Guest Column: When Fear Comes

Timely observations on the end of freedom
By Chris Hedges [Excerpt: Read full column in here.]

“Right totalitarianism, left totalitarianism, any way you look at it you lose.” — Editor… from a really good song by Simon and Garfunkel


Alexander Solzhenitsyn in “The Gulag Archipelago,” his profound meditation on the nature of oppression and resistance in the Soviet gulags, tells the story of a man who was among prisoners being moved in the spring of 1947. The former front-line soldier, whose name is lost to history, suddenly disarmed and killed the two guards. He announced to his fellow prisoners that they were free.

“But the prisoners were overwhelmed with horror; no one followed his lead, and they all sat down right there and waited for a new convoy,” Solzhenitsyn writes. The prisoner attempted in vain to shame them. “And then he took up the rifles (thirty-two cartridges, ‘thirty one for them!’) and left alone. He killed and wounded several pursuers and with his thirty-second cartridge he shot himself. The entire Archipelago might well have collapsed if all the former front-liners had behaved as he did.”

The more despotic a regime becomes, the more it creates a climate of fear that transforms into terror. At the same time, it invests tremendous energy and resources in censorship and propaganda to maintain the fiction of the just and free state.

Poor people of color know intimately how these twin mechanisms of fear and false hope function as effective forms of social control in the internal colonies of the United States. They have also grasped, as the rest of us soon will, the fiction of American democracy. Continue reading

Guest Column: Soviet-Style Justice

Whistleblower experiences ‘Nightmare’ in federal prison
by Shane Trejo, excerpted from column in Bold Future

Doreen“There is an expression in the English language called Kafka-esque,” an exasperated Pete Hendrickson said about his wife’s treatment by the American ‘Justice’ System. “It refers to being enmeshed in an institutional insanity and an institutional impropriety.”

In his first public interview since his wife was kidnapped and thrown behind bars for a crime she didn’t commit, Pete Hendrickson describes the tragic circumstances surrounding his wife’s condition behind bars. Taped back in October, Hendrickson, the author of Cracking the Code: The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America gives a somber account of the legal nightmare that has torn apart his family. Doreen Hendrickson has now been imprisoned for close to seven months for speaking the truth: Continue reading

Guest Column: Free Don Siegelman… Still

Mr. Obama: Please restore justice, pardon my dad!
by Dana Siegelman

Free DonThis column is a direct copy of Dana’s heartfelt appeal for her father—former governor of Alabama Don Siegelman—who is doing hard time for a (non) ‘crime’ that was maliciously and wrongfully prosecuted basically by evil ‘friends of Karl Rove.’ [One of the tragic ironies of our demented era that the vicious little mass-murdering turd blossom Rove remains at large, while a good man languishes behind bars.] Continue reading

Guest Column: CC ‘Replies’ Prize for May 2012

Winner: Mr. Ron Burcham

“As many of you are aware I’ve set up a program to encourage visitors of the Coffee Coaster (CC) site to contribute Replies to columns and reviews. The writer of the ‘best’ Reply for a given month receives a $20 payment. This month, May 2012, Ron Burcham of Michigan is the winner with his comment(s) on the Movie Review: Taking Chance. He has told me to reinvest the gift into the site, and buy him a beer next I see him, which I shall happily do. The second and third place winners, Randy Uzarek and David Spencer, please go ahead and sign up using the Perke Diem button in the image on the right (on the homepage). All my other readers, please take part in the contest for June, give me a ‘Leave a Reply’ on any column or review.” Continue reading

Guest Column: Patriots Targeted for American Gulag

Leaked US Army document outlines plan for
GOTUS[1] ‘reeducation’ camps for US citizens
Paul Joseph Watson,

Army Reeducation Camps“We [Alex Jones and other journalists at and] have exhaustively documented preparations for the mass internment of citizens inside America, but this is the first time that language concerning the reeducation of detainees, in particular political activists, has cropped up in our research.” Continue reading