Brian’s Column: Leaving the Sandbox Ch. 5

Raising the Torch
New Picture (22)As Libertarians we stand for something. The organization becomes informed on all major issues of the day, testifies, resolves, and educates. We never shut up!

Back in the old days of the LP of Michigan, we may not have been successful in the general candidate-running business, but at our central committee meetings we always made a point of issuing a resolution about some public issue or affair and getting it to the media. Such as:

  • “We oppose the recent sales tax increase as a violation of fundamental property rights; taxation is theft, all government funding needs to be voluntary.”
  • “A draft registration system amounts to slavery of young men for the (often nefarious and covert) military purposes of the Leviathan State; end the recently imposed federal draft registration system now.”

The Moral and Idealistic High Ground

You can see we were younger back then and the resolutions tended to convey an absolute moralistic quality. [Actually, I kind of miss that quality from public statements of the LP and many other libertarian organizations as well, today.] But my point in this chapter is that we are not the political party of Parcheesi, or the political party of Bland Bureaucracy Lite, we are the political party of effin’ LIBERTY, by golly! Uncompromising, bold letters, fireworks a blazin’, guns at the ready.

The real thing.

No substitutes.

So what I want to see and what is in fact going to be essential to any successful LP organization is a whole lotta fire in the bellies of our spokespeople and our friendly neighborhood Libertarians. Unfortunately, raising and carrying the banner of Liberty into battle ain’t what it used to be. The Great Barnacle standing in the way of human fulfillment has morphed from an easily identified and demonized Tyrant to a global matrix of mind control and brute aggression masqueraded—via decades of the most sophisticated and insidious audiovisual mind control—as somehow intellectually respectable and GOOD FOR US!

Thus our greatest challenge as freedom fighters is to convince the people that those people who say they’re from the government “ARE NOT here to help you.” What this means is today the fight for TRUTH and JUSTICE are indispensable prerequisites to our battle for freedom. They are the soil and water of the Liberty Tree.

Truth and Justice

Let’s look again at the real political system chart, this time without the GNL sunshine buddies:

New Picture (23)This is real. This is what we got day in and day out. The ordinary bludgeoned citizen or perhaps the net tax recipients of our country will comment, “The graphic is so negative, you’re not identifying the important services government provides to the people at the various levels.” Fair enough. What’s the budget for all legitimate functions—protection from criminal aggression, courts for handling civil disputes, military to ward off attacks from Mexico or Canada, and reliable weather data? Only being slightly facetious.

In fact, all putative legitimate services at all levels of government are a) financially negligible and b) not being performed well… because of the overwhelming attention to government’s egregious acts of aggression (EAAs), deception, and brainwashing on the people. Every minute, every day.

Let’s also get another thing straight:

Government aggression is not a simple misunderstanding.

No sir.

Crimes… not Misunderstandings

New Picture (24)The financiers and political figures who founded, and the poobahs who run, the Federal Reserve System didn’t one day wake up and say, “You know, I’m all confused about this central banking and monopoly monetary system… which looks like it functions an awful lot like a smooth counterfeiting confidence game. But I’m sure that JP Morgan and the Rockefeller interests wouldn’t do anything to benefit themselves at the expense of the general population. So let’s go ahead.”[1]

They knew a high crime was in progress… and still is. They chose to take it.

The trillions of dollars of lies and attacks on you and me are full blown, all-American, Big Daddy-inspired, Don Corleone worthy CRIMES! The men—typically, except maybe for Hillary Clinton—who commit these acts of aggression know exactly what they’re doing. The other quality of these acts: virtually all the EAAs are cloaked or covered up, usually by the ‘running-dog lackey,’ bought-and-paid-for media.

