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New Strategy for the Libertarian Party

Cover_Leaving_Sandbox_FrontThe following is the foreword from my imminent book, Leaving the Sandbox, to be published on a subject that should be of great concern for all lower-case, generic libertarians: How do we Libertarian Party supporters integrate our efforts with the rest of the freedom movement (especially those parts showing success) to cast off the Old Paradigm of war and tyranny in service to ‘hive’ and move adroitly to the New Paradigm of a free society of individuals standing proudly at the altar of the ‘authentic swing?’ One thing is certain: doing the same old thing is a prescription for insanity… nor is there much time remaining for that.

Okay, so what’s this all about?

Who am I and what do I have to say and why should you care one way or the other?

Me: You can refer to the boilerplate in About the Author at the end of this book. What’s most pertinent is that I’m a) a cofounder—as a young idealist striving for a better world—of the Libertarian Party of Michigan (LPM) in 1972 and b) because the LP/LPM has always been ‘my baby’ I’ve always cared in helping it grow into a moral and successful adult. Emphasis on moral and successful, both.

What I have to say in this book is related to that deep and abiding care I have for the Party, and what I’ve come to see as its potentially crucial role in the ‘Paradigm Shift’—that is, the movement of humanity from the Old Paradigm (of central authority and domination of human beings by a chosen few psychotic power-freaks) to the New Paradigm of a Society without Coercion, freedom or liberty.

Note in the ensuing pages I’ll have a lot more detail to fill in about Paradigms, or my view of them. For now, please accept tentatively that humankind—America in particular—is in the early stages of a vast cultural movement toward liberty. We are about to break free of the Old World of our time and create the New World of our dreams.

Or not…

The fact of the matter is the motive force of the Old Paradigm—a political-economic Western Cabal with immense and concentrated state power and material resources—is desperately trying to hang on to its Old World privileges. The average American feels this in the onrushing accouterments of the federalized, militarized police state, where citizens have all the rights the Occupying Government tells us we can have.

A clear and present danger.

It is the awareness of this danger of the Cabal running amok and/or committing literal genocide/suicide on the species—the Men of the Power Sickness, as I call the Cabal,[1] is a diseased entity whose existence depends on the host it destroys—that lead me to plot a metastrategy for excising the Cabal.

The metastrategy I call the Paradigm Shift. The diagram of the plan, known as a syllograph, is entitled Shakabuku 9∙1∙1[2] and a black and white image appears on the back side of the title page.

Shakabuku—waking people up to their inherent greatness while delivering to them ‘a swift spiritual kick to the head’—is the background for writing this strategic vision of the LP/LPM.

Recognize that in the upper right quadrant of the syllograph (where I describe the flow of practical liberty and liberation techniques to facilitate the achievement of the New Paradigm) I do not include a reference to the Libertarian Party.

Why not?

Mainly, the jury is out.

It is a slam dunk statement that the LP/LPM has been ineffective in achieving its goals of electing Libertarians to partisan public office. That’s going on 43 years now. (Ref. Appendix I-A.)

Has the LP/LPM nonetheless contributed toward liberty?

Is it reasonable to expect LP/LPM electoral success in the future?

These are not trivial questions.

Up front, my answers are: a) marginally and b) yes, provided Libertarians recognize their strategic role in the libertarian cosmos and transform their means accordingly. The Grand Strategy I propose is also in two parts, coming from a deep appreciation of the objective reality of context. The focal points:

  1. Nationally: arrest the Cabal, man by man, literally.
  2. State and local: develop grassroots self-government, person to person, leading to voluntary-community

Integrally, elect Libertarians. Many hands make light work.

Brian Wright
Novi, Michigan, USA, March 2014

[1] Brian Wright, The Barrier Cloud, 2011, Free Man Publishing Co.

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