Brian’s Column: Update on The Truman Prophecy (2016)

‘Trumanism’ über alles?

Truman_Front_NewIt’s been a few months now since the publication of The Truman Prophecy, my novel envisioning three stages of human evolution for reaching a benevolent New Paradigm (Billion+ Points of Light) society of peace, freedom, and abundance for individuals, planetwide:

  1. Toto (Truth) Phase—integrated truth salients vs. high-crime assaults of the Men of the Power Sickness… exposing lies at root of the assaults.
  2. Dorothy (Justice) Phase—1) recovering American First Principles’ grand juries to end government criminality/corruption, 2) political program of
  3. Truman (Liberty) Phase—individual self-realization and formal declaration as beings of independent consciousness (Indiecons),[1] replacing rogue coercive government with a First Principles'[2] freedom-of-choice system.

In reality, the three phases proceed together synergistically. They form the socio-spiritual philosophy/movement of Trumanism. Which is a whole new way of looking at our world as human consciousness evolves… once and for all as deeply independent and conceptual. Another series of terms conveying the earthy human essence of the belief system—i.e. corresponding to truth, justice, and liberty—is:

  • Carrey1Wake: to see and assert the truth
  • Stand: for justice based on the truth
  • Walk: declare and live as an Independent

Each of the steps is vital, and each takes intellectual and moral courage. The singular image and icon defining this movement is the final scene in the movie, The Truman Show (1998), when the protagonist Truman Burbank declares himself as a human being of independent conceptual consciousness who will no longer accept his gilded confinement—physical or psychological. He wakes up and walks out… into the fresh air of liberty.

And so shall we.

This column means to give a preliminary status report. Mainly regarding the book (inasmuch as the idea of Trumanism as a philosophy is of quite recent vintage).  Here’s what I can tell you:

  • The novel, which I had hoped readers might use to self-fulfill its prophecy, will remain fictional, that is, key events will not happen as described by November of this year, 2016.  At the same time, the seeds of these ideas are being planted daily in minds who have the imagination to see and will to act.
  • Endorsements and solid reviews for The Truman Prophecy are growing, showing insight into the principles it renders; readers also point to its “richness of ideas,” “clear and energetic prose,” “contagious optimism,” and so on.
  • The companion books alluded to in the Prophecy are coming along well: The ‘J’ Spot, documenting a nondenominational ‘magic move’ (the Move) to quiet the mind, and The Independent’s Field Manual will show straightforward tools for survival as we mop up the disintegrating world of the Collecticons.[3]
  • Appealing literature and marketing ideas continue to present themselves to me, and the creative roads seem to lead to an integration of Trumanism with a core full consciousness accelerated by the Move; the name I have given to the philosophy corresponding to this consciousness is ‘Beism.’

So is Trumanism/Beism viable?

T_B_EmblemTrumanism/Beism runs a parallel path to Rand’s Objectivism and to classical liberal anarchy, and resolves some notable contradictions of these ideologies; it also presents a more viable, open-source framework for negating attempts of the global mob (Glob) to ignore and/or suppress it. Trumanism does a much cleaner, more direct exposure of the truth… as well as provide popular tools, like the grand jury, to get cracking on the dead weight of government(s) corruption. It promises a revolution in consciousness, an unanswerable jujitsu to the Men of the Power Sickness who have set up shop to basically annihilate humanity (and all prospects for the healthful, benevolent Billion+ Points of Light Society).

Please refer to this promotional intro to The ‘J’ Spot to illustrate the movement’s immense potential.

Testimonials to This Point

At the time of original posting of this column, reviews on the Amazon page for Truman number 25 with an average 4.9-star (out of 5) rating. A condensation of summaries is listed in the table below:

Truman Reviews on Amazon—Summaries

Great Writer

Deborah Kendrick. December 6, 2016.

Brian is an excellent creative writer. You don’t have to be a Libertarian to respect his views. I’m not, and sometimes have different opinion. Brian stands up for what he believes, and you must respect that. I would recommend this book to everyone. Brian shares a lot of opinions and reviews on his site called: Brian welcomes your opinion, even when it differs from his.Keep up the great work! (Debbie)

If you don’t want to spend the rest of your …

Brendan. September 16, 2016.

If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with your head buried in the sand with your butt exposed this is for you. Truth will set us free.

The Truman Prophecy brilliantly tacks against “The Men of the Power Sickness” and …

Susan. August 26, 2016.

The Truman Prophecy brilliantly tacks against “The Men of the Power Sickness” and their ongoing ‘high-crime assaults’ on the people–atrocities masked by LIES. Wright’s protagonists unravel the fraudsters like a cheap piñata…then go on to build a world of truth, justice, and liberty in our time. The prose is sharp, humor-rich, and earthy. The book: radically inspiring. Thanks!!

Through the Looking Glass on the way to The Exit

Pete Hendrickson, author; Cracking the Code. August 7, 2016.

