Brian’s Column: Where Can I Do the Most Good (Part 2 of 2)

Some ruminations on how panarchy can be made to work in the real world

democratic_logoIn part 1 of this column I began from a local Republican convention where a couple of the customs—the invocation and gratuitous friendliness nod toward Israel—got me to thinking that there surely must be a better way for human beings to deal with their political needs (than to spend copious time working to elect public officials by majority vote, who then, together, exercise a comp- ulsory monopoly over providing an ever expanding range of services, whether you want these services or not). Unlike the normal marketplace, an individual cannot simply choose something else or opt out entirely. Again, the analogy to ordering breakfast is apt:

First of all, let’s assume that what I truly want for breakfast is on the menu. Go down to my local Kerby’s or Leo’s coney islands or regular coffee shop: virtually anything I want will be on the menu somewhere… and if it isn’t the owner will work with me, say, if I want salmon with my eggs. It may just cost a little more. Okay, then let’s contrast that with a system where if I want something, a majority of the patrons have to want that same thing before I can have it. Aliens in a space ship looking down at this kind of breakfast system would say to one another, “Boy, these humans are majorly retarded.”

Thus democratic politics in a coercive, compulsory government system means that in the neighborhood of zero persons get the government services they would freely choose, nor do they obtain the public officials (elected by ‘everyone’) they would prefer to provide these services. It’s all a bizarre, horrendously complicated and time-consuming process that no one in his right mind would spend a minute on, were it not for the fact that the actions of these officials can seriously eff up beyond recognition the lives of you and your loved ones.

So, say you have a thing for liberty, you spend hours and hours with friends of yours who see the same threats from antiliberty officials and you work to defeat the most relentless freedom-violators and destructive psychopaths of these officials—say, like Hillary Clinton. But also you have to look at the Big Picture. The body of government officials has become GINORMOUS! And what characterizes 95-99% of these individuals is that they REALLY LIKE feeling important by pushing people around for a ‘good purpose.’

It’s just the nature of the beast. Right or left, Democrat or Republican… and, yes, even a lot of Libertarians if they ever got elected to higher offices. It’s just a very hostile environment for any caring human being with honesty and common sense. Further, even having a good constitution provides no protection against rampant government aggression. [Tho, IMHO, if one would accompany that good constitution with fully empowered independent, people’s grand juries and petit juries, the resulting government would be a) extremely small, b) corruption-free, and c) fully tolerable to the great majority of people.]

We are now in a government system that is terminally corrupt and destructive of human life. On the positive side, people are waking up by the millions and recognizing we need to move on to a sane political system where individuals are free from these parasitical types who thrive on state power. Here’s how I see it happening. Let me refresh your memory of the first part of this column with the following graphic:

Simplified_Diag_w_TotoIn Part 1 of this column I introduced how the public service association (PSA) system would work. Today, let me lay out the idea in a concrete example:

  1. We’ll start with my local government in Novi, Michigan. And, by association, the state of Michigan. [Note: there’s nothing to prohibit a person, in a ‘Freedom-of- Choice-in-Government’ system from going it alone; i.e. you abjure use of PSA- bundled services and deal independently—under the universal nonaggression protocol (UNP)—with suppliers of the legitimate public services you require.]
  2. But it helps to have strength in numbers. So initially a group of likeminded persons and I will meet to form the First Liberty PSA of Novi. [It may prove wise to form a national or international Liberty PSA organization, complete with Web presence and business plan.] As I see it the Liberty PSA of Novi will provide:
    1. basic protection (police) services, using community volunteers/ peace-keeping militia as needed—with initial coordination of use of jail space and court time with the existing city [no arrests for behavior unrelated to initiation of force or violation of peaceful enjoyment of another’s property].
    2. judicial services, incl. arbitration where both parties agree to be bound by the private court’s decision and criminal cases with cooperation of Novi city government and state of Michigan
    3. private fire protection service augmented w/ member-volunteer force
    4. infrastructure subcontracting and bundling—roads, water and sewer, energy access




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