Movie Review: VAXXED (2016)

From coverup to catastrophe, the film they don’t want you to see
Produced by Del Bigtree, Polly Tommey, and directed by Dr. Andrew Wakefield

vaxxedWhat hits me just past the credits of this marvelous film is how on earth these hundreds of thousands of clinical cases of autism stemming directly from the administering of vaccines—particularly the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) trifecta from Merck—is somehow NOT a scientific fact. IOW, when one is passing judgment on the value of a medical treatment, why doesn’t one consider its substantial effects on real people as SCIENTIFICALLY RELEVANT?! Real science aims to gibe with the facts of reality, not sweep them under the rug.

VAXXED is a heartbreaking film.[1] The most hardened, unquestioning vaccine enthusiast—not to mention the most passionate advocate of vaccine truth, science, and freedom—will find it difficult not to succumb to tears watching the havoc these substances have wreaked on children and families around the world.

Which is the main focus of the film, it makes two related points:

  1. The CDC, in collaboration with Merck, falsified data in a politically sensitive study of the relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism in children. Principal authors of that study destroyed or omitted data that showed a strong correlation of early injection of the MMR to autism in children—particularly black boys. Dr. William Thompson was a senior CDC scientist and an author of the fraudulent study who blew the whistle and sent the real data to Dr. Brian Hooker, who has made the documentation available to members of Congress.
  2. The response of the mainstream media to the revelations made by Thompson to Hooker, then publicized by Hooker, in 2014 (and particularly via an August 2014 video narrated and directed by Dr. Andrew Wakefield that went viral), has been nonexistent. The medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industrial complex (PIC) have joined forces to suppress awareness of the crime and key data the study distorts or omits. [The story was posted then withdrawn from CNN’s Internet iReport.] Why the coverup? Why, indeed.

bigtreeThis remarkable utter lack of mainstream media coverage is what led Del Bigtree, Emmy-winning producer of the network TV show, The Doctors, to poke his nose into the subject. And what a story it is!

VAXXED begins with Dr. Wakefield‘s recounting of how the MMR vaccine came to the UK… and how he, a Royal College of Surgeons’ fellow with a specialty in gastroenterology, came to his discovery of the MMR vaccine’s potentially alarming effects. [Interesting story board sequence: the original MMR vaccine caused meningitis in Canada; so it was withdrawn, given a different name, and under a new company it was introduced to England, where it also caused meningitis, and was withdrawn; then it went through another repackaging, was sent to Brazil and other third world countries (where it caused meningitis); etc. For the drug companies, it’s all about caring and getting it right.]

wakefieldIn 1998, Dr. Wakefield, with 12 others, had published a research paper in the British medical journal The Lancet that questioned whether the combined MMR vaccine may have contributed to the autism-like developmental disorder they were researching… and, as a consequence, he publicly stated that “in his mind there was enough doubt about MMR vaccine safety that parents should opt for the single measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines given at yearly intervals.”  That’s all he said, he never questioned vaccines per se, never argued that the MMR was a culprit… only that more study was needed. Didn’t matter, the Vax Cartel torpedoed his career.

As a consequence of Wakefield’s conclusions, by the early 2000s, concerned parents on both sides of the pond were a) insisting on taking the measles vaccine, mumps vaccine, and rubella vaccine, separately and b) starting to generally question automatic compliance with the dictates of the PIC agenda… at  least insofar as vaccines were concerned.

polleyEnter Polley Tommey, UK mother of ‘Billy’ (now 20 years old, with autism caused by the MMR shot). Polley’s mother, whom Polley always considered somewhat of a hippie, relayed to Polley what she had been hearing of Dr. Wakefield’s work. Polley ignored her mother and went ahead with the ‘officially encouraged’ vaccine schedule, which included the MMR. Bam! The film then describes the hell on earth she and her husband endured with Billy… as well as Billy’s suffering. She attracted a large following of similarly afflicted families, founding the world’s preeminent autism magazine The Autism File… “so that no one else should have to go thru our pain.”

