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From Chapter: Toto Curtain #1: Golden Rules

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[Excerpt from The Truman Prophecy,
due for publication 12/25/15.]

… “We are fighting for the life and conceptual faculty of individual persons over Alien Collective technology that demotes our consciousnesses to the status of unquestioning ciphers… indeed, we throw off that technology by asserting our humanity as full and natural Independents.

“What’s more, we KICK ALIEN ASS!

“Strong words,” noted Sean.

“Well stated,” confirmed Katie.

“Thanks for the ear, you two,” acknowledged Chance. “I wanted to cover at least some of the high-spiritual material with you before moving on to the Toto business at hand. But you know what?”

“What?” they said in unison.

“Fulfillment occurs at its own pace and in the free flow of energy among those committed to it. No one can predict or prophesize the full flowering of the Independents to the final detail. A prophet only sets things in motion.

“In that connection,” Chance went on, “Let me refer you to the four specific statements of the Independents, which I give formally in the novel, yet may take different content as people adopt and share the Way of Independents:

  • “Affirmation—Independent soul assertion of place in the cosmos (ref. Prophecy front matter).
  • “Creed—a summary code of honor, outlook, and behavior for Independents.
  • “Declaration—analogous to First Principles of THE Declaration of Independence, 1776.
  • “Affidavit—sovereign individual’s assertion of relationship details with a specific coercive state.

“And finally, visualization of aims of ‘the Way’ and promotional tools—brochures, stickers, ads, ‘baubles and trinkets,’ a questionnaire—for its worldwide growth as a political solution and means of transition to the Billion+ Points of Light society. Finally, I’ve anticipated some spiritual foundations, e.g. FLOW and Gravity Golf.”

Chance paused to let all this sink in… to his young audience, as well as to himself.

“So what about the CtC Toto Affiliate/Chapter build,” asked Katie. “I’m not sure I want to spearhead this, but I would like to share your ideas with those who might.”

“And I may be one of those who might,” beamed Sean.

“Right arm!” said Chance, “here goes:”

CtC Toto

“Fortunately, while working with the Toto and Dorothy projects, and the whole process of Independents’ coming into ourselves, I was able to suppress enough ego to grasp your father’s brilliant observation, Katie,” Chance began.

“You mean how misunderstanding of the US federal income tax enables all the high-crimes of the Threat Matrix?” she asked.

“Precisely,” Chance responded. “Although I still feel Big Sam fails to fully appreciate the more fundamental problem of how any truth is throttled by the mind control Matrix, he totally nails the fundamental economic solution…

“… namely, that we the people have the authority and the power—legally and prudentially—to remove the financial foundation for all high-crime assaults of the Threat Matrix… NOW! Not five years from now but today!

“New slogan: End the N-W-O, N-O-W,” Katie.

“… with C-T-C,” finished Sean.

“Cute,” returned Chance. “Sam has indeed cracked the ‘code’ of the income tax for the eternal (and imminent) benefit of all Americans. The message has gotten thru to 10s of thousands of regular people who have recovered and continue to recover several $billion worth of incorrectly withheld wealth transfers to the feds.

Katie added, “The total potential for recovery, Dad has estimated at $3 trillion… that’s a 3 with 12 zeroes after it, three million-million dollars.”

Chance affirmed, “Good point, darlin’. In other words, ballpark: the American people can readily and safely keep about one-thousand times more of their hard-earned wealth. That buys a lot of necessities and goodies.”

“And equally important, as you were saying,” inserted Katie, “it removes a thousand times the budget—black or otherwise—available to public officials and their warlord bankers to grind us all into fine-grade road dust.”

“So the $64,000 Question is ‘Why doesn’t the simple CtC message find wide, wild-and-enthusiastic acceptance?” posed Sean.

“The big and deep answer is as I’ve already put out there,” replied Chance. “Namely that to this point, very few persons have reached even Truman Threshold[1] #1. They’re still plugged into the Matrix and accepting ‘the Voice’ of Consensus Reality as true authority.

