Brian’s Column: Local Government inAction

You wouldn’t think fixing a ramp at the recycle center would be a big deal

NoviOkay this is a column about an incident that writes itself. Describes my recent interaction with the local government facilities, city of Novi, Michigan. I’m not the most active citizen, but have attended a couple city council meetings and try to do my civic duty. As a Libertarian, I do not want activist government but I certainly would like to see responsive government. Which means if there’s a dog running loose or a child being brainwashed against his will at the high school: “Could you please quickly send someone over to fix that?”

I’ve already written a piece on predatory local government, from the next county over, that is Wayne County and the Northville, Michigan, police. Who because of an ambiguity of driving a car registered and insured (all paid up, by the way) in my then recently deceased mother’s name, I was rousted by a girl cop and her magic license plate twanger. This wonderful little bureaucop even emphasized she could take me to jail—twice!—for such an egregious offense. I’ll let you read all about it in the column I wrote here, which had a semi-happy ending thanks to my own passionate oration in court against such outrageous behavior being well-received by an actual human judge. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Libertarian Local Action Network (LLAN)

Project for implementing a ‘New People’s Paradigm’
by Brian Wright

In the 1990s a group of Neoconservatives under the auspices of the Western finance-capitalist oligarchy—often referred to by its opponents (and by itself) as the New World Order—founded the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) a US think tank that sought to intellectually and morally justify the American global military empire by ‘whatever means necessary,’ including the horrific national security-state ‘false-flag’ attacks on Americans of 9/11/2001. Anyway, the project and several associated documents, particularly Zbigniew Brzezinski’s The Grand Chessboard (1997), can be seen as Men of the Power Sickness blueprints for what’s in store for humanity if large numbers of us continue to acquiesce to what I like to call Glitter-Flicker Bang Bang (the pervasive HDTV Fog Machine). Continue reading