Brian’s Column: Truman Prophecy Preview

A preview of the novel by Brian Wright, The Truman Prophecy
Still looking good for publication by 12/15/15

Carrey2PDF version of preview here:

I’ve been publishing excerpts of key sections on my Coffee Coaster site ( leading up to actual publication. Keep in mind these are drafts without final polish and edit. Here are the links in approximate sequence as they will appear in the book. — bw

Then here is an early draft of the first brief setup for the whole book, the first chapter, “Declaration Eve:”

Above are mainly Toto (Truth) excerpts. I’m actually working on the “Justice” (Dorothy) part now—the main part of the narrative and story, really, as the Prophecy unfolds.

The Prophecy is essentially that sufficient humankind, individually, will quickly embrace and assert its ‘Independent’ nature, walking out from and hence breaking the ‘Alien’ Collective that seems at the moment to have us in its grip to deliver a death blow.

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