Brian’s Column: People’s Justice Ends Public Terror

Understanding and ending the escalating public-terror assaults at their source

TV-Head-StopThese days, no sooner does a purported ‘lone nut’ terrorist attack—99 times out of 100, the nutcase and/or patsy has connections to ‘radical Islam,’ gee, what are the odds?—on innocents occur, worldwide, than the next week here comes another. TV-Planet-Mind was just getting accustomed to the (6/12) Orlando, Florida, (extremist-Muslim-hatred) op vs. homosexuals when on Bastille Day (7/7), Charlie Hebdo II takes place in Nice, France—via an 18-wheeler-wielding assassin, the TV gods say, who mowed down multiple civilians for Allah.

Mainstream ‘news’ is still coming in and if the past is any indication, we the people are going to be lied to, grossly, once again. In recognition of the rash of ongoing subterfuge by public officials and their embedded media, I have put together a two-step program for hard stopping these atrocities: 1) ascertain that the official story is a lie and 2) form a people’s grand jury to investigate and indict officials and their accomplices for misconduct. As James Fetzer has stated in respect to the Sandy Hook Hoax:

“Faking [or actually committing] a … shooting to instill fear into a population for political purposes is an act of terrorism [a crime against humanity], where it has become clear that this instance was brought to us by officials at every level of … government….”

So here is my brief preanalysis and recommendation to deal with the general case of state-sponsored public-terror events.[1]

1: Determine that the official story of the event does not pass the ‘smell test.’

A VERY HIGH percentage of individuals across the globe, especially Americans, accept without question what their government-run broadcast-and-print-journalism mills tell them. BUT… anyone who has two or more independent brain cells to rub together wants to know whether the official story makes sense. Here’s a checklist to help you decide. If three or more of the following items are true, then chances are nearly 100% you are being manipulated by what I call a FAST[2] One into preplanned perceptions and emotions… and that the reality of the event is starkly different from the official story.

FAST One Checklist

__ 01: Similar military or law enforcement drill at nearly the same time and/or place
__ 02: Foreknowledge by key government or allied-government personnel
__ 03: Conflicting eyewitness accounts, nonofficial-story accounts disappear
__ 04: Government-embedded media present government’s official story, uniformly
__ 05: Official story is created and culprit(s)—esp. ‘lone nuts’—named in 24 hours
__ 06: Culprit(s) has past connections with black ops or police state intel agencies
__ 07: Culprit(s) exhibits extraordinary killing skills, well beyond any reported training
__ 08: Destruction indicates multiple aggressors, often LEO or military participants
__ 09: State/local officials exhibit bizarre behavior, e.g. barring family view of bodies
__ 10: Friends and family of ‘victims’ do not stand up for legal rights to be informed
__ 11: Building grounds or facilities shown to be nonoperational at time of incident
__ 12: Few or no ambulances for multiple killings and injuries on scene of incident
__ 13: Public documentation of deaths or hospital-treated injuries obscured or absent
__ 14: Culprit(s) is on dangerous psych drugs, about which authorities suppress info
__ 15: For fake or hybrid attacks, witnesses unemotional, scripted, illogical stories
__ 16: For fake or hybrid attacks, crisis actors fulfill key roles: victim, witness, family
__ 17: For fake or hybrid attacks, little/no blood, no photos of massive carnage
__ 18: Culprit(s) leaves infantile ‘manifesto’… or else has no clear motive whatsoever
__ 19: Authorities lock down information, permitting no independent-media access
__ 20: Officials destroy evidence of the crime, often soil/demolish entire crime scene
__ 21: Personnel imminent to event are financially elite and Glob[3]-spook connected
__ 22: Immediate official calls for gun control, unending war, and civil rights abolition
__ 23: Ongoing media coverage and interviews have a sentimental, ‘Oprah’ aspect
__ 24: Anomalies abound, e.g. use of dummies, actors, contradictory police reports

That’s the checklist. For the Nice, France, incident, I can already check half a dozen items. Which means there’s a near 100% likelihood that the incident is a FAST One… meaning that numerous public officials have committed high crimes and a people’s grand jury needs to be formed immediately to take control of the investigation—the government(s) is the culprit, so any agency of government will now fully cooperate with (and subordinate itself to) the grand jury to unmask the perpetrators and submit them to a petit jury for trial.

