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Intended to orient and get affiliates and individuals going quickly


sunshine manThis column is based on a two-sided, one-sheet description of the same name, which I’ve uploaded to a pdf file here. The idea behind it is to provide advance information on the Good Neighbor Libertarian (GNL,  pronounced genial) political activation system I’m writing a book about. This GNL system is essentially a methodology for generating rapid growth in effective libertarian solutions to the main categories of the massive central corporate-state assault upon real human individuals in the incipient American police state. I also expect to dramatically raise ‘body count’ of caring, effective people monitoring public-official councils and holding them accountable for securing liberty.


Good Neighbor Libertarian (GNL—pronounced ‘genial’) describes a program for grassroots libertarian political activism… as well as a person taking part in the program. This GNL quick-start guide pertains to Libertarian Party (LP) state organizations and their local affiliates—specifically the LP of Michigan (LPM) and its local affiliates. [The strategy and plan should also prove effective for any grassroots pro-truth-and-liberty organization by quickly building effective ‘body-count’ pressure on public-official bodies (POBs) for benign causes.]

The GNL program or ‘business plan’ proceeds from the grand strategy proposed to the LP in Brian Wright’s book, Leaving the Sandbox (LTS) (2014)—a strategy for citizen empowerment and government accountability… where LP candidacies flow and follow more naturally via connection to the community.

Big Picture

Most Libertarians and libertarians are stuck in an old worldview of how our political world actually functions. This Weltanschauung, popularized by Ayn Rand, in particular, is conveyed in the following diagram:


1: Old Worldview of the Political System

This is a naïve understanding of how political reality is shaped, taking no account of coordinated covert manipulation by the ‘Mob’ or global Cartel seeking to preserve and extend their immense power. Nor does it recognize the increasingly sophisticated tools used by the Cartel[1] to exert mind control over virtually everyone via media, entertainment, and academic subordinates.

The more accurate control structure appears in this figure:


Which relates to the central monopoly financial power:


Who are ‘They?’ ~Top Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS):


What matter who they are so long as we know that they are.


2: New (Correct) Worldview of the Political System

For economy, many steps are condensed into Figure 2, chiefly I’m hinting at what I’m proposing via GNL Suns or ‘cells’ at POB contact points throughout the system.

The Threat Matrix

In LTS, I developed a set of categories of general system assaults on the people that have been documented extensively… and of course officially denied by the pathocracy. This is my table, The Dirty Dozen: name, desc, links to current key probative videos and books:

1 Money Monopoly—takeover of the money system, resulting in massive confiscation of material wealth. Credit dom. [a], [b]
2 Atmospheric Spraying—toxic skies, climate mod, weather warfare, threatening end of human story. Mainstream bury. [c], [d]
3 Staged Massacres—as false flag acts of state terror, 9/11 the Big One; resulting in unending war and militarized US. [e], [f]
4 Blanket Surveillance—TSA, DHS, NDAA; goons set loose in Occupied America to prep us for gulag, snitch neighbors. [g], [h]
5 Enforcer Crimes—including torture, war crimes, the War on Drugs (WOD) atrocity, strip searches, police assaults. [i], [j]
6 Gulag Medicine—genocidal-AMA-approved Obamacare; crushing wholistic, naturopathic alternatives. FDA kill list. [k], [l]
7 Radiowave Pollution—chiefly mandatory ‘smart’ meters, per Agenda 21: wantonly surveil and destroy people’s health in their homes. No testing performed, opt out NFG. [m], [n]
8 Food Fouling—GMOs, CAFOs, etc., eliminating or reducing people’s choices in food; contaminating healthful practices. Includes water contam via fluoridation, etc. [o], [p]
9 Citizen Disarmament—attacks on firearms ownership—thru staged ‘massacres,’ demonizing ‘gun nuts,’ always run as fed black ops. Demonizing Constitution upholders. [q], [r]
10 Mind Desolation—K-12 school curricula; collectivist, mind-destroying drivel, end of independent judgment, reason. [s], [t]
11 Drug Compulsion—psychiatric drugs and vaccines—esp. predatory/mandatory and on children, huge Big Pharma profits from pedicide. CDC on MMR tip of the iceberg. [u], [v]
12 Info Deathgrip—and threats to the Internet, 1st Amendment; persistent lies and dumb down. Protesters jailed. [w], [x]

We the people exist under a regime far more hazardous, even deadly than our forefathers in 1776. And insidious. Few of our countrymen are even aware we are being attacked and that the objective is death or enslavement.

General Strategy for Success

Increasing numbers of people are aware of this new and homegrown ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ (IBS)… thanks to Thrive, alternative news, liberty movements, etc. Some are engaging the enemy more effectively than others… on one or a few of the above-identified fronts. Most do not see the big picture conveyed by the table.

Satyagraha and the Curative Model

Step 1 is to accept the truth of our current reality that an organized and focused überpathogen is attacking we the people. Like the reverse of IBS, we have to wake up to cure this disease—which means truth, which means embrace the Gandhian global truth force, Satyagraha.

The LP has a unique opportunity to widely and massively dispense a cure to the disease at the cellular level.

Step 2: GNL Process Essentials

In Chapter 4: Keeping the Band Together of LTS I describe what the state party needs to do to stay crucial.

Except for a handful of LPMers who keep the party machinery intact, every Michigan Libertarian rebecomes a ‘Volunteer’ to then become a GNL.

It Starts with the Book

The GNL user’s guide has detailed process information; the purpose of GNL is to a) recruit, b) train, and c) inform… even officials (POs). Spread the GNL book to create GNLs.


Volunteer Becomes GNL—10 Steps

  1. Vol contact affl w/dec. to be GNL, hoop or issue option.
  2. Vol liberty knowledge? (1,2,3) Determine learning needs.
  3. Works with affl, choose threat(s) 1-12, 13: custom local.
  4. Commits Lvl 1,2,3 [4,8,12+ hrs/mo £20 choose POB(s)]
  5. Receives ID from affl, coord with others at same POB-T
  6. Attends, reports on POB(s), stages 1/2/3 (watch/do/win)
  7. Reporting creates feedback via affl, goals share, AA-like
  8. Always look to spread GNL/GNL, all POB-Ts, social +
  9. POB-T-GNLs work w/other, esp. P.A.N.D.A. technique
  10. Share @ affl mtg, sales/success/motivation/track goals

Goal: seek fully empowered grand jury accountability.

Affiliate Function

Whole_Report_PicWhat I’m showing in the image at right is a series of reports, from the individual GNL, which then sum with other GNLs per POB and Threat.

What it means for the GNL is he commits hours to a threat or issue of corruption, monitors and acts in concert with others to elicit a correct freedom-conducive response from his POB.

Affiliate function is wholly to enable and spread GNLs into the interstices of all POBs—state and feds are special case of POB. Spreadsheet/reports being developed with GNL book, due mid-Oct. 2014. Book will make clear all roles. Prelim GNL individual report format: So people can do manually while software develops.

Affiliate leaders coordinate the GNLs in their regions, via spreadsheet program and contact with the POBs and GNLs working. Share with state, whose leaders do similar coalesce of data, nourish oodles of GNLs. Candidates, funds follow.

[1] For deep nature of the Cartel please refer to my short treatise, The Barrier Cloud (2010).

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