Brian’s Column: The 2016 LP National Convention

Libertarians nominate presidential ticket Gary Johnson/William Weld,
now actually standing a chance of winning the 2016 election… IF…

SM_Johnson-Weld… they continue to avoid shooting themselves in the foot (as was ever their wont) and rise to the challenge of The Truman Prophecy… by committing themselves to the Snowden-Manning political program. [In a phrase, the Libertarians “have to bring real truth and real justice to real people.”]

Note: From Shane Trejo’s column here, I realize that Weld, with some disturbing specifics to his background, could be a colossal mistake. But I don’t think so. As I try to point out in this column, what matters isn’t who our candidates are but the political program they will effect. And WE, the truth-justice-liberty warriors, will be—or certainly can be—the driver of what they do. They represent us; we have to insist they embrace the Snowden-Manning program, or else! ALL parties and ALL candidates.

It was a cliffhanger from what my Rose—watching CSPAN—was telling me with regular updates this afternoon. Gary Johnson won the presidential nod this morning on a second ballot, handily. But his preferred vice-presidential candidate, William Weld—another former two-term Republican governor in a largely Democratic state (Massachusetts 1991-1997)—had to duke it out with a handful of presumably fine individuals yet having the political notability of the dogcatcher in Enid, Oklahoma.

LPdotOrgFor a moment, it appeared the party would do as it had done on key occasions in the past, when they ingloriously dumped on what a lot of us who worked the successful Ed Clark campaign, 1980, saw as ‘winning’ candidacies: Earl Ravenal (vs. David Bergland, 1984), Russell Means (vs. Ron Paul, 1988), and Aaron Russo (vs. Michael Badnarik, 2004). These were the years when had the party faithful risen above cracker-barrel emotionalism and gone for the more professional or exciting candidate with serious ATMM (access to money and/or media), the LP could likely have put itself on the map… as something other than the National Eternal Supper Club of Windmill Tilters.[1]

This Time the Veep Candidacy was the Potential Foot Shot

Here we have another Republican-lite-looking candidate with (at least off-mainline) globalist insider connections, vying for the vice presidential slot, former Massachusetts governor William Weld. I get the point. Is he a real libertarian? Can we trust him? You have to walk into the deal with open eyes. Basically,1) he’s VP, not P, 2) he brings lots of ATMM to the table, 3) he speaks succinctly and incisively, with wit and humor, 4) his US attorney record of going after corrupt establishment Republicans (and Democrats) is solid, and 5) he wants the job.

The base LP message insofar as national government is simple:

  1. Peace (non-imperialistic foreign policy)
  2. Civil Liberties (full frontal, for everyone)
  3. Economic Freedom (full backtal, for everyone)

IOW, the nonaggression principle. Yes, it’s fairly easy to sound like a libertarian yet not to walk the walk when it comes down to facing off against Big Brother, especially Big Brother in the guise of the insider corporate-banking gangsters who run the American chapter of the Global Crime Syndicate (New World Order). Will William man up against the Syndicate? Will Gary? My humble opinion is yes… partially. Regardless of what Johnson or Weld do or say during and after the campaign, if Johnson-Weld reaches the White House, we can expect the following almost immediately:

  1. Radical scaleback of ‘defense’ (War is costly, these are good businessmen)
  2. Start of disentangling entangling alliances, especially to the Greater Israel Lobby
  3. An end to the War on Drugs (Gov. Johnson’s prime-time issue in New Mexico)
  4. Defederalization and demilitarization of police; end to the prison industrial complex
  5. Major hit to all national security state, illegal Big Brother programs and agencies
  6. Chop or kill: DHS, NSA, CIA, TSA, NDAA treasonous planks, blanket spying, etc.
  7. Budget axe to major departments, especially those interfering with free enterprise
  8. Bah-bah Federal Reserve and the gluttonous thieves of the central banking cartel
  9. Black budget programs go the way of the dodo bird; pervasive state secrecy ceases
  10. THE national budget will be balanced the first year without any new taxes

Even the loudest, bleakest anarchist-voluntaryist-autarkist-agorist l/Libertarian bemoaning continuation of the coercive American Leviathan state has to admit the above 10 actions will amount to major improvement of the human condition .AND. a wedge into the dam of global statist control/domination that will soon open up like Moses parting the Red Sea. So, too, I MYSELF—creator of the Snowden-Manning political program (impetus for the soon-to-form Truth and Justice Caucus of the Libertarian Party)—am elated that for one brief, shining moment the Libertarian Party did NOT shoot itself in the foot or step on its Cover_Leaving_Sandbox_Frontprincipal appendage (i.e. dick) [old Ukrainian saying].