For purposes of Leaving the Sandbox (LTS), I am going to now list the major criminal assaults being conducted on the people of America and the people of the world… primarily via the federal government, but often enabled at state and local levels by little mobsters cut in on the deal by the big mobsters. [Note, I listed many of these in the Columbus Statement overview. Also, a watershed video or book or Website exists for each of the crimes; I’ll let the reader locate them on his own, but will provide these references in the next soon-to-be released edition of LTS. — bw]

The Dirty Dozen

  1. the Fed and central bank itself—takeover of the money system, resulting in massive confiscation of material wealth.
  2. stratospheric aerosol geoengineering—toxic skies, climate mod, weather warfare, threatening end of human story.
  3. 9/11 attacks—as false flag acts of state terror, 9/11 is the Big One; resulting in unending war and militarized US.
  4. NSA, surveillance-state violations—TSA, DHS, NDAA; goons set loose in Occupied America to prep us for gulag.
  5. torture and war crimes—including in this the ongoing War on Drugs (WOD) atrocity, strip searches, police assaults.
  6. toxic gunpoint medicine—genocidal-AMA-approved Obamacare; crushing wholistic, naturopathic alternatives.
  7. radiowave pollution—chiefly mandatory ‘smart’ meters, per Agenda 21: wantonly surveil and destroy people’s health.
  8. poison food—GMOs, CAFOs, etc., eliminating or reducing people’s choices in food; contaminating healthful practices.
  9. attacks on firearms ownership—thru staged ‘massacres,’ demonizing ‘gun nuts,’ always run as fed black ops.
  10. ObamaEd—also per Agenda 21, the Common Core K-12 school curricula; collectivist, mind-destroying drivel
  11. psychiatric drugs and vaccines—esp. predatory/mandatory and on children, huge Big Pharma profits from pedicide.
  12. propaganda machinery—and threats to the Internet, 1st A Amendment; persistent lies and mind control dumb down.

I can think of about three more… for example suppression of cheap abundant ‘free’ energy alternatives and knowledge of OIBs (other intelligent beings). But a dozen is a nice round number. These assaults are in effect 24/7 and amount to a wholesale democidal[2] program in which the lower levels of government are (often)[3] taking part.

So what’s a mother to do?

How does she protect her children from such monstrous evils?

How do we protect ourselves?

Modern Freedom Fighting as Weed Removal—Long Delayed

I don’t know how many of you have ever had a garden. What you’ll notice is that when you plant your seeds in the nice virgin topsoil, then water and expose to sunlight, like magic these fabulous green stalks sprout out of the earth. It’s gratifying to monitor their progress, to keep them watered, and pointed toward the light. Usually the first stalks sprouting are from the seeds you sowed.

New Picture (25)You’ll look at the pictures of what young sprouts are supposed to resemble, and not long after the first signs of green you’ll look down at the planter and say, “Hmmm, what’s this little plant here? The leaves don’t look much like my picture. Then you’ll say, ‘Ah hahhh, Weeds! This is what weeds look like.’” No problem, you simply pluck out the foreign intruders and throw them on the ground. They come out easy, roots and all. If you watch your garden on a daily basis, taking care of the weeds is a trivial exercise.

The plants you intended eventually dominate the planting space and their leaves block the sunlight to any foreign species whose spores may have landed nearby. Hence, weed removal becomes even easier as time goes by… for the constant gardener.

Let’s say you’re a lazy gardener.

New Picture (26)Maybe you were asked by the original gardener to come by and tend to his garden while he’s away. No problem, you say. Plenty of beer in the fridge, starchy fillers and dip, the latest HDTV with surround sound. Let the garden tend for itself.

Original gardener comes home. With few exceptions—the species that got a good clean start—all his planters have been taken over by the weeds. To the point in many of them the original seedlings are not alive to save. Even the strong plants are fighting for their lives against the invading dregs.

Original gardener kicks out his friend and, with dedicated effort at weed removal over a few days, recovers what he can. The weaker plants, or those that didn’t get a good start, of course, have perished.

The analogy to our political system is oblique but clear: Against great odds the seeds of liberty were planted by the Original Gardeners. The founders cast off the would-be slavers who sought only to chain the colonial crop growers to fields and enterprises owned by, of, and for the Crown.

These ancestors of ours were remarkably successful, indeed, historically unique, in standing forth in armed protection and staking out land whose fruits belonged solely to those who tilled that earth with their imaginations, their sweat, and their blood. And so it was: the virgin soil yielded fine products and fine men.

But thru the decades, descendants of the Originals came to take success for granted, neglected their soil and crops, let weeds of compulsion—imposed via weak and lazy men of the public power, who told them not to worry about such trifling infringements on private wealth—surround their healthy staples. More and more descendants “took the deal.” They sold out: “OK, I sign here, the government handles everything, and I get a Dallas Cowboys fleece blanket, an Ozmatron HDTV, and a case of ice beer every week? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! You bet!”

