Stonebeam 8: The Vote 2020, Covtardians at the Gate

Story Shot 8, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 12 November 2020

This is sad for me to say. Just received a forwarded email letter via my dear prime-time friend, Randy, called the Tracinski Report, from a self-styled (expensive) opinionist of one of the ‘conservative’ branches of the Ayn Rand (philosophy of Objectivism) orthodoxy. It’s called “The Vote Fraud Fraud,” and rather stodgily heaps abuse on the many alternative voices who cite such pervasive fraud in this season of covtardia.[1]

  • As it lies today, we are still waiting for the shoe(s) to fall.
  • The Global Crime Syndicate (GCS) and media have picked Biden.
  • But recounts will be done in some states, perhaps key ones.
  • Fact is, GCS media does not certify elections, the states do.

My ‘beam today is not about what I think will happen, rather why a leading Objectivist pundit seems to have strayed more widely away from the truth-and-freedom enclave into controlled-opposition land. First the reputable alternative sources showing evidence of major corruption:[2]

  1. Michigan AG-banned recording of designed
    Dem op, Bitchute “#Detroitleaks.”
  2. From the polls in Detroit, Bitchute: “Patty 100% Fed Up
    (Detroit Poll Watcher).”
  3. Article in The Federalist “Dems try to Steal Election.
    John Daniel Davidson.”
  4. Epoch times “Merit serious investigation, former NSC Official.”
  5. Ben Swann series on election fraud c/o ISE.MEDIA
    “Election Fraud Nevada.”
  6. A lot of stories on software hacking. Search
    “Dominion software vote-flipping.”
  7. Eyewitness accounts of pro-Biden acts of sabotage of vote,
    omitted by Google.
  8. Media complicity and setup of the result,
    ref. The Federalist article for Twitter.
  9. The Giuliani campaign conference on vote
    “The Last Refuge, Rudy Giuliani.”

That’s plenty. Consistent with 7-9, it took some time to find the original stories in the brush of all the mainstream-sosh GCS telling you what to think: “All efforts to look into election fraud by Trump and his team are ‘baseless’ and ‘disruptive’ and ‘dawdling esp w/ COVID cases.’”

Yet Ayn Rand Orthoarchy promoter, “ol’ Bob” Tracinski writes, “The actual vote counting is happening in an orderly and normal way…” according to his GCS sources and a raft of anecdotal strawmen he cites. And he winds up that (paraphrasing), “Hey, Biden ain’t so bad, just another pol seeking self-advancement at the public trough or ultra-ego inflation in his range-finder.” You know, like Trump. [How’s that for shooting fish in a barrel.]

It’s much worse… a cross between Grim and Reaper. Assuming Joe B. is actually who he was at campaign-start, he’ll be trundled off to Walter Reed memory care before taking office. But here’s what he wants (and Bolshevik Kamala will surely try for):

  • Nationwide lockdown, mandatory masks, mandatory unicorn ‘covid’ vax.
  • War vs. Iran for da Israeli massuhs. [Trump sucks ‘em, too, but not w/war.]
  • Big Brother/Sister full tilt boogie commie gulag, 24/7, 5G, depop unchained.

As Rappoport says (“ 11/10/20 stop Biden plan for slavery”), “I’m with the truckers and the bikers, and the millions of people who voted for Trump, not because of Trump, but because the millions who voted for him want freedom.”

With Trump there’s hope. Some of his statements, particularly toward ending the ‘covid’ tyranny destroying 10 times what ‘covid’ is alleged to… are moving. The Biden boat is meant to sink with all Americans forcibly on board… w/ starvation rations.

And what’s with Tracinski stiffing the Rand mantra? She hated “Dem commies.” (!)

Time to join the Independents, Bob, et al, via Ref. Stonebeam 5.

[1] Covtardia (the ‘mass-batshit-crazy disease’) = gullible acceptance of the mainstream ‘covid’ official story that a meaningless positive test for an unidentified virus => an infection that will kill you [when 90% of the positives have no symptoms and a cheap, 99% cure(s) exists for serious symptoms mistakenly called‘covid’] so governments lock down, isolate, and mask everyone to bury businesses, livelihoods and lives.

[2]  Stonebeam source and pdfs I leave free of full link references. htmls have some.

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4 thoughts on “Stonebeam 8: The Vote 2020, Covtardians at the Gate

  1. Thanks, Jay. I hope you will like #9 as well. If we can unite around evolving consciousness away from collective-brain syndrome by simply eliminating ‘noise-mind,’ then it’s a propelling shortcut to get thru the global domination agenda with our humanity intact and ending the GDA and its perpetrators once and for all. There’s a lot of work to be done.

  2. Good observations, Kay. But I think the LP was founded as controlled opposition to the mainly Jewish-Power-dominated Global Crime Syndicate and has fallen in line quite readily with the domination agenda… the party has not made an issue of really any of the high-crime assaults that I mention in The Truman Prophecy: ref. to an earlier column:

    Nobody’s perfect. But I’m going to be working as a subscriber with the Thrive people, Thrive II is a real winner c/o Thrive I is free at Foster and Kimberly rock and I have a lot of ways through their Solutions Matrix that will be complementary with my FLOW Fellowship work.

  3. Love the bikers and truckers comment.
    Joining forces with Trump on some matters because he was firing many in the deep state, stopping wars, transparent (not condescending like Obama and Hillary), cutting government costs and regulations, fighting Obamacare, not for culling the human race so the elite can enjoy “Green” space, withdrawing from NATO (WWII is over). Said succinctly, he was the most willing to leave me, and the millions in other nations, alone to pursue our own interests.
    Perfect. NO. I can’t stand Hillary, Kamala, “experts” or other arrogant power mongers.
    The reason the LP was founded was so we would not have to choose between the Lesser of Two Evils.

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