Prospects for humanity have indeed brightened considerably… and imminently. Moreover, my own proposed grand strategy for l/Libertarians, announced in Leaving the Sandbox: Grownup Grand Strategy for Libertarians in an era of wanton US federal crimes and terror, becomes prophetic… despite what has to be regarded as a freak event in our favor, with the one-in-a-million Johnson-Weld emergence against two freakishly horrific older party candidates.

Cleanup Still Urgent for High-Crime Assaults of the Threat Matrix

What we have with the LP convention results on Sunday, May 29, 2016, is an auspicious start. But by no means can liberty lovers rest on our laurels… or, most important, lose sight of the fact that electoral politics is at best a promising sideshow for success in the main feature. The fundamental drama of our age is whether humanity can shake once and for all the Men of the Power Sickness and their continuing lethal attacks on humankind, which they are doubling down on in earnest… as they run in panic… of being exposed.

Truman_Front_NewThe LP must show true leadership by embracing truth in acknowledging the reality of the MOPS’ (NWO, Western Cabal, Global Junta, Borg, Neurarchy, Kleptocons, pathocracy, toxocracy, power elite, Empire, Big Sibling, etc.) high-crime attacks. The most serious of these—toxic air (via geoengineering), toxic food (GMO-Frankenfoods), toxic water (fluoridation, lead pipes), toxic medicine (forced vaccines, psych drugs), toxic energy (‘smart’ meters), new energy-tech suppression, Orwellian mind control, compulsory state education, control of money and credit, massive tax extraction subterfuge, and of course perpetual war for perpetual slavery—are outlined in my recent novel, The Truman Prophecy.

HIddenThe LP and Americans in general must also embrace justice, primarily by reclaiming THEIR institution from America’s First Principles:[2] fully empowered, people’s independent, 4th- branch-of-government grand juries. [The Truman Prophecy envisions workable scenarios.] Why? Because judicial corruption is rampant, particularly via crimes of aggression by state-franchised corporate entities on seemingly powerless human individuals. The fact is we the individual people have immense power thanks to the proper grand jury—whose prime function is to monitor and control (investigate and indict) gross public-official misconduct.

All we have to do is pick it out of the people’s toolbox and put it into play. Refer to Kelly Mordecai’s book shown above, The Hidden 4th Branch. Several others have been contributing to the resurrection of ubiquitous (local, state, and federal) common sense grand juries: Pete Hendrickson’s proposed 28th Amendment to the Constitution, William Windsor’s pursuit of the legislative front via, a Michigan constitutional amendment initiative to form grand juries to indict officials for oath violations, and my own recent column sketching a virtual grand jury system to pressure the statist usurpers into making grand juries real and now.

In the near future grand juries will be meeting on every street or cyber corner in America 24/7 to clean up the accumulation of massive corruption/criminality of public officials and that of their private sector associates. What’s more, corruption grand-jury seating will be random and voluntary, exclude government employees, and pay decently from state funds: jurors shall receive three to four times minimum wage or the prorated salary of the chief executive, whichever is higher.

Special note: The authority of the grand jury, particularly federal, transcends all claims of state secrecy by public officials. A special standing federal grand jury shall also be empaneled to rule on the constitutionality of acts of Congress or the executive branch—yes, removing the ‘fox-in-the-hen-house’ Supreme Court from this crucial validation process.

Johnson-Weld and the rest of the LP need to get on board now with the Truth and Justice Caucus, leading with plans to implement people’s First Principles grand juries across the land. Also, they need to realize that for public purposes, all legitimate suspects of high-crimes of government—where official lies and deception are key factors, e.g. 9/11 and all the other alleged Big Lies—must be subjected to grand jury investigation and indictment to petit jury trial for legal determination of crime and punishment. IOW, TRUTH.

Thus, every individual in America shall have ready access to a grand jury of their peers… whether to mitigate or indict public official harassment of himself or to investigate and indict persons suspected of high-crimes against the people in general. Which is to say, all power to the individual, and by virtue of that power, grand juries über alles.

The Snowden-Manning 2016 Political Program

PageHere, on the eve of Memorial Day 2016, I’m reiterating my 10-point SM justice program to the attention of the Johnson-Weld campaign… and to all federal candidates of any party for any office. What is important is not ‘the man,’ rather the program. As Jordan Page sings it so eloquently, We Will Be Free (‘Unchained’). As Libertarians—I’ll be renewing my party membership (I was the 2437th in 1979)—we have to now step up to truth and justice in a bold way, perhaps out of our comfortable illusion that electoral politics effects real, positive change. It’s all mirrors and stimulus-response agitation.

