Brian’s Column: 9/11 Truth-Letter Closure Campaign, Part 2 of 3

More on setting up the personal message

Continued from Part 1.

Vertical_GFABefore we go into the steps for writing and sending our personal letter of appeal to action that we’ll be writing, we need to give some thought to our audience. Aside from the categories, what distinguishes the majority of the people we’ll be sending to—of the 353 names on my own personal lists, I’m estimating that more than half are deniers—is they are ‘respectable,’ generally established middle and upper-middle-class people who desperately do not want to face the facts about 9/11:

If the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) is not true, then the alternative idea that insiders in and around the highest levels of their US government authority conspired to commit a false-flag act of state terror killing thousands of Americans, resulting in illegal US wars of aggression to murder hundreds of thousands of non-Americans, finally unleashing a global militaristic police state to destroy the last vestiges of liberty—serving the conspirators’ agenda of world domination and depopulation—… is far too LARGE to wrap their minds around:

A: The Established Respectable Denier (Our Target)

“I did my part. Pledged allegiance. Took the deal. I went to school, graduated, worked for a corporation, paid taxes, got married and had children, believed the mainstream media, picked an Elephant or Donkey at election time, obeyed your many laws, and didn’t ask any questions. In return you ‘kept the trains running,’ protected me from the bad guys, and let me waddle comfortably into the sunset via my family cottage up north.

“Thus, you—the leadership and media matrix of the hallowed, one-and-only United States of America —do not commit atrocities, you CANNOT commit atrocities. Case closed.”

And when a friend or colleague brings up the dozens of anomalies in the OCT—typically proffering a video or DVD exposé—the average respectable, established denier responds with ridicule and dismissal. When hard-pressed by a truther, establishment deniers circle the wagons and point defensively to government-apologist ‘debunker’ sites or to so-called skeptic OCT water-carrier toadies such as Michael Shermer.  The deniers I’ve approached NEVER actually cast their eyes over any of the videos or literature that I refer them to—what scientists, engineers, architects, pilots, firefighters, scholars, and citizen researchers have painstakingly and mountainously assembled over the years.

To them, the prospect that the USG had anything to do with the deed is so terrifying that I’ve actually gotten the following reaction from quite a few of my deniers when I hand them, say, the sane and sober, step-by-step Experts Speak Out DVD (courtesy Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth):

“Even if what you say is true, I won’t believe it.”

Fact is, the established, respectable denier community is beginning to loosen up. Mainly from the simple fact that the OCT is losing ground daily by the millions. Polls continue to show that ever-increasing percentages of Americans doubt the official story. In Europe, as much as 90% of the public doubts the OCT. People in other countries think Americans live inside a bubble of denial, like the Truman Show, and they can’t believe we don’t realize this world is fake. Consider that, daily, thousands come to seriously doubt the official story, while virtually no one comes over to believe the official story.

B: The Ballast-Remainder Factor (Definitely Not Our Target)

A few days ago, I made my monthly visit to my dollar store a few miles away. Times are tough for this niche market as inflation makes it more and more difficult to cover one’s costs on the markup. So they don’t carry everything they used to; in particular, my store lacked the $1 body wash. I decided to stop off at my local CVS, find the cheapest body wash there at two bottles for $5. I chatted up the assistant manager; she explained how dollar stores buy in bulk as a product reaches its expiration date. Then the clinker:

“These dollar store operations buy and sell inferior products, to undercut normal American businesses and, just my opinion, they send the profits to the terrorists.”

“Wow,” I say, “I don’t have a response for that.”

This woman, who spoke good English, reminded me of a very large group of people who are easily manipulated by the media-government mind-control machinery. They’re the ones who:

  • believe Iraq had WMDs and was behind the 9/11 attacks
  • never knew that World Trade Center 7 (a 3d bldg.) was demolished on 9/11
  • think anyone in a uniform is a hero even if it’s pepper-spraying grandmothers
  • believe torture is an acceptable practice, esp. against Arabs and ‘protestors’
  • view Israel and its USG servants as justified in anything they do to further empire
  • feel what they are told to feel about powerful images in the media for staged events

… which they accept without question from the network anchors.These are the people who, when Obama says we have to bomb Iran, say “how high!” (or if they’re Republicans, say, “no, that’s not enough damage, kill all the women and children, too.”).

The human ballast-remainder is not our target because the die is cast with them. They are not necessarily stupid, rather stupified; they are the blind-obedience-to-authority crowd who will robotically commit any heinous, unconstitutional act a public official/soldier/policeman tells them to. Especially, if someone pays them. They are the forced school-brainwashed drones whose greatest ambition in life is to join any government organization where they can push people around or humiliate them… without fear of being prosecuted.

Really, I only point out this massive group of the truly soulless—I’d estimate 30-50% of the population—, because if we should somehow fail in our truth mission and we completely lose Constitutional liberty in America, they are going to be the prison guards and clerks who actually run everyone’s lives.

Final thoughts on the message target

Continuum_PopulationOkay, I hope I’ve made my point. We have the ‘B’ nontarget group of ballast-remainder at 30-50% and I estimate the ‘A’ target group of respectable deniers at 20-40% with the truth-dedicated group ‘T’ (of whom we are at the forefront) likewise at 20-40%. the way I read the tea leaves. As truth prevails, A declines dramatically, as a step function to less than 20%, while the B ballast-remainder does follow, though at a slower rate. The controlling elites (0.01%) rely on at least a 50% ballast-remainder to be keep the mind control machinery working properly.