“It doesn’t matter if your argument makes sense or is obvious if the Voice says that argument is bad news.

“Which brings me to the point of the Toto Program… reminding me of an old adage: ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ Okay?” Chance probed, “I’m asking you two, how do you eat an elephant?”

Sean and Katie shrugged their shoulders, “How?”

“One bite at a time.”

Chance was pleased that he remembered in line with his conversation that old story from a mentor back in his early LP days.

“So what I’m saying to you is to always keep in mind your grand cause and ultimate aim of the Independents—~ eating the elephant—but focus on today’s seemingly small bite.

“Toto is the first step, the small bite, where we start the elephant consumption in earnest. The core process of every Toto Chapter contains the following entities (which are defined or provided at the Affiliate level):

  1. A short explanatory booklet of the Toto truth
  2. A personal letter of persuasion of the Toto truth
  3. A list of recipients for the personal letter
  4. A questionnaire of 10-12 Toto truth questions[2]
  5. A Correspondent, at least one, hopefully a team

“The purpose of the Chapter is to facilitate the core process among multiple Correspondents, which core process is that each Correspondent:

  1. Prepares his list of recipients (#3 above)
  2. Sends his personal letters, individually, to each recipient—typically known as Respected Deniers
  3. The personal letter refers to entity #1 (the booklet) and to entity #4 (the truth questionnaire) of the list above and requests that the recipient:
  • read the questionnaire and buy/read the booklet or any of a number of ‘truth works’ to which the booklet refers
  • assuming the recipient thereby becomes convinced that ‘the official story’ is untruthful, that he publicly declare his conviction, and
  • join the Toto Affiliate/Chapter and consider becoming a Correspondent continuing the process.

“As the process matures, Correspondents will have a worked-out subprocess to follow up with letter recipients and sell the booklet, promote Chapter gatherings—i.e. social and informational events featuring videos, talks, literature, discussion, refreshments, etc.—, and encourage proliferation of the questionnaire in particular.

“The Toto prospectus contains brief instructions for organizing an Affiliate/Chapter, and methods will become more detailed and automated up to Declaration Day.

“What’s important to know for the CtC Affiliate/Chapter right now is that whoever leads will have the 9/11 Toto Affiliate/Chapter already set up as a template—populating the five entities above, and the process will be in place. I’m founding and leading 9/11 Toto.

“The initial gathering for the first 9/11 Toto Chapter I am setting up for late this month or early January 2016. I’ll help the CtC leader(s) get going with their five entities based on my five entities.

Note: As the 6-to-12 Toto Affiliates and Chapters begin forming, most will lack the explanatory booklet (#1 above). That’s all right, the Affiliate/Chapters may still get to work recruiting Correspondents, who will share out the questionnaire (#4 above).

“With synergy from the other Toto Affiliate/Chapters and feedback from the Dorothy metaprojects (grand juries and Snowden-Manning), any particular Affiliate/Chapter—such as CtC Toto—will take flight quickly.

“Currently, for CtC, Sam Stevens and I, both, have some good summaries—mine is drawn from material that Sam has written and that I condensed into my book on Doreen’s trial, The Motor City Witchcraft Trial(s)—that can be used for the CtC explanatory booklet.

“Also it will not take long to write the CtC Toto letter template (item #2) for sending to the Respected Denier (RD) community. For most of the rest, use the 9/11 Toto details as a model.

“What we do have, thanks to all the marvelous educational work Sam has done over the years, is a set of wonderful truth (i.e. “Did you know?”) questions pertaining to the federal income tax. And here they are:


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[1] The so-called Truman Threshold for becoming fully Independent is two-phased: 1) the person becomes aware that he is being manipulated for the amusement and control of ‘the Collective,’ and 2) the person acts to regain control his own life… by walking off the contrived stage and into the real world.

[2] Optionally, in addition to the questionnaire, each Affiliate prepares a list of 10-15 obvious contradictions to the official story that that particular Toto addresses.

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