Brian’s Column: The 2008 Attempted Lynching of Kelly Tilghman

by Al Sharpton and the Media PC Slime Machine

KellyHey sounds like a rock group, eh?

This column is resurrected from the Coffee Coaster archive of January 2008, and is doubly pertinent for a more recent instance of successful media lynching of (now former) PGA of America president Ted Bishop. Oh what a tangled web we weave at the Golf Channel, where on the Ted Bishop lynching, commentators were largely silent with their eyes cast down—Ms. Tilghman seemed the most subdued—nobody bold enough in the journalistic cojones department to state the inconsistency of letting the ‘sexist’ Bishop be lynched in silence while objecting vociferously to hanging the ‘racist’ Tilghman. 

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Brian’s Column: Golf in the Provinces, Part 1

The “What’s this all about?” phase[1]

First posted in June 2007. This weekend, watching the 2007 US  Open golf championship, one of the more brutal contests in the game (where par is an achievement), it occurs to me these men are playing a game “with which I am not familiar.”[2]  For one thing, adorning most of their caps and polo shirts are the logos for Bank of Scotland, MetLife, Bearing Point[3], etc…. sponsors of every global bank, insurance company, or accounting firm primed and ready to purchase a third-world country. Continue reading