Brian’s Column: The Truman Prophecy (2015), Excerpt #8

From Part 2: Toto, Chapter 6: Sliming Baby

vaccines[Excerpt from The Truman Prophecy, due for publication 12/25/15.]

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities — Voltaire

_________________ 4Q 2015

Sterling Heights, Michigan. What was it, wondered Trish, that turned normal, bright individuals (of means and standing in the community) into that Three Stooges’ routine—“slowly I turn, step by step, inch by inch…” then pummeling the person who says “Niagara Falls”—when anyone dared question the safety or efficacy of vaccines? Or allopathic[1] treatments and drugs? Or psychiatric drugs? Or psychiatry?

No idle question…

Because it leads to the deeper question:

Patrecia Bartlett (Patty B, Trish) was a serious student of epistemology.[2] She was particularly fascinated by how people’s mental functioning had been twisted and turned by Edward Bernays’ modern technology of mind control in conjunction—over the past 60 years—with what Professor Neil Postman referred to as TV Nation.

Those were the two primary drivers, as she saw it.

They were documented brilliantly in the watershed video Rule from the Shadows (regarding Bernays’ work and its derivatives) and Mr. Postman’s 1985 book, Amusing Ourselves to Death (documenting what Marshall McLuhan referred to as people submerging themselves to ‘the Process’ (aka ‘Big Brother’).

“The new media are not ways of relating us to the old world; they are the real world and they reshape what remains of the old world at will… In television, images are projected at you. You are the screen. The images wrap around you. You are the vanishing point… The whole tendency of modern communication… is towards participation in a process, rather than apprehension of concepts.” [emphasis the author’s]

Trish knew Hiram Chance as the author of the imminent Truman Prophecy—hence, the Prophet—and thus the organizer of some major tools to fulfill that prophecy. Indeed, she had materialized into his very own semiofficial Muse… most helpful to his creative work in the early days of doubts and misgivings.

She also knew about the Threat Matrix and the Toto Worldwide organization, how he was laying out Toto along lines of neutralizing each of those Threats—using Chance’s own 9/11 Toto Affiliate/Chapter as a template for each of the Totos. Chance had laid out seven Toto ‘Curtains’ and originally imagined this Curtain to be focused on the high-crime assault of vaccines.

She placed a call to him:

“This is Chance,” he answered

“Chance, Trish. We need to talk about the ‘vaccine’ Curtain.”

“All right, let’s.”

“Chance, you know I’ve been with you from the beginning and helped with your early forming of the Prophecy and ideas for fulfillment. Well, this Healthy Bodies Toto Affiliate is a special breed o’ cat.”

“Why’s that, Trish?”

“Think about the catalyst(s) of your concept for the Prophecy and the book: chiefly, the Thrive video—which told you we’re on the track to success—and the Rule from the Shadows video that it clear what we Independents were up against.

“That Shadows video also relates to the work of Neil Postman showing the rise of TV as the dominant mind control tool. The McLuhan quote—I happened to pick it up from a Jon Rappoport column—gave me an epiphany.”

“Yes, you shared that with me,” said Chance.

“Namely that we are dealing with an entirely different form of mind—between the Independent life form and our antitheses: the ones who are ‘plugged in,” she continued. “Very much like the Red Pill vs. Blue Pill life forms in the movie, The Matrix.”

“We are the Red Pillers, our antithetical life form is signified by the Blue Pill takers…” offered Chance.

“… who are the passive acceptors and enablers of the collective intelligence running their lives (symbolized in the movie by the singular AI Machine as protected by its Agents). That is what you gathered from it, Chance, and incorporated in the fulfillment concepts and tools for your Prophecy.

“The full epiphany,” Trish went on, “lies in the nature of what we’re doing—with Toto and Dorothy organizations—epistemologically. By restoring or resurrecting or giving a global voice and life form to the Independents, to us, we are fighting for our minds, we are standing for and recreating our individual conceptual faculties.”

