Brian’s Column: The Grave Injustice to Doreen Hendrickson

Drawn from the Prophet’s comments in the The Truman Prophecy

WitchcraftInterlode: The Motor City Witchcraft Trial

Notes on trial to a World Net Daily reporter, by Hiram Chance.

The great libertarian scholar, Albert Jay Nock, wrote, “Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class.” And that statement wholly represents my impression of the proceedings against Doreen… not to mention previous outrages of justice committed on her husband, Pete.

I knew from day 1—from the blatant, self-righteous hostility of the judge, from instructions to the jury, from the open collaboration of the judge with the prosecution, and, later, from obvious judicial tampering with the jury—that the fix was in. This was not a court of law, but a tribunal of Soviet-style justice: guilty regardless of anything.

Even so, many supporters adamantly held out that THIS WAS NOT A TAX CASE, it was never a tax case, it was a case of whether government officials—particularly officers of the court—can compel a person to state what she believes is false… such as whether she’s a witch.

The correct approach for Doreen to argue, IMHO, was simply, “Your honor, I am being charged with contempt for refusing to perjure myself on orders of a judge. Such orders are illegal, unconstitutional. Thus, I did not disobey a LAWFUL order. The state’s burden is to prove beyond doubt that I disobeyed a LAWFUL order. And it will not be able to do so.”

Yet the judge told the court that nothing regarding LAWFULNESS of the order could be entered in discussion. Which basically denied to Doreen her right to a defense. Such denial would never survive an appeal.

Justice requires that Doreen be released, her record expunged, and that she be restituted for the crime of false imprisonment to the tune of several thousand dollars—$100,000 seems a minimum amount. Further, ALL PARTIES TO THE CRIME OF SUBORNING PERJURY MUST BE INDICTED, CONVICTED, AND IMPRISONED PER STATUTE FOR THEIR HEINOUS ACT. We the people cannot tolerate such vicious, lawless behavior.

Why did the government illegally prosecute and convict Doreen. Answer: The ‘Hendrickson Discovery,’ as I call it, has resulted in retrieval of several $billion in incorrectly paid taxes to hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Why? Because inside the government are still people and processes who observe the law correctly and do NOT accept Nock’s assertion that the government must be a professional-criminal class. A constitutional republic limits government power and specifically enjoins government crime.

In Doreen’s case (and many others) a cabal of criminals in government has usurped power; that gang of usurpers—which is now in charge of large parts of the government—IS TERRIFIED THAT THE HENDRICKSON DISCOVERY WILL SPREAD to MILLIONS of persons who will retain HUNDREDS OF $BILLIONS in wealth… thus hard-stopping their ‘professional-criminal class’ con game… with resounding benefit to all humankind. IOW the mobsters in government are in panic about their imminent demise, and grasping at straws to keep people ignorant and compliant.

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1 thought on “Brian’s Column: The Grave Injustice to Doreen Hendrickson

  1. Co abuse of power
    For me, the incarceration of anyone in areas away from their loved ones is an abuse of power. The government should have to ask special permission and prove their case when placing anyone further than xxxx miles away from their home. This is cruel and unusual punishment against not only the incarcerated one but her entire circle of family and friends.
    Dying inmates often are denied visits because the travel costs are unreasonable.

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