Brian’s Column: The 2018 Grand Truth Convergence (GTC)

All fronts of truth, justice, and liberty to coalesce in one big lifting wave
By Brian R. Wright

Note: My original title for the column was Rockin’ New Year’s Prophecy 2018; I started it in a burst of energy on New Year’s Eve 2017. But didn’t finish so it lan-guished a day or two, but picks up with crucial insights toward the end. Please read thru, tanx. — bw

Unlike so many weekly columns, this one is springing from brow and heart as the legendary Ray Bradbury would write a short story. That is, as if all you have to do is turn on a spigot. Why? Because all the connections for the previous year have cascaded into this special day almost by revelation. I KNOW what the near-term future holds… give or take a nuclear war or false flag 9/12 by the elites. You bet I do. I wrote The Truman Prophecy after all, by channeling one Hiram T. Chance. That prophecy is coming for breakfast; it’s just that I was off a year or two. Plus I envisioned an incorrect causal mechanism.

Tsk tsk, details. The main ideas and resolutions will be forthcoming in spades. Let me also give voice here at the outset with a major shout out to my beleaguered allies in the truth and justice brigades. You know who you are—Michael, John, Kevin, Jack, Christopher, Richard, Mark, Rudy, Barbara, Pamela, Able, Jane, Susan, Robin, many more—not all on the front lines dishing out insights and changing minds toward Global Spring, perhaps, but of the fully informed ‘Independents Rising’ ‘tude, with eyes still gleaming. [Ex-CIA operative, Robert David Steele, sees an imminent, sweeping truther convergence following the obvious false-flag hybrid Las Vegas mass casualty event in this excellent analysis here.]

Kindle UP!

Note: while I’m at it right up front. I’ve provided all my books here at the $1-$2 Kindle price range, to make it a snap for anyone to thumb thru them on their Smartphone Kindle app. What I’m asking most of all for fence-sitters on my Truman Prophecy novel is to download it from Kindle for a dollar, read it, then post a 4- or 5-star review on its Amazon page. Also Tweet and Facebook. The fact is, the TP is more applicable than ever. It just needs a bit of recatalyzing.

Okay, here’s the lowdown

The reason I’ve started with the shout out to my fellow truthers is I know how it is and I feel your pain. Also, thereby, realizing the release we shall certainly all be feeling when we are no longer the disdained and scorned and ostracized.[1] In this very upcoming year, our ship will reach shore with abundant healing. All the negatives that have been accumulating bear the seeds of their own undoing. Let’s briefly chronicle 2017’s worst and dimmest. On second thought, let’s not, we all know the story and know where to find the details: It’s a boring lot: wars, threats of wars, secretly creating/funding/leading the terrorists we build into a threat, false-flags, environmental and biological assaults too awful to mention.

So did I fall down and bump my head? What makes me think these rampant conditions of terminal corruption, signifying the end of the republic, are going to alleviate any time soon? Simple. The truth is catching up and breaking thru. Justice is next. Look with me now at the list of high-crime assaults popularized for resolution in The Truman Prophecy:

  1. Tax Lies—thoroughly exposed and remedied at the practical personal level by The Hendrickson Discovery.
    [This is a biggie, THE biggie, most likely, for the simple fact that filing educated cuts off the blood supply to Leviathan. Which is why I’ve inserted the key graphic w/refer-ence link here, and not on the others. If you haven’t started filing educated, you need to as your highest priority. We need to keep all our rightful property if we are to prevail in the GTC.]
  2. False-Flags—the 9/11 attacks/coverup and other major false-flag acts of state terror, many with deep-state, globalist architects
  3. Toxic Skies—covert atmospheric aerosol spraying and electromagnetic bombardment of the ionosphere (HAARP); weather warfare
  4. Frankenfoods—massive distribution of harmful genetically modified organism (GMO) crops to world populations
  5. Fry & Spy—radio-frequency (RF) and dirty electricity now principally thru electric ‘smart’ meters: surveillance, health/safety violation
  6. Sliming Baby—medical fascism, particularly via mandated vaccines that whack immune systems and escalate the autism epidemic
  7. ‘Botting’ Junior—compulsory state factory schooling, longtime affliction of the body politic, acculturating kids to prison-planet thinking|
    Links are to seminal books/videos. AND MEANT FOR YOUR ATTENTION!

Each of these is close to a truth breakthru. Which will be accelerated in direct proportion as we restore First Principles grand juries as prime agencies of JUSTICE. That is, in order for the TRUTH to be known and justice served for each of the high-crime assaults listed in the above table, we the people MUST convene a grand jury of of OUR PEERS—excluding state actors or employees—to investigate and bring indictments. It is the sole institution able to do the job, and it is OUR job to enable it.

A major catalyst for the rekindling of people’s ubiquitous grand juries has emerged with Jason W. Hoyt’s book, Consent of the Governed. We cannot underestimate the value of this seminal work… not solely for the big crimes of the global pathocracy, but for all the day-to-day assaults the people suffer from judges, prosecutors, cops, surly crats, and other corrupt government officials. As the people take charge the truth will out… and vice versa.

Then I’m launching my First Principles Initiative, it’s in the final stages of being set to music, so to speak, and will be fully unveiled by spring at a city hall near you. The FPI makes the connection between America’s First Principles and the people’s institution of grand and petit juries. Goodbye corruption in a relative heartbeat. I’m meeting with the Oracle next week. The FPI further leads directly to restoring Independent consciousness one individual at a time, worldwide, reclaiming collectivized minds from Global Groupthink. I have that structure in place now, a brief description located here.

