Brian’s Column: The Truman Prophecy (2015), Excerpt #10

From Part 1: Dorothy. Weaverville, Northern California, Segment

Justice[Excerpt from The Truman Prophecy, due for publication 12/25/15.]

The Trinity River was running higher than normal for the season, making it doubly difficult to locate smaller runoffs that might be productive… not to mention for setting up his equipment.

Clarkson Hodges, civil engineer, author of The Hidden 4th Branch (about the natural grand jury and its proposed American recovery)—and as a way to help make ends meet and occupy time he couldn’t be spending with his son (thanks to a less-than-pleasant-or-even-halfway-fair divorce deal)— had developed a gold extraction system that was beginning to pan out. 🙂  At least with sales of the extraction machinery itself.

Here he was on the cusp of a personal gold tremor, if not rush. Meaning he can now pay the cable bill and even make a dent on the back rent. Half of what he made from the county surveying job went straight to ‘her.’

Why all this hardscrabble in his life?

Frugal, not saintly, Kelly (40-something) enjoyed an occasional stop at the brew pub, dated irregularly, was known to play a pony or two, but kept to a budget—that included regular donation to his community church.

A large part of the struggle came from his cause, his Truth, if that’s what you wanted to call it: Fascinated by American history and the history of individual liberty in general—with an engineering mind that relished clean, exact solutions—he discovered the liberating power of the grand jury… and wrote the book… in his spare time.

As a primer for those who don’t know the purpose or origin of a grand jury: The institution goes back to the Magna Carta 800 years ago, and was a check on the power of the king by the nobles and, by extension, a check on the power of government by the people.

The grand jury was composed of peers who had the exclusive right to investigate and choose whether or not to indict (submit for trial to a petit jury) individuals for crimes OR government officials for corruption. It was a staple of the American colonies’ legal life and mentioned explicitly in the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution.

In these days of runaway corrupt government, the grand jury has fallen into disuse and instead become a tool for corrupt government to get away with its crimes. Hodges feels the institution needs to be dusted off and brought to bear, especially, on criminals in government.

What to do with it now?

“I know, I know!” he said to himself originally, “the Libertarian Party of CA, I’ll sell them the restored grand jury(s) as a means to generate more members.” The LP can become the ‘tough on (government) crime’ party… which is the only real crime that affects the masses 24/7 and in depth.

So several months ago he took his book with him and some questionnaire-worthy Constitutional grand jury tidbits—to the state convention. First of all, “Whoa!” What happened to the thriving organization he expected? The California LP had always been the largest and most active in the country. That day it looked like a funeral service for someone not very well known or liked. Maybe 75 in attendance.

Long and short. They argued his proposed resolution to death. It was a simple one: “Resolved that the California LP support grand juries to fight government corruption.” It went down in flames.

But Clark did find receptive parties in Florida and Georgia, also in Michigan, which is where he and Hiram Chance came to know each other. The resolution that Chance was able to get passed in Michigan read as follows:

We support grand juries investigating and indicting, ‘willful misconduct in office by public officers.’

Which was successful in both Spring 2013 and Spring 2014 LP of Michigan conventions. Later in 2014 (June 26-29) Chance took the same wording to the floor of the National LP Convention in Columbus, Ohio. But, like Jabba the Hutt, the new LP bureaucracy mercilessly sat on it in the closing minutes on Sunday, without so much as allowing a vote.

So much for the LP. It should be noted that Chance had finished his book, Leaving the Sandbox, a prescription for LP strategy, just before heading to the convention. In the remainder of 2014, Clark and Chance formed an organization similar to the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA)—and got it to the Facebook Group stage.

It was called GRIJA (Grand Independent Jury Association), and had implicit support from 2012 LP vice-presidential candidate Jim Gray, a former California Superior Court judge. Several conference calls were held for roughly half a dozen would-be founders under Hodges’ auspcies, but nothing ever gelled… mainly from lack of funds, lack of clear and consistent vision, and lack of energy.

‘The Book’ and ‘Clarkson’s Gold’ Changed Everything

Thanks to Chance’s book The Truman Prophecy, which rolled off the print-on-demand presses in early December 2015, interest in fully empowered grand juries was surging here in the first few months of 2016. Notable Libertarians and libertarians, having heard of The Hidden 4th Branch, were calling Clark and insisting on a rewrite… something more focused and edited.

The time was ripe.

Mainly because Prophecy pulled no punches: The Toto Affiliates and Chapters were taking off (for the Seven Priority High-Crime Threats); the followon logic was compelling. People wanted to go after these major corporate-government criminals immediately. Tar and feather them.

