Guest Column: The International Gangster

No doubt, America is one of the most aggressive nations in the world
by Bob Livingston in Personal Liberty (excerpted from here)

graphic1Is the U.S. government an international gangster? No doubt, America is one of the most aggressive nations in the world.

The U.S. has fought by far the largest number of wars based on propaganda pretenses. It has broken the international laws of war, maintained secret prisons, bombed innocents in Libya and Syria for “humanitarian” reasons, armed terrorists in those countries, and trained and instigated them to overthrowing legitimate regimes.  It’s droned-bombed wedding parties (see here and here) and hospitals.

It’s run guns to narcoterrorists in Mexico and fought an absurd war against drugs in Colombia and Afghanistan and at home, where the tentacles of the narcotics mafia now reach into political circles.

The neocon wing of the war party, with Fox News leading the charge, is now itching to complete its planned destruction of Middle East. And with Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya reduced to piles of rubble teaming with sectarian violence; Syria enmeshed in a U.S.-instigated civil war; and U.S. goals at least temporarily checkmated by Russia, it’s time to move on to the last domino to fall: Iran.

Unfortunately for the Pentagon and the military-industrial complex, the banksters came first, so the undocumented usurper currently despoiling the People’s House forged an agreement with Iran that has temporarily derailed their plans. The Iran agreement that John (Kohn) Kerry negotiated on behalf of the international banksters  is touted by the regime as one that will halt, or at least slow, Iran’s progress toward building its own nuclear weapon.

The propaganda ministry mainstream media has been parroting the neocons’ talking points on Iran’s nuclear intentions and the country’s desire to attack America for more than a decade. But the truth is Iran poses no real threat to America.

Unlike Israel, Iran has no atomic weapons and is a signatory to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. It has no delivery system capable of hitting America with a weapon and no military capacity to reach American shores. Its people are largely sympathetic to America and embrace Western values. It knows that any nuclear attack on the U.S. or Israel would be suicidal.

And despite 60-plus years of American meddling in Iran’s internal affairs, Iran has not carried out or sponsored a terrorist attack on the United States. Yet we are told Iran is the aggressor. Maybe the Iranians are being provocative when you consider how closely they’ve situated their country to America’s military bases. (See the graphic.)

Iran is an enemy of ISIS, which, to hear what the propaganda media and surveillance-state backers tell us, is trying to kill us and may be the second greatest threat to our existence, behind global warming. But Iran did more to kick ISIS out of key Iraqi cities than America and the Iraqis did, and Iran kept Syria’s regime propped up long enough for the Russians to intervene and give Bashar Assad some breathing room in his battle to defeat ISIS and al-Qaida-linked forces that the U.S. has inexplicably been aiding. A Syria without a government would have become just another Libya, a hellhole with resources and territory for ISIS to exploit.

Still, the neocons have been fighting tooth and nail to derail Obama’s Iran agreement in deference to the Israel lobby. And conveniently, just as the undocumented usurper was loading his State of the Union speech into his teleprompter, two American vessels happened to “malfunction” and “drift” into Iranian territorial waters, where they were captured and held for several hours. And we now know that the excuse of “malfunction” and “drift” is a lie.

The timing, the Navy’s reticence to explain how and why two of its boats were disabled in Iranian waters, followed by the government’s admitting that the engines and GPS units on both vessels were functioning properly, makes it more than a little likely the incident was staged in an attempt to embarrass the president. And it would not be the first time a U.S. naval vessel was used for pretext to start or expand a war.

The Israel lobby is leaning heavily on Congress to scuttle Obama’s Iran deal. The pressure is so great — the Israel lobby controls the U.S. political and bureaucratic class like no other entity  — that even Democrats have grown soft and are subtly threatening to join Republicans in pressing for an extension of sanctions against Iran.

There are those — like insane John McCain (neocon warmonger-Ariz.) — saying Iran committed an act of war in capturing the American ships.  But if those ships were in Iranian territory, Iran’s navy, such that it is, would have been derelict to have not captured the ships of a country that has political leaders constantly claiming Iran is the enemy of their country. Americans would certainly expect the U.S. Coast Guard or Navy to capture and board Iranian ships — or North Korean, Russian or Chinese ships, for that matter — and interrogate the crew, if they entered American territorial waters.

And Obama got them released much quicker than Great Britain did its sailors in 2007. That would seem to be a testament to diplomacy with Iran over isolation.

The war party — and the GOP presidential aspirants — tells us that we must grow our military and keep up and even expand the wars on Muslim countries to make America safe. If 36 years of war on the Middle East and North Africa have not made us safer — and, in fact, have made us less safe, by the politicians’ own admission — how doubling down on this failed and unconstitutional policy will change the current course escapes me.

But don’t worry so much about a deal with Iran. Whether the Obama regime follows through with it is irrelevant. The U.S. is the greatest exporter of terrorism the world has ever seen, and its deals aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. Just ask Moammar Gadhafi what happens when you make deals with America.

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  1. The USA government is the best government international corporations can buy. Sometimes creating new enemies is the only way they can keep the endless wars going. God forbid that any one of these corporations that compose the military industrial complex should go bankrupt. How would America be protected from all the new enemies that these corporations and bogus “Intelligence” created?

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