Chance: “Old school.” J

Trish: “It means as we declare and assert ourselves as Independents, we shred the strings and chains that have kept us from full humanity.”

Chance: “The same strings and chains—mental—that yet hold down the vast numbers of Blue Pillers.”

Trish: “But we know that millions of ostensible Blue Pillers can still be reached and restored as full Indepedents.”

Chance: “Right, that’s our target audience with Toto… and Dorothy, for that matter: My term was Respected Deniers (RDs). The Correspondents go forth and bring the RDs home, one at a time—occasionally turning (rescuing) a Super RD, or even a Second Little Boy.”

Trish: “Alex Jones is right, there is a ‘war going on for your mind,’ but it’s much deeper and, thus, even more promising (by virtue of the rise of the Independents) than he imagines.”

“I knew there was a cosmic reason we hooked up,” Chance smiled. “TV thus becomes the symbolic archetype of our adversary, like the Pods in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

Trish followed with, “Yes, and how do we destroy TV? We delegitimize it. Or let it self-delegitimize, which it will, under onslaught of the Correspondents and fulfillment of the Prophecy: the rise of the Independents…

“… who reclaim their forgotten life form by consciousness, decidedly conceptual and literary, though firmly standing by the natural self in the full flowering of imagination.”

“I guess it’s time to renew my library card,” said Chance. “But how does all this ultimate purpose relate to your thinking on the Healthy Bodies Affiliate/Chapter build?”

Trish replied, “Really, that the willingness to aggressively vaccine and drug people is the deepest and most multifaceted manifestation of mind control—which links also to the Healthy Minds Affiliate, where you address mainly the ravages of compulsory schooling.

“It’s all a big rat’s nest fueled by what our adversary—aka Hive Central, ~Matrix AI-and-Agent control—regards as one main attack: the subjugation and destruction of each human individual’s body, mind, and spirit… primarily via mind control methods.”

“So what you’re saying is the Big Picture is predominantly deception, tricking humanity into the Blue Pill of voluntary compliance. And we need to keep in mind this Big Picture on Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds Totos?” Chance asked.

“Pretty much,” replied Trish, “and leave room for some structural improvements to Toto Worldwide in these two priority Curtains, especially.”

Chance: “Got it.

Trish: “I’m emailing to you the five priority Threats at the moment for where I see mind control is foundational :

  • Vaccines—the medical mafia has done a superb job suppressing the truth behind Big Pharma’s modern depopulating cash cow. But a strong resistance movement is brewing, with several revisionist perspectives and books, videos now available. Probably the premier medical threat to us today.

“… vaccines are a top priority for the controllers: they cause a weakening of the immune system…. The medical cartel is not out to help people, it is out to harm them, to weaken them, to kill them.” — Jon Rappoport

  • Allopathic treatments and drugs—includes the destructive cancer approaches, all the powerful drugs that kill 100,000+ people per year when used as intended, also the suppression of cures: ref. esp. video The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius: The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife.
  • Psychiatric drugs—especially those delivered to children by psychiatrists under auspices of the government schools: cause delusions, paranoid psychosis, pathological thought processes, aggressiveness, convulsions, brain damage, etc… and homicide and suicide.
  • Psychiatry as a whole—ref. video from the Citizens’ Commission on Human Rights: Psychiatry: An Industry of Death. Exposes the brutal pseudoscience and multi-billion dollar fraud and legally murderous practice that is psychiatry.
  • Child-indoctrination centers—governments’ compulsory-schooling prisons for children, going by the euphemism ‘public education.’ An entire Toto Worldwide Affiliate (Curtain #7) is devoted to the subject, which is how the Hive steals souls—brainwashing youngsters into consensus.

Trish: “I notice your Threat Matrix does not include media or mind control as its own priority Threat: probably because they are routinely exposed as we bring the Global Truth Force—Satyagraha—to bear in each specific area.

“Thus my recommendation for launch and fulfillment in the Healthy Bodies Toto Affiliate/Chapter is to first focus on the vaccine assault, and develop materials and our Correspondents’ processes accordingly.