2: We the people ‘grand jury’ public official miscreants and accomplices to justice.

HIddenThe following procedure is a first attempt… over time it will be refined. To pay grand jurors and accommodate them adequately for these kinds of special circumstances may take a special authorization by the political level or subdivision in which the offenses occurred. Public pressure must be brought to bear on the responsible political body to enable all funding and carrying out the tasks of achieving the people’s justice.

Note: At this point I want to give a special shout out to my friend, Kelly Mordecai, and his illuminating book on restoring American grand juries, The Hidden 4th Branch: A corrupt government’s worst nightmare.

People’s Independent Grand Jury Steps

__ 01: Group of concerned citizens shall write detailed petition of charges[4]
__ 02: Group submits petition (complaint) to sitting grand jury or if none, to judge[5]
__ 03: Submit-ee convenes special grand jury (SGJ) to investigate/indict charges
__ 04: SGJ composed of 25 persons, randomly selected, pass Constitution quiz
__ 04: SGJ meets and elects foreman to conduct the business of the SGJ
__ 05: Foreman manages SGJ public funds, hires independent prosecutor, et al
__ 06: Full funding for SGJ set at approx. $1 million per month plus expenses
__ 07: Investigation commences within one week of SGJ juror selection
__ 08: Juror comp: $10,000 per month tax free plus expenses, no govt. employees
__ 09: SGJ convenes in person, first week, teleconference-enabled subsequently
__ 10: Subpoena/hear suspects, witnesses, public officials, according to protocol
__ 11: SGJ obtains assistance in conducting testimony, processing of suspects
__ 12: SGJ presents list of persons to face prosecution with recommended charges

There, that should get the ball rolling. Best guess for grand jury duration for investigating / indicting a major FAST One—Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston, San Bernardino, Charleston, Orlando—is on the order of three to six months. [For a truly major attack—with casualties and probable international intelligence, state-security, and military, like the 9/11 high-crime assault—expect to take a full year, possibly two.]

Bringing up another issue: what to do about probable cause that an agent or citizen of a foreign country is culpable? Recommendation: seek extradition of these persons and cooperation of the other country for continuing to investigate/indict. Diplomacy has a role. Grand jury and trial in absentia is an option. Note that once the grand jury gets going, public awareness and public pressure will be significant to bring likely culprits to trial based on the public information that the SGJ develops.

Note: When merely a few people’s independent grand juries meet and investigate FAST Ones, the supply of these false-flag acts of state terror and gross public official misconduct will dwindle to mice nuts.

But the people MUST start exercising their First Principles grand jury powers and authority NOW! We have serious backlog of government atrocities that will require 5-10 years of 24/7/365 ubiquitous grand jury operation countrywide.

[1] I want to thank Makia Freeman for the article, “The False-Flag Formula: 15 Ways to Spot a False-Flag Attack.” At this stage of the aftermath of the Nice, France, incident, the propaganda is still being filtered for the masses; to start filling out your checklist on the latest Bastille Day event in Nice, just Startpage “Nice, France, false-flag”.

[2] False-flag act of state terror.

[3] The Glob: my new term for the global mobocracy, New World Order, Old World Order, power elite, Western Cabal, etc.

[4] The exact format to be determined. Most likely use or modify existing legal documentation practices, only simplified for lay person use. For every charge, the complaint needs to cite who is being investigated for fault, what they are charged with doing or not doing, when and where the action or inaction occurred, and finally evidence, arguments, and references citing how the incident appears to have been accomplished. The complaint also needs to identify any probable witnesses.

[5] Judges and existing criminal justice officials shall be instruments of the SGJ, not the other way around. Judges SHALL empanel. Remember, the true grand jury bears no resemblance to virtually any grand jury empaneled by the government at any level today. The true grand jury is literally ‘the people,’ NOT in any way the government’s institution. It belongs to us, and, on the other side of the coin, every American shall have 24/7/365 access and appeal to a grand jury of his peers to protect him from government harassment and groundless infringement by the criminal justice system.










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