Brian’s Column: 2011 Truth and Freedom Movement Recap

A listing of ‘best and brightest’ links from this year’s Percolations newsletter
by Brian Wright

Gadsen FlagWhat a promising year has passed! The Truth and Freedom movement has forced the the Unspeakable Controllers into a nothing little corner of the universe from which they will not escape. Their only option is to push the self-destruct button… which they already have done with a) their barbaric response to OWS, b) planned takeover of the Internet via SOPA, and c) staging for martial law by authorizing indefinite detention without trial. The Unspeakables have ‘shot their wad’ and no one listens, only the sheeple obey, and everyone will soon know the Treasonous Ones are impotent… due for transfer to Orange-Jumpsuit Land. The following 25 videos and Webpages, drawn from my 2011 Perks (from the Percolations newsletter), have been particularly inspiring and insightful:

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  1. How fiat money strangles the world: A staple of Perkdom. This is a lovely video that everyone must see and resee. Where the rich get richer and the poor get angry. Watch this fab little video, and share it with as many as you can, because it’s the way things work. It also tells us exactly what we need to do to fix the global problem. Personally, I’m ready for my $30K reparations check from the banksters.
  2. Cop(s) speak out against corporate-state violence on peaceful protestors: Retired Philadelphia police chief Ray Lewis endorses the OWS movement, citing other cops who say this is America. Closing line on a great video, Captain Courageous says, “… we’re all victims of Corporate America and Corporate America has got to be stopped.”
  3. Top government expert reveals Osama-9/11 Truth:Top US government insider Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, a man who held numerous different influential positions under three different Presidents still working with the Defense Department, has told Alex Jones that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001 and that he was prepared to testify in front of a grand jury how a top general told him directly that 9/11 was a false flag inside job.
  4. The best short video on the Web: Vote for Dr. No. In just two minutes… In case anyone needs a reminder of what an epic train wreck Obama has been for the nation, here’ a short video that sums it all up. It happens to have been made by a Ron Paul supporter. Ron Paul has faults, but his election would be revolutionary.
  5. Bush/Cheney war criminals can’t go anywhere: The people of Canada went into the streets and into court demanding the arrest of Bush when he showed up for a $599 plate lunch on Oct. 20 in Vancouver. Bush’s torture victims and their attorneys filed a four-count legal complaint with the courts in British Columbia that included a 69-page draft indictment of Bush.
  6. Afghan’s energy war:Violence escalated daily in Afghanistan with the approach of the 10-year anniversary of the U.S. invasion on October 7. At the same time, a little-noted energy agenda is moving rapidly forward that may not only deny Afghans the much needed economic benefits their energy resources could provide… Story here.
  7. TSA Holiday Greetings: Check out this video/audio from Roxi Copland, as she sings “I’ll be groped for Christmas.” [By the way, in 2008, 465 TSA “officers” were fired for theft. (New York Times.) That’s over 1% of the total number of people who work for them – and that’s just the ones who got caught. Makes sense that we’d give them powers that not even policemen have, right?]
  8. Homeland Security in the terror creation business: Check out the latest Reality Report, always a fine antidote to the Corporate State Propaganda Ministry (CSPM). Here is an extremely important video in support of democracy of information: Brad Meltzer, acclaimed author: DHS Recruited Me to Write Terror Plots. Living proof that the terrorists are in USG security state.
  9. IRAs and 401ks to be nationalized: Actually, I published Pat Heller’s forewarning of this crime of state coming down the pike. Restore the Republic has just sent a mailing with a link to Goldworth Financial that shows Obama indicating his intentions to take over these financial instruments. He’s from the government and he’s here to help.
  10. Bush cancels speech in Switzerland for fear of arrest: George W. Bush has his back to the wall. He just cancelled a speech in Switzerland due to fear of mass protests and his arrest for authorizing the torture of detainees at Guantanamo Bay. Check it out on He is also prosecutable for murder of Americans via Iraq War.
