their accomplices for misconduct. As James Fetzer has stated in respect to the Sandy Hook Hoax:

“Faking [or actually committing] a … shooting to instill fear into a population for political purposes is an act of terrorism [a crime against humanity], where it has become clear that this instance was brought to us by officials at every level of … government….”

So here is my brief preanalysis and recommendation to deal with the general case of state-sponsored public-terror events.[1] Continue reading