Brian’s Column: The 2018 Grand Truth Convergence (GTC)

All fronts of truth, justice, and liberty to coalesce in one big lifting wave
By Brian R. Wright

Note: My original title for the column was Rockin’ New Year’s Prophecy 2018; I started it in a burst of energy on New Year’s Eve 2017. But didn’t finish so it lan-guished a day or two, but picks up with crucial insights toward the end. Please read thru, tanx. — bw

Unlike so many weekly columns, this one is springing from brow and heart as the legendary Ray Bradbury would write a short story. That is, as if all you have to do is turn on a spigot. Why? Because all the connections for the previous year have cascaded into this special day almost by revelation. I KNOW what the near-term future holds… give or take a nuclear war or false flag 9/12 by the elites. You bet I do. I wrote The Truman Prophecy after all, by channeling one Hiram T. Chance. That prophecy is coming for breakfast; it’s just that I was off a year or two. Plus I envisioned an incorrect causal mechanism.

Tsk tsk, details. The main ideas and resolutions will be forthcoming in spades. Let me also give voice here at the outset with a major shout out to my beleaguered allies in the truth and justice brigades. You know who you are—Michael, John, Kevin, Jack, Christopher, Richard, Mark, Rudy, Barbara, Pamela, Able, Jane, Susan, Robin, many more—not all on the front lines dishing out insights and changing minds toward Global Spring, perhaps, but of the fully informed ‘Independents Rising’ ‘tude, with eyes still gleaming. [Ex-CIA operative, Robert David Steele, sees an imminent, sweeping truther convergence following the obvious false-flag hybrid Las Vegas mass casualty event in this excellent analysis here.]

Kindle UP!

Note: while I’m at it right up front. I’ve provided all my books here at the $1-$2 Kindle price range, to make it a snap for anyone to thumb thru them on their Smartphone Kindle app. What I’m asking most of all for fence-sitters on my Truman Prophecy novel is to download it from Kindle for a dollar, read it, then post a 4- or 5-star review on its Amazon page. Also Tweet and Facebook. The fact is, the TP is more applicable than ever. It just needs a bit of recatalyzing.

Okay, here’s the lowdown

The reason I’ve started with the shout out to my fellow truthers is I know how it is and I feel your pain. Also, thereby, realizing the release we shall certainly all be feeling when we are no longer the disdained and scorned and ostracized.[1] In this very upcoming year, our ship will reach shore with abundant healing. All the negatives that have been accumulating bear the seeds of their own undoing. Let’s briefly chronicle 2017’s worst and dimmest. On second thought, let’s not, we all know the story and know where to find the details: It’s a boring lot: wars, threats of wars, secretly creating/funding/leading the terrorists we build into a threat, false-flags, environmental and biological assaults too awful to mention. Continue reading

Book Review: Glass Lands (2016)

By John S. Ryan
Reviewed by Brian R. Wright
Moon is a Harsh Mistress meets Time Enough for Love and then some

Review first posted March 24, 2017.

First of all, I’m not the ideal candidate for reviewing such an amazing accomplishment as Glass Lands. Indeed, as I sit here having just climbed off the exhilarating 475-page Book 1 roller coaster ride from first-time novelist John Ryan, my mind is drawn into the Grand Editing era of the great Max Perkins at Scribners publishers of New York in the 1920s and 1930s.[1]  Perkins was top banana not only because of cleaning up his celebrated authors’ prose, but because Perkins knew the whole field of serious fiction at the time. What Ryan’s book needs more than anything is a reviewer/editor of Perkins’ stature, working full time as such for a leading general fiction publisher or for an iconic science fiction magazine like Analog. Such an individual would have the depth of field to render a proper reading and comprehensive, positive account.

Alas, like Popeye, I only yam what I yam…which yam not a literary man of stature, so I confess to feeling a bit inadequate to the task of reviewing so auspicious a work as Glass Lands. Fortunately it takes no literary master critic to see what a groundbreaker we’re dealing with here. First, let me give you a sense of the story: Continue reading

Movie Review: The Departed (2006)

Brutal inside view of mob/cop culture ___ 8/10

Screenplay by William Monahan
Directed by Martin Scorsese

Leonardo DiCaprio … Billy Costigan
Matt Damon … Colin Sullivan
Jack Nicholson … Frank Costello
Mark Wahlberg … Dignam
Martin Sheen … Oliver Queenan
Ray Winstone … Mr. French
Vera Farmiga … Madolyn
Anthony Anderson … Brown
Alec Baldwin … Ellerby

Speaking of insiders, The Departed is the ultimate story of parallel universes of cop culture and crime culture, with spies on each side.  The setting is Massachusetts, the local Mob leader is Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) and the state-police leader of the organized-crime task force (OTF) [my acronym] is Oliver Queenan (Martin Sheen).

They’re playing a chess match with young recruits, particularly Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon).  These two become the cream of the crop of a graduating class of Massachusetts State Police (staties); each has a past that makes him susceptible to the entreaties of the crime/cop leadership. Continue reading

Guest Column: Frivolous Return Penalty Smackdown

Regarding The “Frivolous Return Penalty” Ploy
Last-ditch defense of the crumbling “ignorance tax” scheme
by Pete Hendrickson [Full original located here]

Please also refer to my own recent post ( on this issue. — bw

THE ACTUAL LEGAL NATURE OF THE INCOME TAX IN AMERICA has been fully revealed. The revelation makes clear that the tax is quite importantly different from what the always revenue- and power-hungry state wishes the people to believe.

