Brian’s Column: The Elation of a First-Time ‘Educated’ Filer

It’s the principle of it, but the retained earnings bring a broad smile

Cracking the Code, CtC“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” — Mark Twain

Oh no! Not another Brian column on the ‘convenient truth’ of the Hendrickson Discovery… and a call to Stand for Doreen. Yes, but this time it’s more. Up close and personal. Despite my long advocacy of Pete Hendrickson’s Cracking the Code understanding and so-called educated filing of federal income tax returns and claims, I’ve never actually done so. I’ve had decent reasons, my recent years of earnings have had no withholding applied to them from clients who, nonetheless, had filed information reports on me, and basically I lacked a felt need to file 1040s to correct or rebut the improperly reported ‘income.’

We’re not talking about large sums of money here. [Nonetheless, thanks to my recent part-time employee status that did withhold small amounts based on improperly alleged income, I shall be filing to correct and rebut those earlier erroneous claims.] This year, however, I have had amounts erroneously withheld, so I did file to correct and assert that those withholdings be refunded to me. I completed the work on the 15th, not realizing we had until today officially to postmark the filings. AND… I… FEEL… GREAT!

Truly, this has been one of  the most liberating experiences in my life. Why? Because it involves no anger, simply standing up as a man for the law as it actually reads, not as the deception the government and its vast network of apparatchiks want me to believe. I am doing everything out in the open and in the light of day, no tricks, no need for them. Just applying the law, which is damned simple once you tap into the core facts.

Years ago, when I tried to live more conventional, I knew that something was seriously wrong with the income tax and the insidious control and domination that complying with it entailed. I wracked my brain to figure out how to minimize the outrageous extractions. Years after that I went as much as possible off the books. All I succeeded in doing was become pathologically angry and develop a serious drinking problem.

Pete Hendrickson, himself, experienced similar if less self-defeating symptoms… that is, until he kept trying to understand the code as facilitated by computer technology in the late 1990s. His book, Cracking the Code: The fascinating truth about taxation in America is a work of sustained genius—that stands to liberate all Americans who have direct, federally unprivileged earnings from the tyranny of April 15.[1]

Here’s how. From a flyer for Cracking the Code and the Hendrickson Discovery:

Did you know that…

  1. The income tax is an excise tax, not a direct tax? It applies only to revenue in which the federal government has a direct ownership interest?
  2. What is called ‘income’ by the Internal Revenue Code is not ‘money’ or ‘receipts’ or ‘earnings.’ It is defined as receipts resulting from the exercise of a federal privilege? Are you doing business with or are you paid by the federal government?
  3. The income tax was instituted in 1862? The 16th Amendment (1913) did not expand the scope or definition of taxable ‘income?’ Until the 1940s only about 4% of Americans (those who worked for or were involved with the federal government) paid annual income tax?
  4. During WWII, the government called for Americans to pay income tax to support the war effort? Patriotically, many citizens complied?
  5. The Internal Revenue Code grew to more than three-million words? A wage-withholding program was instituted and thousands of professionals now help Americans prepare their tax returns?
  6. Each year millions of W-2 and 1099 reports are issued for ‘wages’ or ‘non-employee compensation’ by payers who do not understand that these forms are intended for federally connected payments? W-2 and 1099 forms serve as legal testimony and, w/o rebuttal, make the named individuals liable for an ‘income’ tax?
  7. The ‘Form 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return’ is intended as a way for individuals to correct ‘testimony’ made about them by others? Americans have until April 15th of each year to correct their record? Not filing a tax return waives your right to properly report your income?
  8. While Congress cannot take your money directly, it has created a tax code that is convoluted enough to deceive most people? ‘Income,’ ‘wages,’ ‘employee,’ ‘employer,’ and ‘trade or business’ are all specifically defined in the Code [and all these terms pertain exclusively to ‘receipts resulting from the exercise of federal privilege’], yet most of us interpret these words in a common or everyday way?
  9. Once a return (1040 Form) is filed, it is legally valid and answers the question of whether or not you were engaged in taxable activities for that year? It is the means—provided by law—for YOU to set the record straight?
  10. The US system is based on individual self-assessment and voluntary compliance? The government will accept your money unless you inform it every year that you are entitled to nonpayment or to a refund of what you have paid?

Truman_Front_NewNote: I have listed the above in my book of Independents, The Truman Prophecy (2016).

So, that’s the picture. It’s 100% legit, 10s of thousands of individuals just like you have recovered in aggregate more than $3 billion (verify for yourself here). And today as I have filed ‘educated,’ and await my modest refunds—all withheld funds that are based on income, when no income is present (i.e. federal tax, Social Security, Medicare, and state income taxes) come home to Papa. I expect no hassles, it’s all routine, and I’ll post my refunds on my site for the world to see.

The question is: Why are you not doing the same? Do you really believe the federal government knows best how to use, what is it, 35% of your earnings, now? Has it been behaving responsibly with the $3 trillion it scrapes away every year from Americans through deception and subterfuge? As I’m actually writing this column, approximately one hour remains until the April 18 midnight deadline… so probably if you haven’t made the arrangements to learn and apply the truth about the ‘income’ tax by now, it’s too late to recover your property wrongfully taken for 2015. But it’s not too late to learn the truth for next year, and the next one, and the next years after that.

Buy the book, discover the truth, assert all your direct earnings as yours and yours alone. Do it for yourself, your family, your country, your planet, and your species. It’s remarkably easy to ‘person up.’ 🙂 And you’ll like what you see in the mirror tomorrow morning.

[1] FYI: April 15, 2016 is 241 years after the British were ordered to march on Lexington and Concord, Mass., thus leading to (on April 19th) the first colonial armed resistance that produced British casualties: the ‘shot heard ’round the world’ and the beginning of American Independence.


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