They were filing complaints with local, state, and federal courts to bring these suspects before their grand juries. And when the courts balked or tried to neuter the people’s solution (by continuing grand juries as rubber stamps of the court and prosecutocracy), activists were forming virtual grand juries all over the Web. By January an organization gelled: the Virtual Empowered Jury Association (VEJA)—meaning empowered grand juries and empowered petit or trial juries.

How did the virtual juries work?

To answer that question, this is their view of how a legitimate grand jury and petit jury system works:

By ‘legitimate’ jury, in America, they—Clarkson, Chance, and those who seek jury restoration—mean a randomly selected gathering of citizens[1] who have the task of monitoring, preventing, and remedying criminal violations of First Principles as spelled out in the Declaration of Independence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

A ‘First Principles’ grand jury is by custom composed of 25 citizens, one of whom is selected to be jury foreman. The purpose of such a body is to investigate allegations of violations of First Principle rights[2] of individuals—often codified in legal statutes—whether these violations occur by individuals or by government officials. If a majority finds that violations have likely occurred, those individuals or officials charged are ‘indicted’ (if they are individuals) or ‘presented’ (if they are public officials) to a petit jury for trial.

Two types of grand jury exist: standing and special.

A First Principles grand jury (FPGJ) in session, carrying on its business, outranks and commands the personnel of every government body—including judges, prosecutors, police, mayors, governors, presidents, legislators, military and civilian employees of any secrecy level. An FPGJ is not a government body, while in session it is the people, hence the top banana, the Big Cheese, that the First Principles enshrine.

It issues subpoenas and takes testimony of individuals… who are not allowed to lawyer up… or to refuse to answer.

The key questions of the existence of grand juries are a) how are they empaneled and b) how do they receive allegations/evidence of First Principle violation(s) to launch a case. The short essential answers are as follows:

  • How empaneled—If the grand jury is standing, then it is empaneled for the applicable court district by statutory procedure. If it is a special grand jury—usually because a case requires sustained full time investigation over several weeks or months and would overload a standing grand jury—a judge of the applicable court district calls a special grand jury in conjunction with launch of the case.

o        Note: The standing grand jury itself may rule on whether to empanel a special grand jury to handle overload or extraordinary cases.

  • How launched—A standing grand jury takes cases as assigned by the judge of the applicable court district .OR. upon direct complaint or petition by a citizen of a First Principle violation.

o        Note: It is a citizen’s duty to report all First Principle violations to either a judge (who SHALL REFER such violations—except for complaints deemed frivolous—to grand jury) or directly to the standing grand jury.[3]

Clarkson’s engineering mind had noodled out the processes based on his understanding of existing law and historical precedent. One thing was certain:

The grand jury IS the people; the people are responsible for running it to root out government crime and corruption. Government officials SHALL bow to the grand jury.

By fate or circumstance, it so happened that Chance and Clarkson hooked up in Spring 2013 to spread the good news about this old tool against oppression that merely needed to be dusted off and used again widely. The basics, Grand Jury 101 (The Hidden 4th Branch) were quite straightforward. Also, the government was going to go—and had already gone—to great lengths to suppress the rediscovered tool.

Note: Everything that Clarkson discovered regarding the proper working of grand juries supported liberation of trial juries from rubber-stamp dominance of judges and prosecutors. Especially, that such juries were the master not the servant of the court while in session… and that petit jurors may choose to acquit a defendant—to judge fact and law—on the basis of their own conscience. Ref. Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA).

Now thanks to Chance’s book and his ‘Toto’ project the truth people were knocking on the door, clamoring for attention of the existing system for justice using the ancestral model. The system was desperately trying to ignore this reassertion of power. But the truth people weren’t going to be turned away. Hence virtual grand juries all around.[4]

This is where things stood in January 2016.

By late February, in his native California, Clarkson, with the assistance of Dane Wigington et al, was responsible, via a California VEJA grand jury, for a successful indictment (presentment) of government-corporate officials for geoengineering assault [a form of manslaughter legally equivalent to a war crime] on the state’s air, land, and water.

Roughly 200 persons were indicted, including top executives of Monsanto, the supervising General and lead operators of the HAARP atmospheric energy weapons facility, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Chiefs of Staff of the Air Force and Navy, officers and crews of toxic-aerosol spraying aircraft, as well as prominent academicians and foundation officials who enabled planning and execution of the attacks… and California state officials who covered up the damage.

The VEJA group vigorously publicized the virtual indictments. Throughout the California court system, group members issued the detailed complaints to multiple real standing grand juries—and to sympathetic judges. The complaints and news releases demanded empanelment of a special adequately compensated statewide grand jury—to put the criminals away who were causing the devastating drought and mass poisonings.