Then the government awarded Monsanto the no-bid megafarming contract; Dr. Evil planted GMO soy and corn crops, and had his farmers spray them with Project X—leading to the resistant Eggplant that Ate Chicago, Detroit, and parts of Cleveland. Thus today, except for some isolated organic plots in the mountains of Oregon, all US farmland raises man-devouring Triffids with dwindling harvests of mutant GMO beets, made available in baby formula under the exclusive Homer Simpson label.

All right, so I got a little carried away with the analogy. J

Point is, removing the barnacles on the ass of human progress, which was once easy and almost effortless, is now a fulltime occupation. We have to get cracking. I’ll discuss two key steps—in conjunction with Good Neighbor Libertarianism—that fold in very nicely with the third practical step of Jury Power in Chapter 5.

Step One: Embrace Satyagraha

New Picture (27)In the old days, truly up until only a few years ago, I was of the common opinion that public affairs are amiss because people have not yet learned right reason in accordance with libertarian principles… and that the solution was to educate opinion leaders, academicians, political figures, and the common man to these ideas. What I’ve found however is that as one proceeds up the hierarchy, those who dictate public policy know exactly what they’re doing, and they’re not interested in human life or liberty… they’re out to enslave and destroy real people, pure and simple.[4]

They have a good head start.

Most people have no awareness of the extent to which they’ve been manipulated and controlled by this hierarchy. Who are they? Quite simply they’ve told us: The New World Order. (Certainly there are machinations and morphings of secret societies behind the NWO, but we can identify the active players now from their own statements and actions.) So I’m pointing you to the excellent expose by Jason Bermas, Invisible Empire.

Every one of the Dirty Dozen crimes against humanity—listed above—now in progress from the federal level on down is being prosecuted consciously and maliciously by members of the Cabal. My own efforts with Shakabuku Liberty (Chapter 1) focus on one major crime, which I see as the linchpin propping up the other crimes. Each of us as Good Neighbor Libertarians needs to pick whatever crime(s) they’re most suited to working New Picture (5)toward arresting—smart meters, the Fed, GMOs, illegal wars, etc.—and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

In so doing, we’re working at the level of the Global Truth Force, which is to tap into the ultimate spiritual power when dealing with the Darth Vaders of the world. It’s not only about facts, it’s about ethics and human life. The Truth Force (Satyagraha) vanquishes all aggressors and evildoers in time. Proceed in that spirit, and with that confidence.[5]

Step Two: Leverage and Assert “the Law”

Too many Libertarians look at the law, if anything, as an adversary. We’re wrapped up in the eternal verities of the nonaggression principle, we see that bad men are practicing aggression via bad laws, and we conclude, “The Law, Who Needs It?” I, myself, have tended to embrace such a perspective.

Such a dismissive view of the law is mistaken for two reasons:

a)      The men of the power sickness always use the law to give the cover of moral sanction to acts of aggression; if some esteemed judge or professor does not pronounce their acts ‘lawful’ the people will not accept these acts’ legitimacy.

b)      The common law and related social tenets actually provide a framework for prohibiting and responding to acts of aggression… and adjudicating competing claims on property; meaning that statutes consistent with the common law and the nonaggression principle are good for us.

Going back to the analogy I have made on effective Libertarian action consisting of removing weeds from the Garden of Life: Because of lassitude, general ignorance, or simply acceptance—as Paine wrote: “A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right…”—people have not taken up the effort sufficiently to prevent bad laws in the garden.

How would they do so?

By becoming informed and holding their public officials to the contract(s) they swore an oath to observe. [All right, the US Constitution is not a binding contract, as Lysander Spooner and others have pointed out.[6] But the fact is the vast majority of Americans have implicitly accepted it as the supreme law of the land. Further, as a document whose aim was to strictly limit federal power, its adherence will be a major boost for liberty.]

In general, a key part of the LTS GNL strategy—empowerment and accountability—requires activists to learn, know, and apply the law in a) asserting people’s natural rights supported by the law and b) in holding officials responsible for any crimes against the people. Basically, we’re going to need to figure this law thing out, and get it right. We’ll have to network to find good teachers, say, of the Michael Badnarik caliber[7]—who has what I know is a premier course on the Constitution.

