Donut Dough: We Were What We Eat

Speed bump on the road to freedom from food addiction
By Brian R. Wright

Lo and behold, out in my part-time job as a medtech/driver, after, count ’em, SIX full days of abiding by the one meal per day (OMAD) prescription by a guy named WIL (What I’ve Learned):

But I made the mistake of buying a large—standard size today is 22 oz, remember how soft drinks all used to be 12 oz?—Pepsi vanilla-cherry carb-onated, caffeinated cola to pick me up for the leg home. Which must have helped to launch a sudden craving-based notion that I would stop and buy a Hot ‘n’ Ready pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars, some potato chips, then go home and eat until stuffage.

Binge junk food supper.

Actually, this is the first time I’ve stopped for a ready made pizza, and I was only expecting to get maybe three pieces for like $6. So I was kind of astonished that for only $5 they give me a grownup-sized eight pieces, shown above right with accouterments. Think about that for a minute: A six-inch turkey sub from Subway, which costs about the same, has roughly the same number of calories as a single piece of the Hot ‘n’ Ready above (~300). So in  calories per dollar, the majorly junk option is 800% more economical for the average consumer. Continue reading

Movie Review: Wall-E (2008)

What do you say about robots that are more human than the humans?

Voice in commercial:
Wall-E1Too much garbage in your place?
There’s plenty of space out in space!
BnL StarLiners leaving each day.
We’ll clean up the mess while you’re away.

WALL-E is a superbly entertaining movie on all levels with it’s ET appeal to youngsters, its romantic-comedy angle for lovers, its science-fictional world for the imaginative, and its unsubtle—yet loosely constructed— political statement for the socially conscious.

WALL-E’s World

Bringing to mind Wally World in the classic Chevy Chase comedy, National Lampoon’s Vacation.  Well, just as devoid of people as Wally World, Earth as we know it—the world inhabited by the protagonist of the story, WALL-E, has become literally a toxic-ocean-to-toxic-ocean waste heap.  WALL-E stands for Waste Allocation Lift Loader—Earth Class; he/it is a drone, a complex electro-mechanical robot whose job it is to compact trash into a cube inside his midsection, then stack it diligently, neatly to make stable building-sized piles. Continue reading