Following the Tommey segment, the movie takes on the suspense and tone of a mystery thriller, CSI, where forensic scientists track down a group of sadistic, secretive mass murderers who first inflict their victims with several years of torture. What’s so devious is these killers extract vast sums of money, especially from the government, posturing as ‘good guys’ who have developed a magic potion to render victims immune from attack. All the government and the taxpayers have to do is keep the magic potion business in the gold, and provide 24/7 public service announcements that only nutcases question the wonders of vaccines.

jim_searsVAXXED is a brilliantly composed movie that has you on the edge of your seat following the noble detectives who refuse to be intimidated. Wakefield, Bigtree, Tommey, et al, stay on target, despite all the PIC flak, get the goods on the perpetrators. Toward the end of the film, Bigtree presents a synopsis of the admissions by Thompson, and other relevant documentation, to two of the rachael_rosscelebrity doctors on his show (The Doctors). Dr. Jim Sears and Dr. Rachael Ross—both pediatricians whose practices had relied heavily on administering the CDC schedule of vaccines—abashedly respond that they will no longer be prescribing the MMR… and will continue to ‘check their premises (assumptions)’ on the safety and efficacy of vaccines in general.

VAXXED producers and directors seek to make things right, basically, through a Congressional investigation where Dr. William W. Thompson will be deposed and felony indictments (of those breaking federal statutes that require government employees to act honestly in their official capacities) presumably will be forthcoming. Personally, I would prefer to see a people’s independent federal grand jury convene immediately to do what amounts to the same thing… with teeth: determine probable cause for bringing high officials involved in catastrophic medical fraud to trial.

Please visit the movie site here. Here are the four proposals that the film offers at the end:

  1. Congress subpoena Dr. William Thompson and investigate the CDC fraud by inquiring into status with Rep. Chaffetz and the OGR
  2. Congress repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and hold manufacturers liable for injury caused by their vaccines
  3. Congress put pressure onto the CDC and Merck so that the single measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine be made available immediately
  4. All vaccines be classified as pharmaceutical drugs and tested accordingly

This is definitely a movie, that whatever your inclinations going in, most will want to learn more about… and will want to take a hand in righting the toppled ship of public health. The sentiment “Do it for the children” (for a change) couldn’t be more appropriate.

Broader Vaccine Context

DissolvingVAXXED is a tour de force covering the entire vaccine industry. In the course of its investigation—which as I say is focused on the scientific-medical fraud occurring at the highest levels of the CDC and the PIC—it conveys important information about the vaccine problem in general. [For an unbiased clinical history of inoculations and vaccines, please refer to Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ book, Dissolving Illusions. (For example, learning the actual history, not the controlled media PR fairy tales, will help you dissolve and dispel the medical-authority-created myths about smallpox and polio we Baby Boomers were inundated with during our early school years. {I have to point out that I, myself, was a polio-vaccine victim, suffering falling spells following inoculation at age 6, leaving a mild deformity in my left leg.})]

A more condensed, yet excellent, treatment of vaccines has been provided via the Thrive site on the page “Vaccines: Who is right and whose right is it?“. What I wanted to do with this subsection is discuss several of the other areas that VAXXED covers, and also bring to bear some key information outside of the movie’s direct purview.

Big Business

Let’s first note just how big an operation vaccines and pharmaceuticals are. Consider these financials:

  • 2012: the 11 major drug companies had profits $85 billion, worldwide. [link]
  • 2013: Profit margins for pharma industry averaged 19% (42% high, 10% low.) [link]
  • 2014: Total worldwide pharma revenue: $1.06 trillion, US share 48.7%. [link]
  • 2016: Vaccine market $24 billion; 2020: Vaccine market est. $61 billion. [link]

With that kind of cash flow you can commercially brainwash a large number of American tube junkies, convince them that any pill endorsed by an actor in a white lab coat will fill their days with sunshine and stairways to paradise—or at least, relief. Also, it buys virtually every legislator and other official in the halls of government. Finally, the Big Pharma ATM funds scads of scientists, media-shills, cyber-trolls, academics, and, of course, doctors.