And we need as practical persons to learn what the law actually says about our complex environment in an intrusive hypergovernment world.

Cracking the Code: The Truth about the ‘Income’ Tax

If you’re in Michigan you don’t have far to travel to find an exceptional individual who, arguably, knows more about ‘the Law’ related to federal taxes—which is to state, knowledge that’s actually liberating and restorative for people—than anyone else. I’m speaking of Peter Hendrickson, author of Cracking the Code: The fascinating truth about taxation in America.[8]

New Picture (29)My quote from Thomas Paine on the previous page (“A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right…”) applies to Mr. Hendrickson and his life’s work in spades. Pete has made an epochal discovery—by reading and understanding ‘the Law’—that enables millions of Americans to recover hundreds of $billions in wealth from erroneously determined income tax payments to the federal and state governments.

Indeed, tens of thousands of Americans have done just that, retrieving several $billion in mistakenly submitted tax amounts. As his site puts it: “Misunderstanding the Internal Revenue Code costs Americans around a trillion dollars every year: Understanding it costs only $24.95 (for the book).” No, I’m not making this up. You can go to this page[9] to read the hundreds of stories of real people who have chosen to report their successes in obtaining full, usually hassle-free refunds from the IRS and other taxing authorities following the law.

Knowledge is indeed power.

Knowledge of the law can be immensely financially rewarding.

So what’s the catch, what am I not telling you?

There’s no catch. Read the book, understand the truth.

Uphold ‘the Law!’

No, I cannot deny that Pete and his wife have themselves been targeted and abused by malicious justice department officials… and, yes, railroaded by a judge who refused to let his jury read the law and regulatory code for themselves. Pete was incarcerated for several months, and is now free. You can read the details of the bizarre and outrageous case on Pete’s site,

But no justice department or court action has overturned the truth of the income tax law (or denied refunds on its basis)… which is… drum roll… and I’m summarizing in my own possibly technically inexact terms:

Federal income tax amendments, statutes, and codes did not repeal Article 1 Section 9 of the US Constitution’s prohibition of direct taxes (in the absence of apportionment). Income is exactly defined as earnings from the exercise of federal privilege—federal employment, officeholding, and the like. If your earnings are not so privileged, you are a nontaxpayer with respect to the federal income tax.

So it’s that simple. Really. And the book makes it even clearer, offering practical steps toward obtaining refunds of these taxes mistakenly paid. Why haven’t Pete and his works been feted and extolled by freedom partisans and intellectuals of stature around the country, from the Cato Institute to Alex Jones’ Why hasn’t he been accorded tickertape parades with the keys to every city? He and his family wined and dined on yachts of liberty-loving millionaires?

You tell me and we’ll both know.

I do have a theory…

The fact is, Pete Eric Hendrickson will go down in history as one of the greatest benefactors of humankind—certainly in America—by empowering one citizen after another to reclaim his liberty under law. And enjoy the fruits of his labor. To finish Thomas Paine’s quote: “… but the tumult [in defense of custom] soon subsides. Time makes more converts than reason.” The LP needs to tip that hourglass and explicitly rally for Pete’s findings.

Strategically, GNLs young and old need to empower themselves and others by learning the law—the Constitutionally valid law—reclaiming and reasserting it and going after those who violate it… with a passion if not a vengeance.

[1] G. Edward Griffin, The Creature from Jekyll Island, American Media, 2002.

[2] Note: Clearly the perpetrators of democide—blanket killing of whole societies—are suicidal as well, which means, yes, they are psychopaths. Control is all they know, and it doesn’t matter to them that their own neck is in the noose when they set the trap.

[3] Not always. A serious State Nullification program is ongoing nationwide. Sponsored by the Tenth Amendment Center. Read your Constitution: the 10th Amendment says, unless it’s spelled out here, the federal government does NOT have the authority.

[4] Invisible Empire, 2010, by Jason Bermas

[5] In this positive vein I’d like to again mention the popular, integrating vision of THRIVE.

[6] Lysander Spooner, No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority (1867)

[7] (Michael was LP presidential candidate, 2004.)

[8] Pete Hendrickson, Cracking the Code: Fascinating Truth (2003)


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