Brian’s Column: Check One’s Premises…

…as Ayn Rand used to advise, and she didn’t mean policing a campground

Let me begin this column by citing an email-conversation I had with a dear well-educated and highly intelligent friend regarding the recent brouhaha that was begun by the 11/24 Washington Post column purportedly written by a Craig Timberg that claimed—based on reports from undisclosed CIA authorities—that Russian Intelligence was behind many of the ‘fake’ [meaning alternative or non-government] Web and other media sources who exposed Hillary Clinton’s corruption and crimes, thus leading to the wholly unexpected win of Donald Trump as president.

My reaction to hearing of the story second hand—I no longer read or attend to any mainstream media [aka Government Propaganda Network (GPN)] ‘news’—was Wow, how pathetic. These CIA-run purveyors of All Fake News All the Time have a lot of nerve to call the real news fake… of all things. It’s like the Titanic: the ship of state has hit the iceberg and management blames it on those who saw it coming and tried to give warning.

What astounds me is how the REAL FAKE news outlets like the Post and the New York Times and CNN and their right-wing counterparts get away with heaping such pure BS on Americans every day. And why educated, intelligent people like my friend believe the BS… when a moment’s fact checking or asking of simple questions would unravel the lies like a cheap piñata. That’s a rhetorical question. I know the answer. But soon it will not matter. Because this ‘The Russians Are Coming’ story is the coup de grace, the dagger thru the heart, the nail in the coffin of the GPN mainstream media for all time.

Ding dong, the witch is dead.

Which means my friend and her many peers who cling to ‘official stories’—from the (Syrian) ‘Aleppo Kid‘ to the ‘19 radical Muslim Arabs who couldn’t fly a paper airplane did 9/11‘—are going to have to snap out of their zombie-trance epistemology. How are they going to do that, and how can we help?  By questioning the foundations or the premises of the fraudulent official stories, and gently pulling back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz, exposing the truth for all our friends to see.

The ‘Stuff Just Happens’ Premise

One-time Ayn Rand protege, then brilliant psychologist in his own right, Nathaniel Branden related an enlightening story: He was on an airplane and drawn into an argument with a fellow passenger regarding education policy. The passenger wanted more of a federal role to discourage racism and sexism in the state schools. Branden could have reacted to that in a number of ways, say supporting programs instead that yield a better understanding of the country’s Constitution, or even arguing for less or no federal involvement.

But Branden recognized that the unchallenged premise his conversant embraced was that government at any level should participate in education. Once Nathan brought up to the  man that he did not share that premise, the conversation took an entirely new tack… one that actually produced, after the shock reflex died down, a dawn of understanding.

Well, still, the key metapolitical, and often unquestioned or unacknowledged, premise of most modern liberty partisans, ironically, comes from Ayn Rand, as well. Namely, that the Western world is essentially a set of free-market-oriented pluralistic democracies with institutions reflecting the unfettered choices of men, and these institutions will change their composition and policies based on logical, humanitarian ideas that are presented persuasively (by ordinary people like you and me) to thinking, caring individuals of key strata of society.

More succinctly, the Randian ‘Stuff Happens’ premise of US-West politics is that there is no central dominating cabal—no New World Order oligarchy—aiming to control our every thought and action, much less actually doing so with great success. The Randian view says, “‘The Men of the Power Sickness’ (MOPS) have no chance in our free country, the media is independent, and our institutions are largely bereft of serious corruption. Conspiracies of power are stopped by good people like Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman in the movies… with judicious help of the Israel Lobby.”

The Old World Order Premise

My metapolitical premise diverged from the Randian ‘Stuff Happens’ over the past several years—I call it the Old World Order (OWO) premise. Briefly, OWO holds that a global financial/military/political cabal has been a major determinant of human action for the past few hundred years by virtue of a conspiracy of power (using mind control and legal and economic aggression) to obtain worldwide full-spectrum domination by the Cabal over the general population(s).[1]

As a corollary, my judgment is that the Cabal runs all the major institutions of society, top-down—just like the Mob or the Church of Rome ran their empires. [Unless one is very careful in constructing one’s society on First Principles, such as the Founding Fathers were, the MOPS will take over like any mob has done throughout history.] The Cabal has set up these institutions, particularly media and schools, to program and manipulate the minds of the masses… aiming, especially, at the more capable and conscientious minds of special individuals, such as my friend above. [I have even come up for a name of this phenomenon: The Blue Pillar Syndrome (ref. the movie, The Matrix).]

Fortunately, I have stumbled upon what I feel are a series of strong supporting works for my premises. I summarize them in the mnemonic: Thrive Rule Invisible Experts:

Thrive (New Paradigm nonaggression social philosophy),
Rule from the Shadows (technology of modern mind control),
Invisible Empire (New World Order expose),
Experts Speak Out (Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth magmum opus).

Of these the Thrive video, which has received nearly 70 million views in 30 languages, is the top priority.

My feeling is that if one watches these videos—all quite entertaining with extremely high production values, also inspiring and fact-verified—one will at least understand my OWO premise and the reasons for it. Thrive is ~2 hours, Rule ~1/2 hr., Invisible ~2.5 hr., and Experts ~1.5, as I recall. These are solid, respectable works, presented by knowledgeable experts and well informed people who care. These reveal my core premises, which show up in The Truman Prophecy.

If the majority of caring, conscientious people will simply watch and attend to the above videos with an independent, open mind, our political problems are over.

Here’s how you can get friends to consider and adopt the OWO premise, then work with you to end the MOPS imminently… and forever. First, let’s say you draw or are drawn into conversation one of your friends about something political—he or she will typically be unaware of the MOPS agenda and operation. “Stuff Just Happens,” they’ll say. Or they get excited and you start reacting and the discussion degenerates into cross purposes. Here’s what you say:

“Joe or Jane, what’s happening here is we have a fundamental disagreement, in fact we are probably forming our positions from wholly conflicting premises. In order for you to see the validity of my position, you will need to be good with the premises my arguments flow from… which I cannot describe in a few minutes. So please, let’s discuss <whatever you were discussing> again soon, but first please view at least the first two videos of Thrive-Rule-Invisible-Experts. Otherwise, we’ll be talking at cross purposes in the dark.” Or words to that effect.


“You mean a lot to me, <name>. I know we can reach a deeper appreciation of each other’s views on <these issues> if we honestly try to understand our core premises and talk about them openly.” Or words to that effect.

This approach saves a lot of energy and friendships. Trust me. Plus, truth has a chance.

[1] American Independence interrupted the cabal’s program and stalled it, but the conspiracy became more and more formidable and its effects pervasive, until today it stands poised to completely obliterate the individual into an Orwellian planet-wide super state.



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