DoreenWhat causes change is when people realize their own individual power and take charge of their lives, and, further, do not accept any collective’s claims of ownership or control. Practically speaking, each of us as an individual now needs to recognize the show business boost that Johnson-Weld provides for breaking the chains of hypergovernment. Primarily by insisting on empowered independent, and well-funded, grand juries at all levels. Even if Johnson-Weld wins, tens of thousands of individuals will remain pounded by the state, unjustly imprisoned—the Doreen Hendrickson case is the most extreme, but common as sand—, evicted from their homes, and otherwise crushed by government mobsters and their evil-lawyer lackeys.

Grand juries enable us the people to even the score, to go on the offensive and send these defective little monstrosities—suckees of the mafias of city hall, the statehouse, or the District of Criminals—off to where the sun don’t shine. Of course, the suckERS, the mafia dons and donettes, too: bad judges, prosecutors, cops, county sheriffs, meter maids, all the petty little potentates up and down the line. The people’s justice will be done!

In the meantime, we need to submit the Snowden-Manning Political Program to every federal candidate we know… modifying it slightly for state and local candidacies. This is the People’s Program. Take part in the process, buy and distribute the bumper stickers, take it viral. Here’s the program:

 The Snowden-Manning 10-Point Justice Program

  • Expose federal crimes: Proceed to clean house by full exposure and disclosure of government-official felony crimes. Special Snowden-Manning note: Revealing government-official felony crimes shall not be a felony crime.
  • Indict federal criminals: Fully empowered grand juries shall be restored, empaneled by judges, upon citizen-complaint, to investigate and indict criminal activity by government officials and associates.
  • Restore the innocent: No one who has not aggressed upon another person shall be prosecuted, convicted, or imprisoned by government. Release those who have been so harmed, expunge their records, provide restitution.
  • Hard stop Big Brother: Immediately deactivate and defund the DHS, NSA, CIA, TSA; repeal the Patriot Act and indefinite detention of the NDAA, indict all officials (for high treason) who enacted such unconstitutional acts.
  • Shut down the Empire: Reduce military spending 50%/yr. for 10 yrs.; destroy weapons of mass destruction, starting with the US’s; demilitarize/ defederalize US law enforcement; strictly adhere to posse comitatus; end the empire.
  • Enforce the Constitution: Prosecute (those committing) unconstitutional executive orders, due process violations, war crimes, illegal surveillance, drone strikes on civilians, mass imprisonment, and mass murder. (Etc.)
  • End high-crime assaults: Urgently bring before empowered grand juries all parties to suspected high-crime assaults: geoengineering poisoned skies, GMOs, forced medicine, ‘smart’ meters, 9/11 and other false-flags, staged massacres, etc.
  • Defund tyranny: Per uncontested federal law, nonprivileged direct earnings are not income. Stop paying tax on them, NOW! Read Cracking the Code and quit handing to Leviathan the hammer forging your chains.
  • Revive honest living: End monopoly central banks and assess owners for reparations; release wealth-generating bonanza of productive humanity from cartel chokehold; withdraw state privilege from corporations worldwide.
  • Apply First Principles: Per the Declaration of Independence, rights are accorded by Nature and valid governments require voluntary consent. We the people may nonaggressively opt out of rogue states, individually or en masse.

[For SM16 bumper stickers, access to buy at: Design link at]

Best wishes to the Johnson-Weld team and to all my colleagues in the LP/LP of Michigan who saw the remarkable day to fruition. To those who worry about the ticket selling out to the PTB, don’t. The paradigm of conversation of the 2016 election, not to mention 2016: The Year of Conscious Evolution, has just made a sea change. Of a sudden, the media mainliners will be discussing the solutions liberty offers, not the inanities/insanities of Trump/Clinton. It doesn’t even matter at this point if Johnson/Weld falter… they won’t. Because willy nilly the people will be given a taste of freedom.

Human nature is to want to take ever bigger bites of what tastes good.

[1] Outside of these ‘if-only’ years, after 1980, the LP presidential candidates have been decent fellows: Marrou, 1992; Browne, 1996, 2000; Barr 2008; and of course Johnson in 2012, who received the most votes yet for an LP presidential candidate, thanks to the awful choice between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. But no substantial progress in LP candidate vote percentages was achieved across the board.

[2] America’s First Principles are found in the “We hold these truths…” paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. Generally held to be five:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that (1: equality before the law) all men are created equal, that (2: rights come from Nature) they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,  that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

(3: sole purpose of government to secure rights) That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, (4: valid governments based on voluntary consent) deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

(5: right to alter/abolish or control/monitor a particular government) That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

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