Brian’s Column: Open Letter to the US Political System 2016

Embrace the Snowden-Manning 2016 10-Point Political Program…

SM16_Buildasign_Proof… as if our lives depended on it… because they do. The SM16 political program consists of 10 steps for fulfilling the Truman Prophecy and bringing truth, justice, and liberty to the country we love.

Special Note to Libertarians at the Orlando 2016 National Convention

Whoever you select for the presidential ticket this year, the party MUST proceed with a radical (government-)crime fighting agenda—if there is to be any hope of our liberty and, actually, our physical survival. The rogue global-junta forces running the United States government are embarked on a program of full-spectrum dominance in a succession of high-crime assaults on the people.

Only the Snowden-Manning 10-Point Political Program will end these high-crime assaults. If you are a delegate to the LP national convention, please insist that every candidate read and commit to implement the SM16 program immediately. And for heaven sakes’ now is the time to spread the word everywhere with an attractive Snowden-Manning 2016 bumper sticker to adorn your wheels… or living room picture window. 🙂

SM16_Buildasign_ProofTo take the meme viral, simply go to the Snowden-Manning site, buy and post a bumper sticker or other signage, then bear witness further. The simplest and most powerful method is to enter a statement in replying to any of a number of comments in the social media… in the following form:

“It’s not the <candidates, budget, Party, etc.>, it’s the political program:”

Here are the 10 points of the program (I’ll expand each in a later update):

  1. Expose federal crimes: Proceed to clean house by full exposure and disclosure of government-official felony crimes. Special Snowden-Manning note: Revealing government-official felony crimes shall not be a felony crime.
  1. Indict federal criminals: Fully empowered grand juries shall be restored, empaneled by judges, upon citizen-complaint, to investigate and indict criminal activity by government officials and associates.
  1. Restore the innocent: No one who has not aggressed upon another person shall be prosecuted, convicted, or imprisoned by government. Release those who have been so harmed, expunge their records, provide restitution.
  1. Hard stop Big Brother: Immediately deactivate and defund the DHS, NSA, CIA, TSA; repeal the Patriot Act and indefinite detention of the NDAA, indict all officials (for high treason) who enacted such unconstitutional acts.
  1. Shut down the Empire: Reduce military spending 50%/yr. for 10 yrs.; destroy weapons of mass destruction, starting with the US’s; demilitarize/defederalize US law enforcement; strictly adhere to posse comitatus.
  1. Enforce the Constitution: Prosecute (those committing) unconstitutional executive orders, due process violations, war crimes, illegal surveillance, drone strikes on civilians, mass imprisonment, mass murder, etc.
  1. End high-crime assaults: Urgently bring before empowered grand juries all suspects of high-crime assaults: geoengineered toxic aerosol skies, GMOs, forced medicine, ‘smart’ meters, 9/11, false-flags, staged massacres, etc.
  1. Defund tyranny: Per uncontested federal law, nonprivileged direct earnings are not income. Stop paying tax on them, NOW! Read Cracking the Code and quit handing to Leviathan the hammer forging your chains.
  1. Revive honest living: End monopoly central banks and assess owners for reparations; release wealth-generating bonanza of productive humanity from cartel chokehold; withdraw state privilege from corporations worldwide.
  1. Apply First Principles: Per the Declaration of Independence, rights are accorded by Nature and valid governments require voluntary consent. We the people may nonaggressively opt out of rogue states, individually or en masse.

Sign the petition of Snowden-Manning support here.
Read the culture-bearing novel The Truman Prophecy here.

Note: The above information will be rendered into three-fold brochures, business cards, and at least one brief video… shortly. If you go to the Snowden-Manning site and you wish to help with a donation, proceed to the bottom of the page for the PayPal button. In the near term all funds received on this account will be going to the SM16 program.

Brian R. Wright
Post a sticker, save the world.
When exposing a crime is committing a crime,
the country is run by criminals.

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