Brian’s Column: Twittering for the Cause-Oriented

Irony of a small-quick message vehicle delivering lifegiving deep-slow ‘messages’

Yes, at the common perceptual level, Twitter is a stimulus-response machine equipped for ‘he-said, she-said’ and Prominent-One notes to adoring faithful [for example, Justin Timberlake has more than 58 million followers… not that he shouldn’t] rather than promulgating salutary ideas that can move the species forward toward full independent consciousness in benevolent, voluntary community. By the way, for reference, here’s a screenprint of my own Twitter home page today, February 28, 2017:

Most of my readers are into causes, as am I. Especially grassroots causes that will distribute liberty and prosperity to real individual, peaceful human beings worldwide. But because of what call the Barrier Cloud, my cause-oriented fellows have been largely thwarted by the powers that be. By that I mean we normal, decent human beings around the world who have no interest whatsoever in harming one another—only in living in peace according to the nonaggression principle—have been systematically deceived and forced into wars and slavery by the Men of the Power Sickness. This condition is about to end.

Using Twitter to Break Through the Barrier Cloud

In this column I’m going to lay out the basics as I understand them, and simply amend my post as my understanding continues to improve. First, while Twitter is good for keeping in touch socially, it may prove IDEAL for promoting well thought-out, passionate, restorative causes. Here’s how:

Let’s consider a handful of the causes I’m supporting now:

  1. Spreading the good word about the Hendrickson Discovery—from Pete Hendrickson’s book, Cracking the Code (CtC)—and freeing most Americans from the unnecessary burden of federal income taxes that they have erroneously been paying, thus recovering their directly earned property.
  2. We need a breakthru on the truth front, specifically on the 9/11 Truth movement where despite half of Americans disbelieving the government’s official story, the reality of what happened and bringing the true perpetrators to justice continues to be blocked by official channels.
  3. Promoting my book, The Truman Prophecy, and its philosophy, “Trumanism,” which stand to expose the truth—especially about the Toxocracy’s ‘high-crime assaults’ and bring justice to our country thru people’s grand jury indictment of the criminally corrupt in government.
  4. Representing other salutary ideas from my Web columns and book reviews, mainly, to larger numbers of individuals who haven’t heard of these ideas thanks to Barrier Cloud interference. For example, the important book by James Bacque, Other Losses, about General Eisenhower’s death camps that killed more than 1.7 million persons after WWII had ended.
  5. Specifically in Michigan today, we the people finally have a utility meter ‘choice’ bill that the legislature is going to be seriously considering… depending on support shown at public hearings, as well as with constituent influence of legislators. This is also a cause I’m going to be part of.

Note: The Hendrickson Discovery and item #2, the 9/11 Truth movement, have the same characteristics in that we have a large number of people who are able to make an articulate case for the cause. But on both fronts we have been stymied by those in power, so our numbers have not reached the threshold of wide attention and support required for victory.

The basic Twitter technique for all of the above is the same. So what I’ll do is simply describe how to proceed for item #1, the Hendrickson Discovery… which is nothing more than the realization that the federal income tax is strictly confined, in code and statute, to nondirect earnings of an individual. The tax applies solely to wealth obtained as a result of access to federal privilege—such as federal employment as an officeholder or payments from federal institutions or corporations. Ref. recent guest column by Pete Hendrickson.

Leaders in the 9/11 Truth community can easily extrapolate from the HD case…

CtC ‘Educated’ Filing as the Root Solution to Incipient American Tyranny

This is our sample project: We need to convince respected opinion leaders in the liberty movement and alt-media to give the Hendrickson Discovery a) a look-see of their own, and b) assuming they agree with the logic and factual content, these opinion leaders share forward not only the Tweets, but make the case in their own words in columns, broadcasts and public testimony.

What we will be doing is communicating to individuals or organizations in short messages called Tweets. Any Web address urls in the Tweet count against the 140-character limit. The figure below shows the basic workflow:

For the CtC list of Step 1, we can start with one that Pete put together and combine it with one I assembled. These seed Follow lists are located in the recent guest column, “Rejoicing at Tax Season.” The idea is to focus on developing quality relationships between the CtC advocates who will be Tweeting and the individuals or organizations the advocates are going to be Following. We start with the Tweet process for a single advocate, rec- ognizing that with multiple advocates repeating the process in a similar (not identical) manner, our OUTREACH WILL MAGNIFY EXPONENTIALLY.

