Brian’s Column: First Principles’ Initiative, Starter Kit

An outline of key processes and documents of the recently conceived project
By Brian R. Wright

‘Twas the day after Thanksgiving 2017, which I spent quietly in my condo contemplating family and future while writing Christmas cards and listening to holiday music. I awoke to a dream that went as follows:

“I’m a young civil engineer being courted by a respectable firm centered in Oklahoma which is a master of water drainage. In my dream, among a surround-ing group of my would-be coworkers, I hold forth for the First Principles’ Initiative (FPI) forcefully. I’m surrounded and I explain it to this monster-big-and-tall man with a beard, who seems to be at a loss. But many are convinced. I see a controlled demolition first hand and I’m maybe 50 yards away from it on the top floor of a parking garage. I’m learning, asking questions, at the same time taking charge. People are hungry for change and a vision, and I provide it to them.”

Later on the Friday, as I was penning out my well wishes and reports of my own plans on my Christmas cards, after the brief greeting I started to write rather dramatically. “I’m going to launch my First Principles’ Initiative in January.” It was only that morning that I had come up with the word ‘initiative’ to describe the project. Then I included along with my Christmas card a copy of my “Restoring America’s First Principles” brochure.

It dawned on me that I had just made a huge commitment to what my primary purpose is going to be, potentially, for the next several years. And I felt hugely invigorated—just as I had from my three dreams of the near past—now for having found what I’ll be imagining and creating 24/7/365 as the life form Brian R. Wright. Nothing can stop us now. Continue reading