Thus when Satyagraha hits the bricks with this focused ‘After 9/11 Truth’ personalized message program to all of our ‘A’ respectable denier contact lists—if the letters are done right and done well—what will most likely happen is the 9/11 Truth movement will very rapidly achieve what is known as critical mass: “Everyone who is anyone knows the government is lying and that the real suspects of 9/11 must now be brought to justice.”

It’s purely a matter of doing the messages right and well

How do we do that? I’m going to wind up with general observations on the letter template design, then I promise in the next installment I shall actually put up my own best effort at a template. Keep in mind, the template will be just that. Each individual adjusts to taste. What is important is that the personal letters (emails) we send do not threaten or cajole, nor do they rant or intimidate. These people we’re sending to are our friends, or at least they are esteemed family and acquaintances that we care about, who are generally good, productive people with high moral standards.

It’s simply that many of them are afraid to challenge the king regarding the king’s new lline of apparel. They’re afraid of the king, of the social opprobrium of stating what should be obvious, of what it can mean to question at root the awesome red-white-and-blue, multi-dimensional authority of the Holy Hallowed Wizard of the American state. They only need a gentle nudge and reassurances from those of us who are not afraid and who know what to do. Then they will proceed to become the ‘second little boy’ in the Hans Andersen fable… who agrees with Boy One that the emperor is naked.

Note: Many psychological reasons exist for not accepting obvious truths. Ken Jenkins does a fine job here and with his videos describing some of them. One of the biggest reasons is the longer people realize they’re wrong the harder it may be for them to admit that they were duped… or that they didn’t have the moxie to resist the lies. The unwilling- ness to admit being wrong or weak for years is a HUGE ego minefield, especially for guys, that we letter writers must tread around lightly.

Message Essentials

  • Subject Line: “Healing Our World”. [Will work on it, but up to the individual.] Mainly, make it a positive and simple sounding phrase that invites them to read.
  • First Line: I’m going to propose we use Christopher Bollyn’s excellent quotation centered at the top, which I use in my column “After 9/11 Truth.” That is: The false narrative of what happened on 9/11 can no longer be supported or sustained by any reasonable person.
    Christopher Bollyn in his open letter to Pope Francis, March 25, 2014
  • Greeting and intro line: Dear <first name>
    “I have good news, bad news, and some really fabulous news… with your help.”
  • Good news paragraph: We get right to it with all the key big evidence of 9/11 truth, reference to my ‘After 9/11 Truth’ column (or similar). Note that the world is coming to the truth, that we have real suspects, prepared to take to a people-in-charge grand jury. How 9/11 truth is good for America and will end the police state excesses and aggressive wars. We have nowhere to go but up by taking out the syndicate behind the crime. We feel an overpowering illness inside that must be expunged, a tooth
  • Bad news paragraph: Evident that the ones responsible are part of a bigger agenda, and that agenda includes war, debt, depopulation, a number of coordinated assaults by a ‘1%’ who insists on total worldwide domination. Mind control still in operation, false-flag efforts still being imposed. Human race is in grave danger on several fronts, self-destruct button may be used if the people do not take back their power. If we stall or hesitate, we will be one big Gulag Planet led by idiocracy with no choice but bad air, water, and killer junk food.
  • Fabulous news paragraph: By moving quickly and decisively to raise awareness as a step function, leading to bringing the suspects to indictment and trial, elaborate ‘How 9/11 truth is good for America and will end the police state excesses and aggressive wars. We have nowhere to go but up.’ What you can do: see the evidence, publicly declare, share this message, leading into a personal (though templatized by distlist) appeal. All about effortless power, pulling back the curtain, selling signature golf balls, turn the key, let go of the burdens.
  • Closing sentence semi-tailored but mainly: please feel free to contact to discuss any items in materials referenced (in the ‘After 9/11 Truth’ column).
  • Signature: Have an idea for Jesus, “… and the truth shall set us free.”

So that’s where I am now. Best wishes to the Satyagraha community and to our prospects on the ‘A’ team. The final column in this truth-letter campaign definition will update the letter-preparation-and-sending process, and display my current ‘best effort’ at a template for the cause. [The Part 3 column also outlines the basics of the entire nationwide (and worldwide) project for conveying huge numbers of personal letters of appeal—based on the template—(mainly in email form) to friends, family, huckleberries (esteemed acquaintances)… and ‘notables.’ The nature of the appeal being a sincere, heartfelt request that the recipient a) step up to discover the truth[1] and b) man up to publicly declare his support for the truth.

Part 3: 9/11 Truth-Letter Closure Campaign

[1] The necessary and, in this case sufficient, step for discovering the truth is to look at any of the wide array of developed evidence in the form of videos, books, articles, studies, scientific papers, and so on that deal with the objective causation of the 9/11 events or event categories. To look at the evidence, one must choose to look at the evidence. Once the average 9/11 no-looker does honestly look, he comes to the truth. Whether he then chooses to assert his knowledge is another step that requires moral courage… made infinitely easier by the fact that people are already doing so increasingly, en masse.

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