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A Pay it Forward Letter for Truth and Justice

canstockphoto7415683This letter, adapted to email form, has been a long time coming. It represents my attempt to foster a grassroots ‘pay it forward’ message that stands a good chance of advancing Satyagraha (the Global Truth Movement) via the linchpin issue of 9/11 Truth and Justice. Without a doubt, if the 9/11 attacks were planned and executed by an cabal of dark rogue-state security operatives inside and around  the US federal government—which massive evidence says they were—the purpose of the attacks was to further this cabal’s plans of domination and war.

Mission accomplished. Except the perpetrators forgot one thing: In their arrogance they left so many clues that Inspector Clouseau could track them down. The only thing keeping the wrongdoers from being investigated and indicted by an independent grand jury is that corrupt and complicit government officials and their lackey media blockade any effort to pursue truth and justice in this matter. A widespread pay-it-forward, one-to-one letter/email is a potentially strong end run around the blockade. Please feel free to use this letter as written to start your own pay-it-forward cycle—addressing to friends, family, huckleberries, and casual acquaintances.

Please send me an email here if you choose to use my letter. Thank you.

Subject: Outstanding News! [Use this subject line as it’s true and positive.]

Dear <Friend: Use first name>:

Respectfully, my message to you I strongly feel is vital to the health and freedom of our country—it is based on an open letter published here, from a Dr. Miles J. Bennell intended for his associates, friends, family, and fellow citizens.

The United States was founded as a Constitutional republic based on the Rights of Man. Today—supposedly as a consequence of the 9/11 attacks—the US federal government by openly stated policy practices torture, war crimes, blanket mass surveillance, and innumerable documented acts of high treason.

Please, help to end these policies by first watching, as I have, the following two DVDs as a matter of urgency (they are generally available for free on YouTube)…

  • Experts Speak Out—From Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, this film shows the physical impossibility of the official story of 9/11 for the World Trade Center buildings’ destruction, especially WTC 7, which wasn’t struck by an airplane. Excellent presentation of evidence and appreciation of the psychological difficulty of accepting that “one’s leaders” could commit such a monstrous crime. And the need for an independent grand jury to investigate 9/11 and bring indictments.
  • Invisible Empire—Grimly entertaining exposé by Jason Bermas. The video describes who ‘they’ are—the controllers, the ‘Men of the Power Sickness’ who benefit from wars and other crimes of state upon the people. The invisible empire has, on the contrary, been as open as the barn door in a high wind on how they plan to rule.

… then, if you find the contents of these videos truthful and compelling, please ‘pay this message forward’ by sending it, individually, as is, to those you care for. Conveying thus the truth en masse yields Outstanding News: ending such horrors as the following overnight:

  • Torture
  • The Patriot Act
  • TSA and DHS
  • NDAA indefinite detention
  • Illegal wars
  • Murdering people with drones
  • Poison food
  • Poison air
  • NSA mass surveillance

… and reclaiming the Republic. I welcome your feedback on the two videos.


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