Guest Column: #FreeDoreen, #FreeAmerica

Hearing: 9/8/17, 0900, Detroit Federal Building, Judge Victoria Roberts
By the Dispel Ignorance, Dispense Justice Association (DIDJA)

Well, Didja?

Time to stand up again for our beleaguered heroine, Doreen Hendrickson, for whom a hearing is scheduled this Friday morning on whether Judge Roberts will continue to hold Doreen in contempt of court for refusing to commit felony perjury. Details and any last minute updates to be found at The Coffee Coaster is publishing, in the form of a guest column, the latest Lost Horizons newsletter article. Doreen’s husband, Pete, continues to write impassioned arguments to the federal judiciary and Justice Department exclaiming on the outrage of its exercise of unlawful, unconstitutional arbitrary power, in effect exclusively, against his wife.

He also rages against the terminally corrupted mainstream media machine that remains impervious to pleas for humanitarian common sense. Just where IS the fourth estate, supposedly speaking truth and justice to power? Where are the media, where are the people?! I have some theories… and below Pete’s Newsletter, will include something you can do.

News from the front

Join me this Saturday in Slippery Rock, PA,
for a presentation and picnic dinner!
See the “Current Events” post below for details.
My Annual Homage To Labor Day

The Media Remain Despicably Silent; Officials Remain Faithlessly Silent

The extremity of this outrageous government crime against my wife can’t be overstated. But no one is “stating” anything at all. I guess they’ll all be OK when they or their kids are ordered to declare a false but state-serving belief, or face prison…

PEOPLE, PLEASE SEE THIS LETTER sent August 18th to Acting U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan Daniel Lemisch. It details an effort by members of his own department to defraud the United States while simultaneously trampling on my wife Doreen’s rights.

The conspirators are trying to coerce Doreen into creating false tax returns, the explicit, word-for-word content of which is dictated by the criminals, but which she is ordered to sign under oath as though it were her own. Doreen is ordered to conceal the falseness of these bogus statements, for the explicit purpose of inducing the Internal Revenue Service to mistakenly treat the returns as valid, a subterfuge which would expose the United States to huge legal expenses, as well as grievous harm to its reputation and honor.

Would You Do It?

In fact, this conspiracy has been struggling to accomplish its criminal purposes for ten years now, and has already cost the United States perhaps as much a $1 million, maybe even more.

AS THINGS STAND RIGHT NOW, we have heard nothing from Daniel Lemisch, or anyone else. Doreen is scheduled to appear in Victoria Roberts’ courtroom on Friday, September 8 at 9AM for a hearing. She is ordered to argue why she should not be deemed in violation of the “special condition” of supervised release for her continuing refusal to view the State as the master of her conscience, and to humbly sacrifice her rights on behalf of its lust for unbridled power.

We would be very grateful to have the good company at that hearing of those who support Doreen in her principled stand.

Learn more about Doreen’s ordeal

A Huge Opportunity Is Being Missed!

The bad guys hand us weapons, but no one is using them.

ALTHOUGH FEW REALIZE IT, the chief thing keeping people from learning CtC‘s revelations are lies posted around the internet and injected into the minds of legal professionals, CPAs and others. These lies include things like, “CtC-educated filings are subject to “frivolous return” penalties.” “Hendrickson was convicted…” “Hendrickson’s wife was convicted…” “Courts have ruled against what CtC teaches…’

Assertions like these are all outrageous misrepresentations, of course. They make me imagine 17th century assertions from the pulpit that because Galileo was found guilty and punished by Church officials in connection with his astronomical observations and conclusions, those observations and conclusions must be wrong (and he must be a Very Bad Man, too).

These misrepresentations have their most harmful effect on the media, keeping those in that business from paying attention to what actually is the most remarkable and important story any journalist will have seen in his or her life. As a matter of professional practices, these folks go straight to “official sources” when first impelled to look into things like CtC, and get the eyewash at full strength.


Current Events And A Call To Action Or Two

Some practical steps for spreading the word

Back to the Coffee Coaster host writing now. At the moment, obviously, we need to deal with the super corrupt/criminal behavior of the judiciary and justice department visited upon Doreen. Frankly the only legal solutions I can personally understand would be invoking an urgent people’s independent grand jury to investigate and indict Judge Roberts and Judge Edmunds, who issued the initial perjury order to Doreen. These judges have committed felony crimes in violation of federal law and, more important, American First Principles. They must be brought to justice, now. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening imminently.

Regardless of what happens on Friday, we must popularize the CtC understanding and the Hendrickson Discovery. Here’s my latest column here: Please read it and take advantage of the links I’m going to recopy the key paragraphs for you below:


What I’m going to do now is refer everyone in the CtC community to two things:

  • First, I want any of you who is interested in spreading the word about CtC to join Twitter and learn the ropes. It’s easy. Do it. Then I want you to go to this Open Office document online here: odt document contains the graphics I have made up to explain in a nutshell the nature of the Hendrickson Discovery. You can open the document and save the images to your desktop. I want every CtC activist, as they can, to send these images, individually, via Tweets with your own customized short messages, to liberty opinion leaders of stature. I have provided in the doc my own list (w/ a handful of other regular civilian addresses) and Pete’s list of these liberty opinion leader individuals’ Twitter addresses (Pete’s list contains email addresses for some, as well.) Make your own list, if you want.


  • Second, I want every CtC filer who is successful to send 10% of what they recover each year by filing educated… as a check to the ‘Pete Foundation.’ Make your checks out to Pete Hendrickson, with a check note: “Tax Education Foundation,” and send them to the following address:

Pete Hendrickson
232 Oriole Street
Commerce Township, MI 48382
Attn: Tax Education Foundation

Do It! To all the successful CtC filers out there…

We know that as a conservative number more than 200,000 successful recoveries have been achieved, netting property refunds of more than $2 billion since 2003, when the book was first published and the first refunds were obtained. Do the math: $2 billion ÷ 14 years = $142.8 million recovered. 10% of that is close to $15 million per year on average that the CtC community could be returning/reinvesting to spread the word, educate the public, and share the discovery with all the people…  not to mention develop legal resources to fight the few arbitrary abuses of power by unusually corrupt government officials for the handful of harassed CtC filers. Notably against Pete and Doreen, themselves (pure sadistic harassment having nothing to do with negating the Discovery).

I consider the ‘tithe’—note the quotation marks, I’m not being sacrilegious—a finder’s fee that needs to be remitted back to the heroic individual who has laid his life on the line and given us the Grand Solution to the terminal cancer of our Republic. Without Pete Hendrickson, not one penny of the $2+ billion we’ve recovered would have come our way.

The CtC organization remains small  potatoes. Why? I’ll be blunt: mainly because a large majority of routine beneficiaries are acting like chickens*** misers with no concern for the common cause of American freedom. If that’s you, then time to man up and come to Jesus!


Please attend the hearing for Doreen en masse on Friday, 9/8/17, 9:00 a.m., for moral support. The federal courthouse is here, and Roberts’ court is on the second floor. You can park across the street in the open-air lot for about $10 as I recall for a few hours time. No cellphones, pocket knives, etc., prepare for a short wait to go thru security. Note: also check at for final news, because Roberts is a common-courtesy nightmare and likes to postpone her stuff on the slightest pretense.












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