  11. Amy Goodman and Democracy Now: Check out this vid of former CIA analyst Ray McGovern–who has since come out against the war crimes of all administrations. He does a silent protest at a Hillary Clinton speech (ironically she’s talking up the freedom to challenge governments), then brutalized, ejected by security men.
  12. From Alliance for Natural Health: Contamination of the drinking water supply. Air pollution. Land irreparably damaged. And devastating health problems. That’s only the beginning; we’re looking at US corporate genocide in the US. Please help us stop the madness and remove the Halliburton Loophole with our new Action Alert.
  13. US cops are Increasingly turning to steroids: Nazis thugs favored cocaine and amphetamines. Today the drug of choice for uniformed thugs is steroids. Thousands of police officers in the US and elsewhere abuse steroids and engage in their illegal trafficking. Symptoms: hostility, paranoia, uncontrolled rage w/ accompanying violence.
  14. On the lighter side: Probably a good idea to keep one of these kinds in the Perks listings just for snicks and grins. Exactly, this is a video of a baby who just cracks up laughing when paper is shredded. His at-home daddy tears up a job-rejection notice. Stuff like this is what keeps us going and makes you realize we’re going to win.
  15. Myth of precision bombing: This video is 10 minutes long, tough footage. The reality of war. Utterly innocent people slaughtered by the hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, the millions – based on lies. Not even honored in death. Their murders are covered up and swept under the rug by a psychotically corrupt news media. Pure evil.
  16. The WW2 Italian Resistance: Italian people defied German orders to turn over its Jews. Another little known fact is that in northern Italy CITIZEN MILITIAS liberated the region both from its fascist rulers and Nazis invaders well in advance of the US invasion. Why is this story of heroism and resistance not known?
  17. For those who like Obamacare: This satirical ObamaCare commercial was put out by FreedomFest, which the Washington Post is calling “the greatest libertarian show on earth,” and I’m one of the speakers there. I wouldn’t miss it for the world, and neither should you:, or call 1-866-266-5101. -Floyd” Brilliant!
  18. What they knew and what they did: The top military leader at Guantanamo believed that fully half of the prisoners were harmless and innocent. When this information was passed up the line to the White House, Cheney’s attorney shut it down. The dark stain on America’s reputation which Obama promised to close and has not.
  19. Obama’s birth certificate? Where Obama was actually born is the least of our problems. That being said, the document on the White House web site is NOT a scan of a print document as the White House claims it is. It’s a digital creation. Which means – and why am I not surprised? – it’s a fraud. Here’s the analysis.
  20. Dismantle the TSA: A simple way to reduce the deficit, stimulate the economy, and improve the quality of life in America: Dismantle and TSA and send the ladies and gentlemen who run it packing. Even the Congressman who wrote the original bill that put the TSA in business agrees.
  21. The law that never was: Check this presentation out. It makes reference to the authors of a book-set called The Law That Never Was. That book-set has been burned and is still on the book burning list of the United States Government, who has seized warehouses of these books and burned them by court order here in America. Just ask the author’s attorney, Jeffrey A. Dickstein.
  22. Alliance for Natural Health: Conventional Medicine Runs Amok: Prostate, Breast, and Colon Screenings: Call it the sledgehammer approach to medicine. Rather than catching or curing disease, aggressive cancer screenings and unnecessary biopsies are actually spreading deadly “superbugs” among patients.
  23. Selling war: One of the things the mass media is good at – besides selling junk food and Big Pharma junk drugs – is selling war: No mass media, no war. Howard Zinn (1922-2011) shows how CNN and other “news” outlets cheerlead the Iraq War and other atrocities.
  24. ‘NDI Draft’ big gift to Big Pharma: Want to let the drug industry take your favorite supplements off the market, patent them, and sell them back to you—by doctor’s prescription only—for 10 or 100 (or even more) times what you’re paying now? A follow-up to our recent Action Alert.
  25. Michigan bars ban legislators for smoking ban: Opportunity to make common cause with Protect Private Property Rights in Michigan ( and with bar owners who have been victimized by the recently passed Michigan smoking ban for private businesses. From ReasonTV courtesy BrasscheckTV.

Happy New Year. Free the 99% (w/ reparations from the central banks).

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