Guest Column: Michigan Legislature’s Latest Attack

Lansing’s War on the Constitution Intensifies
By Shane Trejo


We are under attack. We are at war, and it is hard to keep up with the many ways that the vipers in Lansing are screwing us. It’s coming from every angle.

SB306 is one of the latest cons that they are trying to pull on us. This legislation creates a non- governmental lobbying organization to lobby for an Article V Convention, paid for by Michigan tax dollars.

To make matters worse, SB306 would ensure that all of your tax dollars will go to lobbyists in other states. Michigan has already passed the call to convention, meaning there is no need to lobby in our state.

So we will be outsourcing more money that could go to fix our dreadful roads to support a dubious scheme of questionable merit. You can look at the reasons why an Article V Convention or a Constitutional Convention should be avoided HERE.

This legislation already passed the senate, and inside sources tell us that a vote will be taken on SB306 either this week or next. That means WE MUST ACT NOW to stop this latest disgrace from moving forward before more of our money is squandered and our Constitutional liberty is put in further jeopardy.

Please call the members of the House Financial Liability Reform Committee, and urge them to vote NO on SB306:

Pat Somerville (R) 866-725-2929
Eric Leutheuser (R) 517-373-1794
Jeff Farrington (R) 517-373-7768
Andrea LaFontaine (R) 866-347-8032
Lisa Posthumus Lyons (R) 855-596-6786
Earl Poleski (R) 888-643-4786
Robert Wittenberg (D) (855) 737-9488
Wendell Byrd (D) 517-373-0144
John Chirkun (D) (517) 373-0854
Malika Abdul-Basir, Committee Clerk  517-373-7256

Make sure to let these legislators know that you will alert your community about their dereliction of duty if they pass this dangerous legislation. And follow up on that threat if necessary! Please share this email to friends, family and post about SB306 on social media as well. We can stop this vicious attack on our freedom, but only if we make some calls and spread the word!

Shane Trejo
State Director
Michigan Tenth Amendment Center

Here’s a good elaboration of the essence of SB 306 and why it constitutes a serious threat to Michigan liberty:

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1 thought on “Guest Column: Michigan Legislature’s Latest Attack

  1. I am so disappointed that the Tenth Amendment Center does not support the Constitutionally granted power of an Article V convention which gives power to the States and People to oppose an oppressive Federal gov’t. SB 306 is bill advocating a Congressional Balanced Budget amendment. I am hoping your readers read the bill that you paint as a terrible act. A bill co-sponsored by Senator Colbeck and other conservatives. Senator Rand Paul also supports using Article V to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment, which is SB 306.

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