More important, any honest truth-seeking journalist, like the principals behind VAXXED, face constant harassment, slander, career-ending risks, and reams of deceit unleashed from every establishment organ.

The Autism Epidemic and Other Health Issues

vaccine_scheduleVAXXED emphasizes how vaccines, particularly the MMR, are one of the major causes in the disastrous growth of childhood autism in our country:

  • US autism rates in 1986: 1 in 10,000.
  • US autism rates in 2016: 1 in 50. [link]
  • The CDC childhood vaccine schedule has tripled in the same period. [link]
  • An American child now receives 53 vaccine doses before the age of 6. [link]
  • Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines (classified as ‘public health measures’) are not double-blind, placebo-controlled safety-and-efficacy tested. [link] [2]

To put the data in perspective: In 2014 there were 644 cases of measles and 1,082,353 cases of autism in the U.S.[link] [Based on a population of 320 million, measles risk was 1 in 496,894 vs. the childhood autism risk of 1 in 68.]

Stephanie Stenoff, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist, MIT, states: “If we assume things are going to continue as they have been, we can predict that by 2032… half of the children will end up on the autism spectrum. This is going to be a complete catastrophe….” She also points out the powerful effect of glyphosate (the active ingredient in Monsanto’s ubiquitous, cancer-causing Roundup weed killer, which its GMO crops are designed to withstand) in the autism equation.[3]

Americans are getting vastly sicker in general. Why? If the US has a superior health care and medical system, we should all be getting better. The allopathic (i.e. interventionist, drugs and surgery über alles) model of the medical cartel in combination with increasingly toxic food, air, and water supplies is suspect: “Feeling <nauseous, fat, lethargic, depressed, you-name-it>? Here, take this pill, then let’s discuss your cutting options.”

capture-decran-2012-04-04-a-18-47-06Numbers  of Serious Vaccine Adverse Reactions

Hard numbers of adverse reactions to vaccines are impossible to come by. But based on former FDA commissioner David Kessler’s estimate in 1993 that no more than 1% of doctors reported drug adverse events following prescription drug use, the number is likely to be nearly one million annually. Per Fisher, “In the Wake of Vaccines.” [The same article goes into disturbing CDC statistics of chronic illness, relating to the above subsection.] Basically:

“The larger unanswered question that haunts every new vaccine mandate is: Has the repeated manipulation of the immune system with multiple vaccines in the first three years of life, when the interrelated brain and immune systems develop most rapidly outside the womb, been an unrecognized cofactor in the epidemics of chronic disease and disability plaguing so many children today?”

With the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, the federal government explicitly admitted that vaccines were unavoidably unsafe. And for that reason, victims of vaccines would not be able to sue vaccine providers directly. [When you throw in the public health propaganda, large government purchases to subsidize the industry, and now vaccine mandates coming for everyone, THAT’S a foolproof business model!  No wonder vaccine profits have skyrocketed since.]

Parents must instead petition a special Health and Human Services (HHS) vaccine department. If HHS disagrees, the case is argued in a special Vaccine Court. Department of Justice lawyers argue for HHS. Taxpayers also fund successful claims. No pharma company participation is required. Records show that the Court has paid a relatively paltry ~$3 billion to claimants since its inception.

As the autism epidemic grew—with an average claim of $5 million in damages for each autistic child—several thousands of cases were brought forth, particularly for harm caused by Merck’s MMR. By 2002, the arithmetic suggested that the Vaccine Court, hence the federal government (taxpayers), soon might be on the hook for tens, or even hundreds, of billions of dollars if all these MMR-autism damage claims were to be awarded.

