Brian’s Column: A Retraction Regarding Johnson-Weld

We simply do not have the time… for being preoccupied and distracted

SM16_Buildasign_ProofIt’s been how many years? And how old am I? But as most of us who want to believe the best (and who know how hard the struggle has been to achieve true liberty in our time), I was sucked in by imaginings that the J-W ticket heralded a sea change toward uncharacteristic competence and effectiveness in the Libertarian Party at the national level. Please take a moment to review my earlier column: “The LP 2016 National Convention.”

Interestingly, the only part of that previous column that I have to retract is under the level 3 heading ‘This Time the Veep Candidacy was the Potential Foot Shot’. That is where I suggest that even though we have to keep an eye on Mr. Weld, the points in his favor are solid: 1) he’s VP, not P, 2) he brings lots of ATMM (access to money and media) to the table, 3) he speaks succinctly and incisively, with wit and humor, 4) his US attorney record of going after corrupt establishment Republicans (and Democrats) is solid, and 5) he wants the job.

As if to make me eat my hat, last week William Weld held forth in a Boston Globe opinion piece to the effect that he will a) support the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) [the secret giveaway of jobs, sovereignty, and rights to unseen, unaccountable global-corporate elites—which he refers to as free trade] and b) maintain the US as the supreme pax-Americana military force in the world with complete naval and air superiority, while engaging other countries with “soft power” and “cultural diplomacy” [which he calls noninterventionism].

Then he has the gall to refer to his and running-mate Johnson’s policies with the blasphemy: “Jeffersonian liberalism.” With a couple of exceptions—mainly stemming from the legitimate Johnson legacy of trying to withdraw New Mexico from the War on Drugs and both men purportedly lowering taxes during their respective two terms in office (all for utilitarian reasons, mind you, not based on righting heinous moral and legal wrongs with the nonaggression principle)—if J-W wins, I now expect its policies will NOT be libertarian. Rather a bizarre mixture of the Cato Institute and whatever anti-American fur balls Mr. Weld’s global power-elite chums cough up.

Trump is the only candidate who slightly breaks the mold.

I had stated in the segment of the former column I’m now retracting that J-W would implement the following “almost immediately”:

  1. Radical scaleback of ‘defense’ (War is costly, these are good businessmen)
  2. Start of disentangling entangling alliances, especially to the Greater Israel Lobby
  3. An end to the War on Drugs (Gov. Johnson’s prime-time issue in New Mexico)
  4. Defederalization and demilitarization of police; end to the prison industrial complex
  5. Major hit to all national security state, illegal Big Brother programs and agencies
  6. Chop or kill: DHS, NSA, CIA, TSA, NDAA treasonous planks, blanket spying, etc.
  7. Budget axe to major departments, especially those interfering with free enterprise
  8. Bah-bah Federal Reserve and the gluttonous thieves of the central banking cartel
  9. Black budget programs go the way of the dodo bird; pervasive state secrecy ceases
  10. THE national budget will be balanced the first year without any new taxes

Now, especially in light of William Weld’s astounding confessions, I would say Item 3 and 4 are all us liberty people can count on, with modest scaleback of 1 and partial progress on #s 7 and 10. Yes, that is something, as Kathleen Wikstrom has written so convincingly here on Facebook.


Cover_Leaving_Sandbox_FrontWhat Kathleen and virtually every other major l/Libertarian analyst fail to recognize is we the people of Planet Earth are on the ropes. The Men of the Power Sickness, as I call them—aka the New World Order, the Transnational Corporate-Banking Syndicate, the Western Cabal—are on a genocidal mission and have been for some time. Their crimes against humanity are legion; they are tightening the full-spectrum dominance noose every day. Our literal survival is at stake… imminently. In my book, Leaving the Sandbox, I identify the Threat-Matrix of their High-Crime Assaults as follows:

  1. the Fed and central bank itself—takeover of the money system, resulting in massive confiscation of material wealth.
  2. stratospheric aerosol geoengineering—toxic skies, climate mod, weather warfare, threatening end of human story.
  3. 9/11 attacks—as false flag acts of state terror, 9/11 is the Big One; resulting in unending war and militarized US.
  4. NSA, surveillance-state violations—TSA, DHS, NDAA; goons set loose in Occupied America to prep us for gulag.
  5. torture and war crimes—including in this the ongoing War on Drugs (WOD) atrocity, strip searches, police assaults.
  6. toxic gunpoint medicine—genocidal-AMA-approved Obamacare; crushing wholistic, naturopathic alternatives.
  7. radiowave pollution—chiefly mandatory ‘smart’ meters, per Agenda 21: wantonly surveil and destroy people’s health.
  8. poison food—GMOs, CAFOs, etc., eliminating or reducing people’s choices in food; contaminating healthful practices.
  9. attacks on firearms ownership—thru staged ‘massacres,’ demonizing ‘gun nuts,’ nearly always run as fed black ops.
  10. ObamaEd—also per Agenda 21, the Common Core K-12 school curricula; collectivist, mind-destroying drivel.
  11. psychiatric drugs and vaccines—esp. predatory/mandatory and on children, huge Big Pharma profits from pedicide.
  12. propaganda machinery—and threats to the Internet, 1st A Amendment; persistent lies and mind control dumb down.

Truman_Front_NewIn The Truman Prophecy I lay out a vision for humanity rising from the ashes of these assaults. The main political tools for accomplishing the end to such high crimes are fully empowered ubiquitous people’s (well-funded) grand juries and the political program for immediate justice that I have presented as the Snowden-Manning campaign.

Running elections and good candidates possibly may move the country toward liberty in a decade or two, if we’re lucky. The crimes to which humanity is being subjected will wipe us out within the next five years. WE SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE THE TIME to wait to investigate, indict, prosecute, and convict these official criminals (and their corporate friends) who are mercilessly attacking us.

So there you are.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, or what party on nonparty you go for. All that matters is whether the essentials of the Snowden-Manning 10-Point Justice Political Program take place this year or next. Humanity, Americans, are in the cross hairs. Face reality or die. [Or hope some benevolent powerful alien civilization intervenes on our behalf.] To put it as a pioneer, you don’t ward off a coordinated attack of the Comanches by electing a better city council. The good news is I believe we the people shall wake up in time.




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  1. If you love liberty, have you considered Darrell Castle for President?

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