Guest Column: Thumping the Tarbaby

Corrupt officialdom is discovering what NOT to do when you find yourself in a hole
By Pete Hendrickson [Full column original here]

… but whether it matters is up to you.

Editor’s Note: Nothing is more important or fundamental than spreading the word about the federal Ignorance Tax and keeping/recovering one’s property from the jaws of Leviathan running amok. The country and world are reaching a point of terminal corruption, from which there is no return. Join the 2018 Grand Truth Convergence today: “‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.” — The Outlaw Josey Wales

I IMAGINE EVERYONE IS FAMILIAR with the old folk-tale about the tar baby— that sticky thing made by sly Br’er Fox to capture the obnoxious Br’er Rabbit. The tar baby was a trap– it lured its arrogant victim into attacking it, and every time it was struck it entangled the target more and more inescapably.

Last month attorneys in the DOJ “Tax Division” probably woke up to the fact that they have been swinging at a tar baby, and sucking co-opted members of the federal judiciary into its sticky embrace, as well. The reason I suspect this epiphany is due to the complete failure of the entangled attorneys to even attempt to disprove that what has been done to Doreen Hendrickson has involved the commission of crimes, although squarely faced with a challenge and obligation to do so if they could.

YOU SEE, LAST MONTH, pursuant to a court order, the DOJ filed a response to the Motion to Vacate Doreen’s criminal contempt conviction which was filed in October. The motion is predicated on the fact that the orders made to Doreen in May of 2007, and every act attempting to enforce those orders, including holding Doreen to trial(s) and imprisoning her, as well, were criminal violations of 26 U.S.C. § 7206(2).

Unable to disprove or even plausibly dispute that these things are true (and effectively conceding that truth by their silence), the DOJ respondents grasp at only a single straw: a lame argument that Doreen is procedurally-barred from seeking to have the bogus conviction vacated. Nine years after having begun thumping this tar baby, the corrupt actors in the DOJ Tax Division find themselves stuck like a fly on flypaper.

These corrupt actors cannot dispute the crimes, and as I read the law (and as they themselves implicitly admit by failing to contest this exact point in the motion), each occasion on which these same people try to shield the previous crimes by maintaining the pretense that what has been done to Doreen is legal, they do it again. Each act to sustain the pretense is a doubling down and the commission of another crime.

See the very short and plain motion here; the short and lame response here; and the even shorter reply here. Please take the time to read all three. They really are very short and, at least in the case of the motion and reply, very straightforward.

BTW, IN MY USE OF THE TAR BABY METAPHOR I don’t mean to suggest that any kind of trap got laid for the criminals in this affair by anyone but themselves. As you will have seen in reading through the really mind-blowing origin of the illegal orders Doreen has been persecuted for resisting, neither she nor I set anyone up or brought any of this on in any way.

Doreen and I have just acted in harmony with the law. The trap was set by the “ignorance tax” schemers as an inevitable effect of their frenetic effort to suppress CtC, which they recognize as the singular real stake poised over their collective vampiric breast.

THAT SAID, I dearly hope that YOU WILL HELP make the jaws of this trap bite, and bite hard (if you’ll pardon the mixed metaphors). YOU will benefit from this happening.

The way to help is by doing all you can think of to get this story– with those court filings and all the supporting posts linked throughout– into the widest circulation possible. Let this unique, jarring and fascinating crime drama be the vehicle for breaking the whole story of CtC.

Let this story get the book’s revelations about the true nature of the tax and the manner in which it’s applied and administered into the clear light of day, and with traction. Let it push into view the on-going river of federal and state government acknowledgements of CtC‘s accuracy and completeness.

Let this unique and sympathetic story draw open the curtain on the the endless corruption deployed for more than 14 years in efforts to suppress the spread of CtC‘s liberating information, and on the despicable crimes committed against my beautiful wife in the evil expectation that these abuses will persuade me to shut up, stand down, and let the truth and the rule of law it sustains wither away.