Which was the urgent reason William Thompson and his group of scientists at the CDC were called into the fray… with the sole purpose of giving the government the science they wanted to hear: The paper[4] and its precursors, which officially deny any link between autism and vaccines—approved by the ballyhooed Institute of Medicine (IOM)—were cited as proof categorically to deny these several thousands of claims. So follow the money. The medical mafia strikes back. Well documented in the movie.[5]

Final Notes

HIddenThe movie’s creators feel the best way to obtain justice is through a Congressional hearing. The movie interviews a handful of representatives who are or were willing to investigate the CDC and the charges of whistleblower Thompson: Dan Burton of Indiana, Dr. David Weldon of Florida, and, currently Bill Posey of Florida. They have moved the understanding forward, but now justice stalls. No hearing is forthcoming. I feel we the people need to pursue justice more directly: through petitioning a federal (or state) grand jury(s). Here is a workable and doable approach suggested by Kelly Mordecai, author of The Hidden 4th Branch: A corrupt government’s worst nightmare.

Truman_Front_NewIn my novel, The Truman Prophecy, I set up a systematic truth (Toto) process for dealing with seven of the higher-priority high-crime assaults identified in a so-called Threat Matrix. Reality, however, usually takes longer than fiction. The Men of the Power Sickness are nearly finished tying up the human race in knots with their lying assaults; we have no time to create the foundation of truth for resistance as configured in the novel.

What we need to happen soon is that some Big Lie integral to one or the other of the seven high-crime assaults becomes so widely apparent that it immediately collapses that high-crime assault… which then cascades to bring down all the other assaults like dominoes. I believe the movie VAXXED, by impaling the official high-crime story that vaccines are good for us, may be that threshold exposé to bring down the house, plant the photon bomb in the engine room of the Death Star.

I send oceans of respect and admiration out to those who made the movie. They are indisputably heroes of human wellness and liberty. I love you all, you all deserve the Nobel Prize, and we the people are forever in your debt—not merely those who have suffered from vaccines, but those who, because of your courage, will be able to avoid such terrible suffering. In particular, I salute the supremely articulate, calmly rational Dr. Andy Wakefield, who has taken the harshest onslaught of authoritarian statecraft. You, sir, are the epitome of the intrepid independent creator slicing and dicing the craven collective… and will go down in history as a true Fountainhead of your profession as it emerges from its fascist Dark Ages.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Be sure to watch the extras on the DVD, the packed movie houses’ Q&A sessions with the director and producers. These are so illuminating. Approximately half the audiences stood up when asked whether they had an autism-damaged child! Which I found to be as astounding as it was tragic and sorrowful.


[1] A brief prequel called ‘Bernadette’ regarding Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, while worthy of awareness, is a bit disconcerting. If you have the DVD, you can go directly to the root menu and play the VAXXED movie first. It leads off with all the publicity in favor of forced immunizations by the conventional media and PIC agents.

[2] The gold standard of scientific validation [which also requires large numbers of test participants and study of long-term (several years) outcomes]: In a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of a medical treatment, some of the participants are given the treatment, others are given fake treatment (placebo), and neither the researchers nor the participants know which is which until the study ends (they are thus both “blind”). The assignment of participants to treatment or placebo is done randomly, perhaps by flipping a coin (hence, “randomized”).

[3] Autism is a severe neurological development disease—the film shows how victims appear to have little or no normal neural processing of sensory and perceptual data, also internally, their immune systems respond hyperactively or abnormally to stimuli—virtually unheard of during and before my parents’ childhoods (1930s). Its causes appear to be associated with a number of modern postindustrial society environmental threats, not just vaccines. [Consider that the Amish, who eschew vaccination and avoid or mitigate other toxins of modern society (e.g. chemical aerosol atmospheric spraying, radio-frequency (RF) wave pollution (‘smart’ meters), GMOs, pesticides, processed foods, etc.) as best they can, have virtually no autism.]

[4] Pediatrics Journal (February 2004) “Age at First Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination in Children with Autism and School-Matched Control Subjects: A Population Study in Metropolitan Atlanta”. [link]

[5] The 2004 IOM report that closed the door on research about vaccines and autism, which omitted Thompson’s findings, was cited in the Omnibus Autism decision that denied over 5,000 families compensation for vaccine-induced autism claims in Vaccine Court. This report continues to be widely cited for exonerating vaccines’ role in causing autism.









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  1. Brian, you’ve outdone yourself. What an awesome review of a much-needed movie that exposes what I think will become known as the medical scandal of the century!

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