Brian’s Column: Context for Leaving the Sandbox

A passionate appeal to fellow Libertarians

Cover_Leaving_Sandbox_FrontThis is from the front matter to my book on Libertarian grand strategy Leaving the Sandbox, scheduled for completion June 21, 2014.

Roughly 2005 while I was embarked on the Free State journey in New Hampshire[1] an agorist disciple/leader and international philosophical man of intrigue, Jack Shimek, commented to me, “The Libertarian Party has set the cause of liberty back decades.” Actually, I think he said generations.

Naturally, being a longtime, if occasionally backslid, Libertarian, I resisted his assertion. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Foreword to Leaving the Sandbox

New Strategy for the Libertarian Party

Cover_Leaving_Sandbox_FrontThe following is the foreword from my imminent book, Leaving the Sandbox, to be published on a subject that should be of great concern for all lower-case, generic libertarians: How do we Libertarian Party supporters integrate our efforts with the rest of the freedom movement (especially those parts showing success) to cast off the Old Paradigm of war and tyranny in service to ‘hive’ and move adroitly to the New Paradigm of a free society of individuals standing proudly at the altar of the ‘authentic swing?’ One thing is certain: doing the same old thing is a prescription for insanity… nor is there much time remaining for that. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Shakabuku Choo Choo

The Launch

GandhiYes, this is going to look a bit like last week’s column, Shakabuku 9-1-1. But I’ve done some more development and set up a formal launch site to move forward as a key salient of what Gandhi referred to as Satyagraha (universal truth force). You know what Satyagraha did… it sent the British Empire packing—at least in that former colonial corner of the globe. I have created a Website here for the Shakabuku ‘system,’ which I aim to be a simple grassroots exercise—mainly through personal email communication and iteration of the Shakabuku-Satyagraha message: “Be all you can be by breaking free from the Old Paradigm as individuals, en masse, to the New Paradigm of a Society without Coercion.”    Continue reading