“I’ll help in the preparation of the group and will be the interim leader, but, Chance, a very high priority of mine is going to be to find someone (probably younger, and who is I hope a better organizer and leader) to take the leading role.”

The two of them got together in Royal Oak a few days later to iron out the founding details:

First, immediately go into search mode for the 1st Affiliate/Chapter organizer. The Truman Prophecy’s initial book promotion would be occurring through the month of December 2015. Trish and Chance felt that might provide a bountiful source of volunteers.

Leaders would become familiar with Prophecy, popularizing it, and then digging into the Toto Worldwide Prospectus as blueprint for building the Affiliate/Chapters. The leadership would also use the the implementation of the 9/11 Toto Affiliate/Chapter as a guideline or template for development.

Per the prospectus, a fully operational Toto Affiliate has the following elements:

  1. A short explanatory booklet of the Toto truth
  2. A personal letter of persuasion of the Toto truth
  3. A list of obvious official story contradictions
  4. A questionnaire of 10-12 Toto truth questions

As we roll out any Affiliate/Chapter, most will lack items #1 and #3. Item #1 is the more important, but Toto builders can use good substitutes such as a great video or another booklet or quality articles—for example, any number of videos and columns—esp. the column “Vaccines: Who is Right and Whose Right is It?” by Foster Gamble… which is condensed and transcribed below.

Item #3 shouldn’t be hard to construct from the information you already have access to. A large number of references to local resistance efforts and true public health movements are listed in Foster’s column.

Item #2 is an essential, so Trish was charged with that task, which will serve an excellent tool for first project for the new organizer-leader of the Healthy Bodies Toto. Chance to edit and offer his input, using the 9/11 Toto letter for a model.

The Briefing

The following is a transcription transcribe the major parts of the column, “Vaccines: Who is Right and Whose Right is It?” by Foster Gamble because it is an outstanding summary of the Threat and what we can do:

Book text is a selected transcription from the Thrive article. Link here.

Finally, a questionnaire (item #4) is essential and a starter kit one appears below from something Chance threw together a few months ago.

Vaccine Awareness Questionnaire

Polishing the questionnaire will be an iterative process. What we want is ironclad questions/facts that show: a) vaccines (as implemented today) are highly dangerous, b) vaccines do not create immunity from disease and c) specific individuals and organizations responsible for the high-crime assault of vaccines (esp. forced vaccines) must be investigated and indicted by a grand jury(s) for assault, fraud, and other acts of aggression.

Did you know that?

  1. No one has shown the body needs a vax to empower immune system for later invasion of germs?
  2. No one has shown that bulking up antibodies via vax provides successful immune system response?
  3. No need for vaccination preparation or ‘rehearsal’ to defeat real attacks has been established?
  4. No one has shown ‘herd immunity’ to exist, that wrt disease vaxxed affect unvaxxed or vice versa?
  5. No one has shown that diseases were prevented or cured by vaccination—not by other factors?
  6. No controlled, independent scientific study has demo’d safety or effectiveness of any vaccine?
  7. Poisons in themselves (mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, etc.) are not shown safe in vaccines?
  8. Risks stated on sheets in the vax boxes are often greater than risks of diseases vaxxed against?
  9. High officials at CDC concealed study results that show causal link between vax and autism?
  10. By federal edict, pharma companies cannot be held legally liable for damages caused by vaccines?

Chance and Trish agreed to be back in touch in the early 2016 timeframe on founding and building the Healthy Bodies Toto Affiliate/Chapter #1. As the Prophecy book got promoted and, in particular, as Chance worked his way through founding the 9/11 Toto, this critical vaccine ‘subchapter’ would be able to lunch off those resources and find supporters.

[1] Allopathic medicine is—drugs and surgery—interventionist medicine, what predominates in mainstream society and is protected by the American Medical Association (AMA). Naturopathic or homeopathic medicine is noninterventionist and aims to help the body use its own natural systems to sustain health.

[2] Branch of philosophy devoted to how we know things.

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