At the same time, the operation of the “ignorance tax”– the systematic misapplication of the income tax based on exploitation of widespread public ignorance of its real limits– has been shown to rely entirely on deliberately-misled declarations of belief grounded in state-serving historical and legal myths by folks submitting tax forms (both “information returns” like W-2s and 1099s, and 1040s).

With the truth about all this inexorably spreading, the “ignorance tax” scammers have been watching the slow-motion derailment of their 75-year+ gravy train by the simple mechanism of more and more newly-educated Americans making declarations which no longer support the lies and abuses. While very good for everyone else, this is not a happy thing for the scammers.

NONETHELESS, HAVING NO ACTUAL “REMEDY” to the onslaught of the truth and its consequences, the scammers generally just bow to the inevitable. In the vast majority of cases, properly-claimed refunds are issued without fuss, in a display of respect for the law that is greater than many familiar with the behavior of these agencies over the years would expect. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: One More Sweep to Fourteen

11: Straggler stories and funny background music of the early days
Brian R. Wright

[Link to Episode 10]

Note: These columns are a series I am making into a volume of my memoirs, working title: Volume 1 (of 3): Overland Park Ways. You may follow the links at top and bottom of page to go to preceding or succeeding episodes. The series starts here. {If the [Link to Episode <next>] at the  bottom of the column does not show an active hyperlink, then the <next> column has yet to be written.}

Okay, I’m going to trip up the readers with this starter photo. I’ll get to the next iteration of my ‘cute brother and me’ imagery shortly. But I wanted to lead with this lovely photograph of my aunt, Donna Jean Barlow, probably from the Greenville High School yearbook, senior year, which would have been ca. 1941, 42.

Why? Well, first of all it’s a stunning photo—look at that bodacious blond hair—and second, she was such an accomplished individual. Never married, but came close, as I understand the family folklore, being jilted at the altar, graduated University of Michigan Nursing School, served overseas in Army Care, then had a long distinguished career as a public health nurse. But also because I wanted to include her in the previous episode… as a single woman she tended to get left out of the family pictorials. Though she was always helping out her sisters with their broods, then her mother later in life and in the end times of grandma, who died from the polycystic kidney disease that runs through our DNA (and did my mother in, too).

[Donna survived my mom by a few months, as a resident of Northpointe Senior Care and then the memory unit there in Battle Creek, Michigan. She moved to Northpointe’s senior apartments when the oldest sister, my aunt June, died in December 2000. The travels and visits of all the three sisters in the 80s and the 90s, including several occasions where I’m along for the ride, are recounted in my biography of my mom: Mother’s Stone. I miss you deeply, too, dear aunt. Dear aunts. Dear Mama Bear.]

But the point of this chapter is to take another fast sweep of my young life, picking up a lot of key vignettes that flesh out the big picture, then coloring in some background commentary representing the goldfish bowl we WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) Americans tended to be swimming in—the good and the not so good aspects. Continue reading

Book Review: Consent of the Governed (2015)

Scratches the itch for liberty like no other book since Cracking the Code
By Jason W. Hoyt
Reviewed by Brian R. Wright

Abundant thanks to my recently realized compatriot, one David Schied (standing on the front lines boldly against Michigan general corruption), for referring me to this remarkable groundbreaking rallying cry for the people’s reassumption of their inherent grand jury authority. David, in a recent conversation, extolled Consent of the Governed as perhaps the most important book he’s read in the past decade… commanding his undivided attention until completion.

I purchased the Amazon Kindle edition for a very reasonable price of $5.99, digested it in roughly a week, and I agree: It IS the most important book that activists for liberty will read this year or for the remainder of the 20-teens. Why? Because as the subtitles tell us, it is the people’s guide to holding government accountable, informing us—with meticulously researched references—that ‘we the people’ are, indeed, in charge and fully constitutionally franchised to take back our direct power over all the institutions of government. By OUR grand juries. NOW.

“We don’t have to wait for elections.” We don’t have to wait period.

It’s simply a matter of working out the details. How to best coordinate the state’s—federal, state, and local levels—wholesale relinquishment of corruptly assumed authority with its facilitation, accommodation, and  enforcement of the people’s grand jury investigations, indictments and presentments[1] (and petit or trial jury functions, too, by the way). In other words, make all public officials, in fact, what they were meant to be in theory: direct, 24/7/365-accountable servants, gophers, waterboys of and for the people.

“That’s mighty tall talk for a one-eyed fat man,” you say. [ref. John Wayne film, True Grit.] Continue reading

Movie Review: North Country (2005)

North Country (2005)___9/10
Upper US mining country morality play

Directed by Niki Caro
Charlize Theron …. Josey Aimes
Frances McDormand …. Glory
Sean Bean …. Kyle
Woody Harrelson …. Bill White
Richard Jenkins …. Hank Aimes
Sissy Spacek …. Alice Aimes
Michelle Monaghan …. Sherry

If you’ve ever been tempted to dismiss remedies for sexual harassment as just one more instance of unnecessary government intrusion, you need to see this flick.  It’s based on the story of, Lois Jenson, who worked in the Eveleth Taconite Company in Eveleth, Minnesota, from 1975 to 1992.

In 1984 she began legal actions to protest the abusive treatment and stalking she and other women employees were continually subjected to by men at the plant.  In 1991 her actions culminated in a class action suit against the company, the first sexual harassment liability suit in American history.

After the original verdict that the company owed damages, a special judge was appointed to oversee a trial to determine these damages.  In 1995, he awarded the 15 women plaintiffs an average of $10,000 each, which was appealed, then reversed by a higher court, which ordered a new jury trial. Continue reading