Brian’s Column: After 9/11 Truth, Chapter 5

The Inner Game: Finding One’s Authentic Swing

Freddie “Physician, heal thyself.” — Jesus

Years ago, when I was just starting out as a cause-oriented sort of fellow, I wish someone had exposed me to a brief lesson such as what I’m about to try to impart. It may have saved me—and those around me—a lot of ‘Sturm und Drang’[1] accomplishing very little positive, healing, or lasting.

It’s not a radical discovery by any means, but one seldom appreciated by those setting out to slay dragons: Namely, to be most effective in the pursuit of noble deeds for ‘all of society,’ one must first expel the internal demons that limit our own fulfillment. Eckhart Tolle puts it as follows: Continue reading

Brian’s Column: 1. “Heal Yourself, Heal the World”

From the book Leaving the Sandbox:
To be of any political use to others, we must strive for our own ‘deeper-qualities’ fulfillment; being the best you can be brings out the best in others.

The title of this section I lifted from a DVD about the naturopathic Gerson Treatment for cancer and chronic illnesses. It expresses the same fundamental thought: by living clean and right, tapping into our own spiritual and material power source(s), and being all we can be as individuals… we best help others. Continue reading