Guest Column: Thumping the Tarbaby

Corrupt officialdom is discovering what NOT to do when you find yourself in a hole
By Pete Hendrickson [Full column original here]

… but whether it matters is up to you.

Editor’s Note: Nothing is more important or fundamental than spreading the word about the federal Ignorance Tax and keeping/recovering one’s property from the jaws of Leviathan running amok. The country and world are reaching a point of terminal corruption, from which there is no return. Join the 2018 Grand Truth Convergence today: “‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.” — The Outlaw Josey Wales

I IMAGINE EVERYONE IS FAMILIAR with the old folk-tale about the tar baby— that sticky thing made by sly Br’er Fox to capture the obnoxious Br’er Rabbit. The tar baby was a trap– it lured its arrogant victim into attacking it, and every time it was struck it entangled the target more and more inescapably.

Last month attorneys in the DOJ “Tax Division” probably woke up to the fact that they have been swinging at a tar baby, and sucking co-opted members of the federal judiciary into its sticky embrace, as well. The reason I suspect this epiphany is due to the complete failure of the entangled attorneys to even attempt to disprove that what has been done to Doreen Hendrickson has involved the commission of crimes, although squarely faced with a challenge and obligation to do so if they could. Continue reading

Guest Column: How to Rejoice at Tax Season

Join the multitudes[1] recovering their property due to the Hendrickson Discovery
… and share it forward, esp. to key libertarian and alt-media op leaders
Source material: Pete Hendrickson []

Editor’s note: The following guest column is a composite of three columns by Mr. Hendrickson on his site, which I cannot give you an unambiguous forever page reference to—but these columns are currently occupying the front page of the newsletter on the losthorizons home page. In any case, this is VERY IMPORTANT INFOR-MATION he’s conveying, and everyone in the CtC Patriot community must[2] spread the word. [Emphasis on Tweeting and/or emailing to the list of ‘key libertarian and alt-media’ journalists that Pete provides at the bottom.]


The U.S. Income Tax: An Excise On The Profitable Exploitation Of Federal Privilege
The U.S. Ignorance Tax: The Profitable Exploitation of Confusion About The Income Tax

So, The First 2016 Victories Are In!

AS IN EACH of the last 13 years at around this time, I’m very pleased to post the first of the new year’s government admissions of the correctness of CtC. On each of these occasions I recall with ever-greater amusement the smug expressions of skeptics over the years to the effect that, “These ‘victories’ you tout are just mistakes that slipped through the cracks. This won’t go on long…”


I trust I don’t need to comment at any length on how continued denial– or even just distancing oneself from the truth– is a shameful intellectual dishonesty. Perhaps I DO need to observe one point on this subject though: It is only the “alt-media’s” intellectually-dishonest refusal to acknowledge and help spread the liberating truth about the tax uniquely revealed in CtC that has kept that truth from sweeping across America. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: The Grave Injustice to Doreen Hendrickson

Drawn from the Prophet’s comments in the The Truman Prophecy

WitchcraftInterlode: The Motor City Witchcraft Trial

Notes on trial to a World Net Daily reporter, by Hiram Chance.

The great libertarian scholar, Albert Jay Nock, wrote, “Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class.” And that statement wholly represents my impression of the proceedings against Doreen… not to mention previous outrages of justice committed on her husband, Pete.

I knew from day 1—from the blatant, self-righteous hostility of the judge, from instructions to the jury, from the open collaboration of the judge with the prosecution, and, later, from obvious judicial tampering with the jury—that the fix was in. This was not a court of law, but a tribunal of Soviet-style justice: guilty regardless of anything. Continue reading