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The Launch

GandhiYes, this is going to look a bit like last week’s column, Shakabuku 9-1-1. But I’ve done some more development and set up a formal launch site to move forward as a key salient of what Gandhi referred to as Satyagraha (universal truth force). You know what Satyagraha did… it sent the British Empire packing—at least in that former colonial corner of the globe. I have created a Website here for the Shakabuku ‘system,’ which I aim to be a simple grassroots exercise—mainly through personal email communication and iteration of the Shakabuku-Satyagraha message: “Be all you can be by breaking free from the Old Paradigm as individuals, en masse, to the New Paradigm of a Society without Coercion.”   

This means leveraging the truth movement via the central tool of 9/11 reality to bring the cartel of warlords who have been ‘eating out our substance’ to justice.


Satyagraha is Mahatma Ghandi’s term for ‘global truth force’ or ‘truth and nonviolence held firmly and projected cosmically.’ Shaka Buku is a Japanese Buddhist term that means “To remove suffering and bring happiness to all people by awakening them to their inherent greatness” (or from the 1996 John Cusack/Minnie Driver movie, Grosse Pointe Blank: “A swift spiritual kick to the head that alters one’s reality forever”).

FlowShakabuku 9-1-1 is Brian Wright’s contribution to Satyagraha in our time… to defeat the Old Paradigm of domination, deceit, and aggression using the infinite power of truth and nonviolence. And this site develops a systematic 911-truth-leveraged ‘Grand Tool’ in service of the worldwide Satyagraha in order to quickly and massively usher in the New Paradigm. The column below is a general description of that tool (it is a work in progress): 

My Shakabuku Syllograph leverages widespread recognition of the recent imminence of nuclear holocaust [following the White House proposed attack on Syria, in September 2013, for—of all black-kettle things—war crimes.]

What’s a syllograph?

shakabuku reducecdWell, as the prefix suggests it’s a sort of logical argument using figures (images, graphics) interspersed with verbiage that moves toward a conclusion. The conclusion in this case is that recent world events demonstrate clearly that the ruling families of Western Civilization are not interested in the survival or well being of the rest of us. And exposure of this ‘Mob’ for its role in 9/11/2001 is a powerful tool for ending its global Death Grip and liberating productive, decent humankind. The reduced-image syllograph appears here.

Click here or on the image above to bring up the full PDF file that has active links to all key images and text boxes, the referenced items of the PDF syllograph tell the whole story… of what we need to do to first survive as a species, then live long and prosper as individually empowered beings in a nurturing community of other such beings.

[The full syllograph is also too much for an average Web citizen to take in. Think of it as a DeLorme road map to the promised land. We need to give regular people intermediate destinations that they can grasp and get to…. hence, my Shakabuku site and its systematic mission of going wide and deep by increments, quickly.]

Note: This liberation idea requires mass participation. [Which is a big part of my impetus for creating a picture that’s hopefully worth a thousand words.] Couch potatoism will not free us from the Old Paradigm of Massively Deceptive Coercive Authority. Shakabuku 9-1-1 is my personal plea to every real human being to resist the ongoing parasitic ‘mind snatchers,’ who (at best) want to plug you into the Borg with a biochip up your ol’ wazoo.

What We’re Up Against

As real humans of independent consciousness pursuing truth, justice, and clean living, we face an enormously resourced attack by a political authority run by monsters. If the truth wins—if we real humans prevail—the diseased-false humans (I refer to them collectively as the Men of the Power Sickness or simply ‘The Cabal’) are going to be prosecuted and removed from civil society. The Cabal will not go quietly into that great night (and may even push the species’ self-destruct button), so here on the ground we must work urgently from our strengths—imaginative alternative media, person-to-person contact, and the moral and spiritual high ground.

Please work with me to get the Shakabuku Syllograph (S2) into the hands of millions of individuals who will read and view the key information for a) ascertaining who committed the crimes of 9/11, b) putting these criminals away forever, and c) getting to the business of a Society Without Coercion. Soon I’ll create a PowerPoint of the key ideas or links in the syllograph and turn it into a YouTube video. The presentation is readily duplicable as a follow-on and complement to the initial penetration via a kind of rational-persuasion ‘objet d’art.’ [Art trumps terror. And tyranny.]

And that’s where the Shakabuku 9-1-1 system starts, with each participating individual sharing the S2 with friends, family, and huckleberries… and becoming a connection in the ongoing process of reaching the next stage of human consciousness. I’m working on the letter templates as we speak. For the time being, please familiarize yourself with the S2 art and its links of liberation; it’s a growing piece and welcomes your input. Please reach me here.

Also to receive an author autographed 11″ x 14″ poster board copy of the Shakabuku Syllograph, suitable for framing, please go to the PayPal link on the right hand column of the Shakabuku 9-1-1 homepage and make a donation of $15, leaving a mailing address for delivery.

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