Guest Column: All That Matters Now

On December 10, the good guys come together…

… or a final nail goes into the rule of law’s coffin. By Pete Hendrickson

PeteLET IT BE SAID PLAINLY: Forcing someone to declare herself indebted to another party– whether by court order or threat of penalty for not making such a declaration– is not a legitimate, lawful act of any organ of the state. Instead, it is a corrupt, tyrannical act, and prohibited by the United States Constitution’s speech, due process and equal protection provisions.

LET IT BE CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD: Compelling someone to declare a belief that her earnings are “income” taxable by the United States is compelling her to declare herself indebted to the United States (or to declare her agreement with material facts under which the tax debt then arises as a matter of law). Compelling someone to declare her earnings on a line in the “income” section of a testimonial document like a 1040— whether by direct command or by threat of a penalty for not doing so– is compelling her to declare a belief that those earnings are “income” and subject to the tax. Continue reading

Guest Column: Help Stop Heresy Conviction

Doreen Hendrickson Faces Unbelievable Federal Contempt Trial, July 21
Let’s Everyone Who Possibly Can Show Up in the Peanut Gallery

4thBranchUnbelievable for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is this is the second trial for the same alleged offense. The first trial ended with a hung jury, which the judge decided to call a mistrial rather than an acquittal. [How in the world does that happen? Maybe I’m naive, but we were always told in civics 101 that you cannot be tried for the same offense twice. Who thinks we have grounds for a petition to a judge to form a grand jury to investigate Federal Judge Nancy Edmunds (Eastern District, Michigan) and bring rapid indictments for gross judicial misconduct? Until that happens, we’re going to have to ride out the misconduct and we hope secure a second jury acquittal.]

We need everyone who can possibly find time to attend the trial to make plans for visiting the courtroom and standing in her corner as a group of outraged citizens who will never back down in support of the rule of law:


Continue reading

Guest Column: The Hendrickson Icing

Timely Reminder of “Little Boy Truth” #7
by Pete Hendrickson

Pete HendricksonIcing as in ‘on the Cake’… of the (reasonably) obvious truth of things. As I point out in my book, The Truth Torpedo, Pete Hendrickson’s book Cracking the Code: The Truth about Taxation in America shows conclusively that—even if we have dozens of moral reasons to cease funding the federal government—the fact is most of us legally owe it nothing anyway. At least nothing via the so-called income tax. Each of us who practices the Hendrickson ‘system’ owes it to ourselves and our country and out progeny to spread the word… to the Alex Joneses, Mike Adamses, Paul Joseph Watsons, Jon Rappoports, and all the rest who stand at the pinnacle of the truth, liberty, and justice Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Tax Season Shuffle

“Just think of the money you get back!”

Well, it’s that time of year, you bet, all the reporting forms—Wn’s and 1099s and the corresponding ones for ‘income’-tax-enabled states—are supposed to have been delivered to the pigeons, er, ‘taxpayers’, by the end of January. I love the cheerful banter you hear from our home-grown victim class: “This is going to be a really good year, I’m getting a lot of money back!” [I’m reminded how a boy feels when his parents finally let him break open the piggy bank… only most parents don’t funnel 90% of junior’s deposits into their own pockets.] Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Free Pete Hendrickson

Correct ‘corrections,’ send the innocent home[1]
by Brian Wright

Cracking the CodeAll right, so nobody’s organized a protest yet, at least to my knowledge. With respect to Pete and a vigorous federal-state jail-system release program, let me suggest something concrete
—no pun intended. First some background:

Pete Hendrickson, author of Cracking the Code: The fascinating truth about taxation in America, having been convicted of obeying the law, has reported to Milan federal prison in Michigan, where he is to begin a 33-month stay. He was not allowed to remain free while on appeal, even though grounds for the appeal are a slam dunk on the level of human reason, decency, and justice: Continue reading