SURELY SOME of you know SOME journalists or people with a substantial following that can get this all out there in a big way… Surely SOME of you have the resources to buy a page in the Washington Times or USA Today for telling this unprecedented, universal-interest story…

Surely SOME of you have the video production skills to produce the kind of high-impact, word-spreading videos that are made and deployed every day on behalf of many less worthy subjects. The resources I have posted that are available for such projects are stunning in their unparalleled character and quality.

People, make 2018– year fifteen since CtC‘s publication– be the year its unique, liberating, republic-restoring revelations about the tax and the law reach every eye in America. Please. Or frankly, I will be very tempted to hang it up.

The frustration of piling up year after year of breath-taking accomplishments and evidence, enormously more substantial and flawless than anything done by anyone ever in regard to the tax issue or any other area of public interest– at the cost of rivers of blood, sweat and tears from me and those I love– without ever getting even a glimmer of honest attention from any substantial journalist or pundit is destroying my health. Though not yet old, I am no longer young, and I mean to be around to know my grandkids.

And so, this may be it. It happens now– YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW– or this may be my last year trying.

My darling Doreen faces a return to prison at the end of this month if the poisonous assault on her isn’t abandoned as it should be. It won’t be if a huge noise isn’t made about it, and that brings all that frustration home to me.

This next abuse Doreen will suffer comes TWELVE YEARS after the beginning of the legal sham with which the assault began. TWELVE YEARS AGO corrupt actors in the DOJ asked a compliant judge to order Doreen to testify using words stuffed into her mouth by government officials, and to pretend they were her own– a crime so unmistakably obvious that even the perpetrators now have to admit it.

In all that twelve years, NO ONE who professes to stand against such things– not the ACLU, not the Institute for Justice, not the Pacific Legal Foundation, not the Rutherford Institute, not the ACLJ, not Judicial Watch, NO ONE– has raised a finger for her or for the rule of law being assailed by her relentless persecution.

Only one brave journalist with any kind of a footprint (Alex Newman with WND) ever wrote an honest word about her ordeal, and his editors only let him do so twice, and with nothing but “sketches” from the end of a ten-foot-pole. Otherwise, crickets… even from the self-congratulatory so-called “alt-media” that flatters itself as immune to the kind of “official spin” deployed on a huge scale to turn their eyes away from CtC and the corrupt efforts to suppress it.

Even those in this very community– even those whose victories are posted– stand silent. There should be, literally, fifty thousand unique YouTube videos by fifty thousand different Americans strenuously and joyfully urging everyone else to get CtC, study it, and act on what they learn from the book. And if there were, the media would be guided along into learning and contributing to that buzz.

Instead, only a few dozen of you have made those videos, and the rest are, what? Too frightened by the troll-planted idea that the evil state will come after you if you put your head above the trench-wall? The trolls dance in glee as you crouch in fear.

It can’t be a matter of being camera-shy. It is the hallmark of our current times that everyone from little kids to their elderly great aunt and grandparents make and post “selfies”– stills and videos– with abandon, and not a drop of restraint or even decorum.

But nonetheless, you hunker down silently. It must be fear.

Or is it a lack of confidence? Do you have in the back of your mind (as enormous troll-efforts strive to implant) the tickle of uncertainty about what you believe to be true– suspecting, in a hind-brain kind of way, that the fourteen-years-plus, $billions-worth of tax agency acknowledgements are really all just a giant, sustained, slip-through-the-cracks?

Do you think that what you have read somehow doesn’t mean what it says, just because officials who benefit from it being misunderstood haven’t held a press conference announcing their 80 years of perfidy, and still deploy lies to discourage its spread? Are you just nervous about going on record on behalf of CtC‘s information and the story around it?

So, why should journalists– who aren’t even intimately familiar with CtC‘s revelations and history like you are– stand up for this critically-important but deeply state-disfavored story, rather than turn nervously away themselves, as they now do? As Gandhi taught, YOU must be the change you want to see in the world, and only when you have led the way will others see the path.

ALL TOLD, AND AS YOU CAN SURELY APPREHEND, I am baffled, frustrated, weary and about at the end of my rope.

I hope I soon see a reason to feel differently.

“Cowardice asks the question: is it safe? Expediency asks the question: is it political? Vanity asks the question: is it popular? But conscience asks the question: is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor political, nor popular – but one must take it simply because it is right.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

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