Brian’s Column: “Project Toto”

Leveraging the A911T Truth-Letter campaign toward a Billion+ Points of Light

toto2This column is a condensation of a two-sided sheet prospectus and recruitment tool that I composed after coming up with a key idea for implementing the project phase of my After 9/11 Truth book of action. [The sheet may be accessed here:]

In mid-April 2015 I realized a magnificent promotional enhancement to my A911T ‘Truth-Letter Closure (TLC)’ campaign—which sends coordinated appeal messages, one-by-one, to targeted ‘Respected Deniers’ (RDs) from a participant’s address book. I changed the name of the campaign to Project Toto (after Dorothy’s little dog that pulls back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz), then generalized the effort to all ‘truth and justice’ causes.

[Note: I now have a Gofundme page for Project Toto here. Mini-donations very welcome.]

Progress Diagram

Below is a political ‘context diagram’ that shows how to achieve a free abundant society by “implementing a new model.” Project Toto exposes the mind-control—‘manufactured consent’—of the ‘Old World Order’ global syndicate… showing that the only power the Wizard minions have is what they trick us into giving them. Expose their tricks. End them.

Simplified_Diag_w_TotoA Simple Plan—Toward Flourishment

The Progress Diagram contains but a few elements: We the people, as Nietzsche said, “walk suspended on a tightrope over an abyss,” from the Old World of collectivist aggression into the New Paradigm of individual freedom and abundance. I particularly envision that the future will be a self-governing panarchy (that we can cultivate now) via ‘freedom of choice in governments.’

ThriveMy Project Toto worldview and plan folds in with the major cultural mass movement toward liberty and consciousness of our time: Thrive. The Thrive video has received more than 30 million views; it presents a broad liberty and abundance consensus for our future. It also squarely faces the ongoing predation by the Old World Order and suggests how we can arrest its Death Star owner-operators and bring them to account.

Rule_ShadowsSupporters need also be aware of the sophist-icated mind control technology that has been unleashed on us since the early 1900s. Ref: Rule from the Shadows video here. The next page shows specifically how Project Toto ends these threats.

Project Toto Transcends 9/11 Truth

Big_Picture_Simplified_1_ReducedThis is what makes it so exciting! The ‘letter’-writing technology I’ve created to market After 9/11 Truth generalizes to other noble causes such as resisting high crimes, e.g. ‘smart’ meters, GMO foods, toxic aerosol skies, federal tax banditry, etc. … as well as to several kinds of business enterprises.

Note: I remain convinced that obtaining 9/11 truth and justice is the highest priority, as a linchpin for bringing truth and justice in all the other high-crime assaults of the Globalists.

The above-right figure is an image-sequence summary for the flow chart of actions that are part of a user guide and plan specifically for Project Toto of the A911T campaign.

The main elements [Number 3) and 4) are shown in the figure]:

  1. Inquiry and cover letter—Make contact, recruit to the campaign.
  2. Deliver ‘Da Plan’—Recruit partly by hand-ing the plan to the prospect.
  3. Messaging Leg—Make list, personalize letter template, send the ‘letter’/quest-ionnaire appeal to RDs, follow up.
  4. Recruiting Leg—Recruit from cause community, buy or sell ‘item’ to two recruits.

Why Project Toto Will Be Successful

Many hands make light work. People will come:

  • First, the Truth-Letter plan is easy—and zero cost. Participants decide their time commitment: ultralite version messaging leg takes ½ hour max, lite version 1 hour max, nominal version 2 hours max… per cycle. [Circumvents media blockade.]
  • Second, the act of messaging to RDs (followed by recruiting from one’s fellow committed truthers) is empowering. Participants will feel good to do the work and then share the positive energy. the project builds cadre easily.

It’s a numbers game. In the figure, I show some of the raw population counts for America based on the 9/11 cause. In my Big Picture diagram in the actual plan, I calculate under very conservative assumptions that (for most truth causes) a total of 1,000,000 Respected Denier (RD) messages will convert 10,000 RDs and 100 Super RDs… publicly declare for ‘truth.’

A Super RD (SRD) is a person of high ‘System’ stature,’ say a John Stossel, a US Congressman, a university president, etc. No doubt, 100 SRDs declaring the emperor is naked (on any truth issue) means regime change.

To generate 1,000,000 messages to RDs (and producing 100 SRDs): => 20,000 msgs per state => 1,000 msgs per state per month for 20 months => 100 persons per state sending 10 msgs per month for 20 months. Very doable.

Status and Request

This heading was in the original sheet mainly to report out and provide a wrap to those who I’m proposing to recruit or to help with additional financing.

Status: Urgent causes in April have tied me up; by May 10, I estimate first 20 signups, with 100 RD msgs sent.

Request: The intended audience of this document is a) prospective shareholders and b) liberty activists who either will refer this doc to ‘a)’ or who want to participate in Project Toto themselves. Shareholders go here for details. Recruits sign up here. User-guide/plan here.

Also seeking shareholders who want me to tailor Project Toto to their other-threat, non-9/11 causes. Details here.

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