Brian’s Column: First Principles and Independents’ Movements

A short summary of where I’m going at this point
By Brian R. Wright

Kind of high level for the time being, of interest solely to those working at ending the Men of the Power Sickness and their various Death Stars. But if you fall into that category, please read and send me any of your comments. I’m probably two months away from launch of the First Principles’ project, four months from definition and launch of the Independents’ Movement (IM). What follows is an advanced view, a sheet that I kicked off with Pete and Doreen Hendrickson yesterday (10/22/17).

by Brian R. Wright [posted w/links at]

These stem from thoughts I had in transit back and forth to my high school 50-year-graduation reunion in Overland Park, Kansas, October 11-16, 2017.

We the people are in a real bind now because of constant wealth extraction by the Men of the Power Sickness (MOPs) and general popular acceptance of these men’s agencies’ behavior, government statements, and media complicity. The general public now has submerged its consciousnesses in a programmed reality not unlike the Matrix [reference to the science fiction movie (1999)].

In my novel, The Truman Prophecy, I articulate a vision for ending the mind control, in effect creating a movement to free submerged consciousnesses (at least those not completely podified) and facilitate a Global-Spring of Independent consciousnesses. Most of the methods I envisioned there require too much time to meet the threat and effect real, positive change.

But some of the ideas in the TP, particularly First Principles and their corollary grand juries, have real, immediate potential, especially in line with immediate legal methods to go on the offensive on the multiple threats. The problem here is that logic and reason have become irrelevant and are suppressed, the MOPs have generated increasing amounts of Barrier Cloud, which impedes people from even being aware.

[Note, I’m also fully aware of the Hendrickson Discovery that alleviates the burden of the Ignorance Tax on Americans—and thus all the toxic measures that depend on it—but unfortunately, that solution (a key part of my Truman Prophecy message, by the way) also has been outrageously railroaded, as has Pete’s dear wife, Doreen, who has been sentenced to finish out her contempt “crime-against-humanity” kidnapping by rogue-government gangsters for four more distressing months.]

American First Principles and Personal Empowerment IM Network

A simple plan. In fact, I’m amazed it didn’t occur to me earlier. Will it work? Well, as they say, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. I have recently come up with a First Principles and grand juries brochure to support a grass roots movement for same. Image on right.

So the plan is to use popularization of American First Principles to public officials—city councils, state reps, US Congress, other public officials—by sending them a circular for launching a First Principles holiday and awareness day. It will be August 2, the day when the Declaration of Independence was actually signed… and the Founders laid their lives on the line. In fact we’ll make it First Principles’ Week, the week, closest to August 2 of the Year.

That’s our foot in the door, our Trojan Horse. We then develop materials and a business plan, a Website, funding, to produce additional educational items, especially on the people having immediate, direct oversight of their public officials through independent grand juries.

The Program: Outbound and INbound

That is the outward message. The Outbound Program that everyone can grasp. Our sales calls, what everyone on the outside will see when they look at the Independents’ Movement. We are an organization who sponsors First Principles’ awareness and First Principles’ grand jury implementation… countrywide then worldwide. There will be a simple promotional booklet, brochures, video(s), bumper stickers, you name it. I’ll get that started, probably 40 hours to do. Crowdfund.

Inside that promotional booklet we shall have an “Are you interested in being part of the Independents’ Movement ORGANIZATION?” Or words to that effect, marketing talk. From that and other sources we RECRUIT people to join our organization to carry out the external mission, the outreach in politics.

BUT AT THE SAME TIME, we roll out the personal empowerment agenda, the Inbound Program, the rise of individuals who join our network into complete Independent consciousness (IC). “You say you think for yourself? Take this short quiz.” We (I) shall create the booklet describing how to deprogram, get unstuck, outline the simple tests that determine whether an individual has indeed achieved psychological independence. I envision different levels of Independent-ness: political-social, moral, and spiritual.

I have estimated elsewhere that on the lowest level of independence, i.e. political-social, we have roughly 10 million hard-core, highly independent truth and justice individuals in America right now (a 2015 estimate), with another 50 million ‘Respected Deniers’ who can be turned to Independent consciousness relatively easily. [The RDs are increasingly false-flagged and deceived by the establishment, and tired of having their trust so blatantly violated by mind-control slavers. The establishment is rotting from lack of legitimacy.]

Regarding spiritual: we explain that psych independence is a sine qua non of higher levels of consciousness, specifically, ‘being’ consciousness and creative consciousness. When they pass the IC tests, and a sponsor signs off on them, they are eligible for becoming an IM network associate and are assigned a dynamic address. After a short probationary period and payment of dues (thinking $2.50 per month to start) they qualify for earnings and all the benefits of membership, which will be considerable.

Network Architecture

I’m using a 7-powered matrix. Earnings flow upwards, yes, but this is a network operation with several twists: 1) max network flow earnings per individual = $100K-$200K annually (anything extra goes to the IM network foundation itself), 2) we’ll provide funds via a hybrid Bitcoin/commodity (gold?) ‘bank’ of which each IM associate is a member, 3) the architecture will apply in two distinct settings: a) as shown below which determines financial and member benefit flow and identities and b) an analog network shadowing the political system (foresee precinct and ward level cells). And other features yet to be conceived.

The basic calculations for a ten-level network based on seven-member cells are 710 = 282,000,000+ individuals). So total funds generated = 282Meg x $2.50 per month = $705 million/mo. = $8.460 billion/yr. => if all went to top earners of $200K, 42,300 persons would make that amount. Address: <1-7><1-7><1-7><1-7>, etc. Fill up upon leaving. I recognize these are pie in the sky numbers, but for reference approximately 100 million to 200 million persons perform and embrace the cultivation practice, Falun Dafa. Despite the horrific pogrom by the Chinese government against it.

This will also be an engine of creativity and financial success. I have two individuals of enormous stature in mind for the blue level council who are a creative consciousness guru and a success system creator (and network marketing expert), respectively. They alone will generate enormous energy for all participants, quickly. Two other charter seven members are firmly in mind.

Immediate Activity

The Outbound Program booklet (30-40 pages max) and overall organization of the superproject are my top priorities at this point. I need to set up good terminology and some marketing ideas, which I expect to fall out from the writing of the outbound document… which launches the First Principles Awareness Week—with restored people’s inde-pendent grand juries to emerge in parallel from the horse’s belly—commemoration effort presented to city halls and to all one’s public servants. Remember, we the First Principles’ Independents are going to be taking charge directly and imminently.




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