Brian’s Column: The ‘Love’ Catalyst

Could ‘love’ projection be the Missing Link for the (good) cause-oriented?

“… the greatest of these is love.”
— Jesus, 1st Corinthians 13:13

Just yesterday I was kicking around this notion that I had heard or read during my own spiritual Chautauqua, perhaps in conjunction with reading James Redfield’s, The Celestine Prophecy. [There was a passage where the main character projects his whole inner body core of positive energy toward a plant, or maybe a tree, resulting in a reciprocal receipt of the plant’s life energy into him. That is the meaning of love I’m using for this column, and what I believe Jesus is referring to in the Biblical passage I remember from my Lutheran upbringing. ]

As one who has been embarked for years now, 60+, with some major detours, on causes of one high kind or another, I can tell you it’s easy to fall into the trap of reactive mind —IOW just putting your heart on the shelf and cranking out concepts and judgments that you continually try to tie together in a logical, idealistic manner. Sadly, I’m only just learning my way out of such mental snares, which often render one’s words, however logically sound, bereft of feeling to one’s audience. [And then I wonder why so few really care what I have to say. It’s a common affliction in the truth, justice, and liberty movement.]

A Specific

Perhaps a week ago, seeking a way to popularize several of the salutary ideas presented in my novel, The Truman Prophecy (2016)—and in other immediate causes where the truth warriors are stymied—I delved into Twitter in more depth to see if it could be deployed as a tool to penetrate Good Big Ideas (GBIs) as memes through what I have called the “Barrier Cloud” of the Men of the Power Sickness. [The Barrier Cloud is a concept I created in my first major prescriptive cause-based book, The Sacred Nonaggression Principle. It refers to a sociobiological mind-control network that impedes the progress of humanity toward a society based on the nonaggression principle.]

The long and the short of it is that, yes, I feel I have come up with an fine approach that uses images creatively and integrates them with focused messages embedded in Tweets, conveying GBIs. My previous two columns [I and II] describe preliminary work on such a system, where the specific cause is the GBI of the “Hendrickson Discovery.” [Which discovery is that the vast majority of us have little or no ‘income’ in the legal meaning of that term and can, and do en masse, prudently recover incorrectly withheld funds.] The following ‘Image-Message’-w/-corroborating-Tweet meme is an example of an early intended GBI penetrating meme:

Taxes 2016: please know most have no fed taxable activity, keep wealth, starve Leviathan.

Whether this system I’m propagating will materialize into a successful penetration of truth cum lifesaving memes in our dying Tapeworm World of Deception and Force remains to be seen. But the recent thought that impelled me to this column—that love is the answer— I’m pretty sure will prove productive.

To love means to tend to and to attend to

Sages thru the ages have commented on the different types of love… from passion and romantic love to platonic love to love of country to love of a good book. Here I mean love in the sense of a soulful projection from the inner body of intense affection. I think of the multitude of things surrounding me as I write this: a book on grammar, a cup holding my tea, a flash drive, my planner, a business card, letter opener, what have you…. Then I take any such item and instead of regarding it as just stuff, I project from my core directly to that object (like an invisible tractor beam) my full regard.

What is that?

Well, if you run that around in your head a little, I believe you’ll get what I’m saying is that the feeling I’m projecting is a combination of intense attention and affection. Now bring the process up to an individual person you’re interacting with, send out the same focused ‘love’ beam: it’s as if you are subverbally saying to that person in that moment, “YOU are the most important thing in the universe to me.” Even if that other person is someone who aggravates you or in the worst case is trying to harm you. Recall that Jesus also told us to love our enemies… i.e. fully pay attention in order to know them, and hence what they’ll do.

Back to friends and those you’re trying to persuade or convince: When you project caring via attention and affection, they naturally respond in kind. Aha! This is a bingo-eureka moment for me now, retrieved more permanently from earlier readings. Could ‘love’ projection be the secret weapon, the magic pill for people or a literary audience I’m trying to reach? For someone YOU are trying to reach?

Let’s give it a try. Every day. Let’s add a deep feeling of projected love accompany all our cause-oriented work—any time we press submit or send, deliver a writing or an argument, or make a personal appeal for principle—and see what happens. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll get back with you in a subsequent column on how I’m doing with it. Cheers.

Final Note

Those who are fully aware and think for themselves as individuals invariably become aware of what’s really happening and who is responsible. I mean for all the bad stuff that’s going on as we speak. I call the worst of this bad stuff ‘high-crime assaults.’ Indeed these are the main objects of my intent to resolve postulated in The Truman Prophecy and the moral philosophy of Trumanism. My worldly causes are to undo these lie-crimes:

  • The subterfuge and acts of official corruption regarding the ‘income’ tax
  • 9/11 Truth and other false-flag attacks of state terror (FASTs)
  • Toxic atmospheric aerosol spraying and weather warfare (geoengineering)
  • GMO (genetically modified organism)-associated mass poisonings
  • Rampant radiofrequency (RF) wave biological assaults and intrusion
  • Medical fascism, in particular, vaccine mandates
  • The ongoing forced government-prison schooling system

Many share with me the fervor to end such Tapeworm World acts of rape and pillage. One unfortunate side effect of exposing and fighting these evils is that we bring them into the conversation… and they are depressing. No one likes to be told that the Comanches are swarming in the hills preparing for attack. The love angle provides a decent counter. Disclaim to yourself and to your listeners something like the following:

“Let’s think of exposures of corrupt and criminal behavior as hugely positive and loving, leading to a benevolent rational world… rather than‎ focus on the behavior itself, which while horrendous, WILL be passing away quite imminently thanks to the courage of those who choose to face it and step up to the task of undoing the bad guys. Let’s feel (and be) the love of a brand new day for humankind!”

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