Our so-called VIPs are leading liberty and alt-media pundits or intellectual spokesmen who have substantial followings—readership or TV/radio listeners who regard the VIP’s ideas as valuable. The magnification phenomenon can be seen in my own experience with the following initial Tweet template that I composed in the aforementioned column:

2003-Now, >200K people retrieved >$2.1 billion incorrectly paid fed taxes. #crackingthecode

One of the individuals I found as I was sending out the Tweet in Step 3 was/is a pro-Pale-stinian Jew named Stanley Cohen. Stanley is a substantial opinion leader who has approx-imately 21,000 Followers. So when he sends out a Tweet or ReTweets one of my Tweets the message goes to 21K addresses. When I Tweeted to Stanley the CtC message above it led to a reply Tweet that he ReTweeted… which means that 1 message has the potential to become 20,000 messages and more.

Can you see the potential now? As you build your own Twitter network, you are leveraging hundreds of quality individuals/organizations you Follow.

A Simple CtC Advocate Tweet Procedure

What I’m going to present in simple steps is how a ‘CtC Advocate’ can effectively use Twitter to spread the good news early and often to a) his own Followers and b) individually to each of the VIP persons and orgs that he wants to on his Tweet list [building from the seed lists of proliberty pundits Pete and I have created, I’ve put together the latest combined seed lists here].

  1. Join Twitter. Very simple, you create a profile, and your logon is your email address and password. Twitter guides you through the steps. Here is my profile home for reference.
  2. From the seed lists start building your names that you will Follow. Find the individual or organization on the Twitter search and click on the Follow box. [Note: while your number of Followers is still small, when someone decides to Follow you, it’s courtesy to consider Following them as well.]
  3. Some of the ones you are going to Follow are general media people, not necessarily people you are going to send Tweets to for CtC-related links.
  4. I believe Pete will be starting a feature in the Lost Horizons newsletters that shows a link to Tweet, with a choice of standard information-images to attach, and even sample verbiage for the Tweet part.
  5. What we want to do is first duplicate his Tweet as your own, so it goes out to all of your Followers—with image. Then we’ll start individually Tweeting to those on the list you want to send to.
  6. To send individual Tweets, pull up the document file showing the Twitter addresses and click on the first address. It will take you to that person’s Profile page where you will click on the Tweet box, copy and paste the Tweet to your Followers, add the image, then send.
  7. Shortcut: From your Tweet to your followers, click on the down-arrow in the upper right corner and you’ll see a menu like this: Click on ‘Copy link to Tweet’. Then you’ll see a condensed url code that you can use to propagate the Tweet much  more easily.
  8. Shortcut, cont.: The condensed url code looks like this. Then, you can simply copy this code and paste it following the Twitter address of anyone you’re Tweeting. It will produce the whole Tweet including any image you have added.
  9. You will probably want to keep your code and images in the same Tweet address list document you’re using to walk through the VIPs. The list document I’ve provided shows what I mean at the end of the document.
  10. As you’re using Twitter to do all this Tweeting, when a Tweetee’s address page comes us, Twitter often suggests other members to Follow or to message. This is what makes it fun to build your own unique list… you’ll see that everyone is different and some of the people you’re Following do not see things as you do. But that’s what makes Twitter such an inter-esting vehicle. Plus Pete’s big idea is going to be well-received by nearly all kinds, eventually.

That’s about all. Once you start doing the process you’ll get the hang of it. It should at least get us started.

Sample information image to attach to key CtC Tweets

As creators of extremely high value ‘information,’ Pete Hendrickson and others face a formidable task to penetrate that information to the masses where it can actually save lives and property and joy, etc.

The problem is that the masses are inundated with misinformation and disinformation–very low value information–on top of massive, terminal state corruption and criminality to keep them ‘doing the same thing over and over, getting the same result over and over.’ For convenience, let’s just call the whole phenomenon of pervasive deception/aggression by the Men of the Power Sickness the Barrier Cloud.

But what Pete has surmised of the network of truth-liberty opinion leaders is they should be receptive to liberating information but are also victims of the Barrier Cloud, though not as deeply, but also not as excusably. They need a push to let them know that ideas from true creators, like Pete, are PERFECTLY SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE INFORMATION that they need to man up for.

Hence, Tweet streams, focused and from large numbers of Tweeters TO these opinion leaders can be the breakthru we’re looking for. Particularly CtC, 9/11 Truth, ‘Smart’ meters, all my high-crime assaults in The Truman Prophecy. Because we have SO MANY—into the tens of thousands—who are not opinion leaders, but many of us are on the threshold and are sufficiently articulate and motivated to DO something.

I did some quick math. And because many of the Twitter users have thousands following them, if you happen to send them a Tweet that they like and will Retweet, then your effect, the distribution of a CtC nugget of liberating information can literally expand from one message to thousands… in an instant. If CtC can develop an easy system, and if half of those using CtC to recover their property will do this, then millions of individuals will be getting this vital information and spreading it further.

In a span of months, CtC filers can go from several tens of thousands to several hundreds of thousands. We probably cross the threshold of victory when we reach a million recoveries/victories. It will shortly go to 10s of millions and recovery into the 100s of $billions… which totally hard stops corrupt Leviathan government.

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