Finally understanding the opposition… the Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS)

A few years ago, I wrote a book, The Sacred Nonaggression Principle, that tackled the understanding of what aggression is and how to eliminate it—both ordinary criminal and politically legitimized versions—from society. I recognized, too, that over the centuries a certain sort of control-freak man combined with others of his kind rose to dominate the rest of human society by concentrating political and economic power in their own hands. Yes, an oligarchy, systematically, by stealth, expropriating and dominating the individual. Creating as it were a psycho-biological Barrier Cloud to human fulfillment. In the SNaP book, chapter 4 is a standalone module that deals forthrightly with this impediment.

The BC connects the MOPS to supportive structures in the human mind. One individual at a time, these structures need to be selectively rendered capable of filtering out the modern mind control methods of group psychology. The insights of the BC still apply widely and radically. My own work toward germinating a self-conscious movement of human beings of fully independent consciousness, the so-called Independents’ Movement, proceeds apace. Many others are working complementary paths, which I fully expect to come to fruition—in conjunction with this year’s Grand Truth Convergence—in roughly five years.

Key Discoveries

First, on the psycho-political level, we the people, via key intellectuals and philosophes, are being enlightened dramatically about the nature of the opposition. Perhaps the most insi-dious ‘collectivist-mindism’ in full planet-human-destroy mode is centered around meta- Zionist full-spectrum domination psych technology. Fortunately, in the nick of time, citizen-scholar-world-musician-intellectual, Gilad Atzmon, has emerged to expertly dump and drain that raging cauldron of ethnically overcharged crap. I’m now about half done with his seminal The Wandering Who?. Simply overwhelming: a world stage fighter who single-handedly destroys Zionism at its deepest, darkest foundations.

The Anglo-imperialist cabal of the New World Order faded away with the murderous sinking and coverup of the USS Liberty by the Israelis 50 years ago (1967). That’s when the Zionistas grabbed the military, economic, intellectual, and cultural reins of the Rothschild banking dynasty’s world-dom operations and never looked back. Now, thanks to Atzmon and only a few others, this new set of übergangsters is being undone. Which brings us to some extreme secrecy projects since the atomic age—being run by a wholly clandestine shadow ‘government’—that not even heads of the intel agen-cies or the President have access to.

The Secret Space Program—which includes suppression of knowledge of other intelligent beings (OIBs) who are present on earth, as well as scuttling and killing liberating new tech-nologies of energy and propulsion—is now, too, on the verge of being exposed and routed. Dr. Steven Greer’s r/Evolutionary book and video, Unacknowledged, is now topping the best seller/most visited lists. As he puts it so eloquently, “there is no evidence the ETs are hostile toward us, but there is a great deal of evidence they are seriously concerned about our hostility toward one another and to them.” Expect a breakthrough of TRUE Disclosure, a la the book by Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel. But be forewarned that as a last gasp of the MOPS, they may stage a false-flag ET attack event to scare the people back in line.

Still, near-term end of Zionism and ET Contact of the 5th Kind are decisive prospects.

Coup de Grace

Thanks to recent humanizing connections from my past and becoming strongly reacquainted with my Falun Dafa cultivation practice, I now have the ultimate integrating spiritual beacon with which to attract independent consciousnesses. The FD approach of itself—which is to state, as Master Li Hongzhi and his 10s of millions of adherents world-wide perform the exercises—alleviates any Dark Side tendencies. And coupled with insights drawn mainly from Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now), but also my Prophecy and FLOW belief-practice system ideas, I am more encouraged than ever we are on the brink of a completely victorious personal, individual transformation species-wide. [Note: I’m updating the FLOW brochure as a high priority.]

As if to underscore the notion that enlightenment is at hand, last night I had the most remarkable and empowering dream, arguably, of my life to this point. I include the recording as a high-def scan on the right, click on the image to expand it the better to read.

In a nutshell, I was poised for my second sleep sequence and to get back to sleep soonest I employed the Spiritual Magic Move described in The Truman Prophecy… only on this occasion enhanced with a ‘Feel the Wheel,’ no-mind practice of Falun Dafa.

It took me to an immersion in the ‘God’-source: utterly deep quiet skyscape, mountain-scape, seascape, sunlit. Then sleep. Then dream: I’m a combination of centered supreme athletic force (a la running back Barry Sanders) with capabilities of Jason Bourne (of the Bourne movies) and even Roy Hobbs of The Natural. I feel incredible power, limitless energy and vision, as with Hobbs: “Anything he wants to hit he hits.”

“I’ll have what HE’s having.” [I’ll have much more to add as the year progresses.]

I tell you people, especially to friends of mine who have all but run out of gas, hang on just a bit longer. You, too, shall be the Roy Hobbs of your world. THIS is the year of the Grand Truth Convergence, fulfillment of the Prophecy, and everyone’s extraordinary breakout!

[1] Speaking of those who have ostracized us, in an angry moment I came up with an acronym to describe those too cowardly or socially conscious to stand up for truth (or even independent grand-jury investigation producing indictments of corrupt aggressors): CAKERs: Chickens*** A**kissing Evaders of Reality. Or a softer form you can use with women… or men you know who don’t like to think of themselves as chickens*** a**kissers: CAULKERS: Communally Acquiescent to Ubiquitous Lie-structures since Kindergarten Engineering of their Reactions.

[Sorry, it’s just me giving in to the understandable anger many of us have who walk the path without respect. As we breach the Barrier Cloud, EVERYONE will be a truther.

“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” — Mark Twain]

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