In the same late-February timeframe, back in Michigan, Chance and the leader of the Healthy Bodies Toto Affiliate/Chapter, Jake Foster, took the cue from Clarkson in California. They led a Michigan VEJA grand jury effort to investigate and indict dozens of persons associated with the Michigan electric power monopoly for gross violation of citizens’ First Principles via Fry & Spy Meters.

The complaints in Michigan were written and the virtual grand jury had been empaneled by VEJA. They were about to go to grand jury. Positive publicity was coming forth… though not of course from the bought-fraud mainstream media.

At the same time, members of the Fry & Spy Meter grand jury promotion team were vigorously seeking good judges and county grand juries with whom to file their petitions of allegation.[5] The virtual grand juries would be providing to the statutory grand juries lessons for construction and operation… according to what the people deem “shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

The month of February began to get hectic, but in March all hell broke loose. And that’s when Clarkson’s invention began to prove its mettle… there in the runoffs of the ol’ Trinity. Conditions finally merged in one serendipitous session after another of sifting, sluicing, and processing: his device worked!

By golly, daily extractable yields of gold particle approached nearly a quarter ounce per day—which, because he could readily demonstrate such yields for many geological settings, meant mainly he had created a potentially strong market for the device. Along with some key patents.

How did his device work? Basically, the majority of placer gold was tiny flecks. The major problem with placer mining was how to automate and make feasible the picking and collecting of the equivalent of gnat fecal material. 🙂 Thus, his PepperGnat 1000 did the job.

Long and short, an investor was willing to buy him out for $300,000… with 2/3 of that under the table, unnoticed by the ex and the tax authorities. Took some work, but by end of March the deal was done and he had a new lease on life. He would commit $30K to supercharging the empowered grand jury movement with Website and Facebook coordination, revising the book, building funding methods, and so on.

He called Chance on the phone.

Spring 2016. They both were certain that their communications—were carefully being tapped by every Tom, Dick, and Mary national security apparatchik. Chance had mentioned some ‘Kindly Visitor’ tech to negate the surveillance, but it was a few weeks from full distribution.

Of course, since nothing they would be discussing was illegal, in the sense of unconstitutional or against First Principles, they still felt relatively safe from SWAT or special forces team invasion and incarceration. Still, they figured to tone down any flamboyant radical libertarian language.

“Hey, Clark, ‘sup?” Chance responded.

“Not much, Chance. Just wanted to let you know my ship came in and I can move forward on the book revamp and group spearheading. We need to set the templates in motion, distribute the workload, so we can step back and not have to mix it up on the front lines so much.”

“That will be stellar,” Chance agreed. “For the time being, I see the 9/11 grand jury as top priority. At least for my efforts. Let me pursue it with the Prophecy book, my After 9/11 Truth book in conjunction with my several contacts in the general 9/11 Truth movement. Particularly, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911).”

“From where I sit, Chance, it seems a reasonable goal to convene a fully functional virtual federal 9/11 grand jury by the end of the next quarter.”

“Yes, that’s the way I see it, too,” Chance replied. “I intend to leverage the AE911 continuously stated objective: ‘an independent investigation with subpoena powers.’ Inside the next few months Gage and company are going to explicitly reach the obvious conclusion that their stated objective is a fully empowered grand jury!”

“Good move.”

“Also,” Chance continued, “by end of the 2Q I want to see virtual state and federal grand juries forming for every one of the Magnificent Seven Toto Affiliates. There’s going to be a lot of synergy building as we roll into 3Q.

“And in the third quarter I think we’ll cross the threshold into an avalanche of actual, active and empowered grand juries…”

“… to handle the enormous backlog of government crimes at all levels over the past four decades.” finished Clarkson. 🙂

[1] Using citizen in the simplest sense of ‘legitimately qualified to vote.’

[2] Using ‘right’ per Rand: “moral claim of freedom of action in a social context.”

[3] As FPGJs get rolling, the courts and people will have standard forms for filing legitimate complaints for grand jury attention; also standard procedures for a body of the people—which may be a subbody of the standing grand jury—to filter out frivolous allegations and petitions.

[4] An innovation accruing to the VEJA virtual grand jury effort was statutory provision of reasonable compensation for every grand juror serving—basically an amount equal to the prorated earnings of the governor of the state [tax free] where the grand jury is empaneled.

[5] The exact legal terminology for submittals of evidence and allegations of offenses would be changing as the FPGJ reality emerged nationwide. Petitions, complaints, charges (of violation of First Principles) all mean the same thing.

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