BRIAN WRIGHT HAS TO BE one of the most idea-rich libertarian activists on the planet. He is certainly one of the hardest-working and most optimistic. All three of these virtues are prominently displayed in Brian’s new book, The Truman Prophecy….

Like the film The Truman Show‘ which inspired Brian’s title, The Truman Prophecy is a journey to the exit from a snare of illusion and the exploitation that ensnarement makes possible. But The Truman Prophecy is not about an escape—instead it is about victory over the illusions and their beneficiaries….

Accordingly, though steadily upbeat in demeanor The Truman Prophecy is not a warm, fuzzy gaze at pie-in-the-sky through rose-colored glasses. Instead it is filled with prescriptions for the problems it presents, involving both transformations in those who wish for change and very specific concrete practical actions to be taken. In many ways, this book is a combination “red pill” and ‘Whole Earth Catalog’ for the righteous political activist.

A means to put tyranny in its proper place

Liberty Dan. August 2, 2016.

Brian is sincerely attempting to save the world with this publication. In it he focuses on a plan to expose seven deliberate acts of harm currently being perpetrated on humanity and deceptively covered up. These are crimes that should be easy to see by anyone who has not been programmed by media propaganda. But, for those that have watched too much TV, many references are given to help set you straight. He then describes a means by way of resurrecting the People’s Grand Jury to indict and prosecute the predators of these crimes, and he does this in a story form so as to make it as interesting as possible for the reader.

A book filled with optimism and hope

Jim Dodson, owner: Liberty Bookstore, Concord, NH. July 26, 2016

It was a few months later, after I’d read and processed his Sacred Nonaggression Principle, New Pilgrim Chronicles (about the Free State), and There Must Be Some Mistake (his personal story of the drug war)—I carried his books in my store—I recognized that not only is Brian Wright a caring, real human being working for freedom, the dude CAN WRITE!!!….

To the book: The Truman Prophecy is packed with information covering numerous topics: GMO foods, chemtrails, vaccinations forced or under the pretense of not being forced, diseases that did not spring from nature but from a laboratory. 9/11 and other staged acts of terror that are clearly false flags. Taxes taken out of our hides by sheer intimidation. Said taxes used to fund wars that have no real justification. Wars provoked for profit and to extend and strengthen power over us.

Brian Wright also presents some very strong remedies, notably the use of grand juries. He connects the various topics with skill, and I am very much looking forward to reading the last half of the book. I really want to see what happens. I hope you, dear reader, and several million other people give this book a try. It is a book filled with hope. It could change this world, and I would love to see that world.

Picks up where Ayn Rand and Eckhart Tolle leave off

Gordon Bird, secular libertarian, auto enthusiast/competitor. July 14, 2016

The Truman Prophecy is an audacious, stunning literary achievement. It’s also a fast-paced, entertaining, viscerally satisfying smackdown by the good guys of the bad guys—with a richness of liberating notions that had me reeling with enthusiasm. I didn’t want to put it down… but I had to take time to digest each gourmet session in order to best savor the next one.

The author projects a near-term unfolding of the modern liberty movement where key characters—real and fictional—“see the light,” then walk a bold new, yet cooperatively structured, path of truth and justice toward liberty. Wright’s take on liberty’s flowering is psychological independence or “Independent consciousness” en masse (what the protagonist in the 1998 movie, The Truman Show, embodies by choosing to leave his large, gilded stage)….

I love this novel’s spirit and its prescriptions, the characters and their labors of love. I love its intellectual depth—confidently taking off from Ayn Rand (esp. The Fountainhead) and Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now—and its self-fulfilling optimism. It truly has the potential to be culture-bearing… thru “Independents’ Day” and beyond.

Best book of 2016

Steve Kwartz, atheist steeplejack. July 6, 2016.

Brian Wright has always been a thought provoking author. His latest work The Truman Prophecy succeeds in challenging the reader to question the latest political events. In a society where public opinion is largely controlled by the media., Brian Wright boldly attempts to “pull back the curtain” to discover truth. Intertwined with familiar movie references, the authors’ journey of breaking free offers a new paradigm for the growing number of Independents.

Fresh ideas for troubled times

Tim Keirnan, automotive engineer, performance driving enthusiast. July 4, 2016.

It’s all in the title of my review. The author has proposed ideas that may seem widely divergent from “conventional wisdom” that you see and hear parroted on dominant media outlets, and from ignorant/stupid/criminal politicians, but that is the entire point. What we’ve been doing in the United States in my lifetime doesn’t seem to have worked well, and party politics has not shown any ability to improve our lot. I’m looking at the Libertarian Party as much as the corrupt duopoly GOP/Dems when I write that. The ideas in this book are making me investigate them further, and the ample footnotes and links help me determine which ideas I find valid and applicable to my own situation.

I’m intrigued by the proposed use of citizen grand juries to help put citizens back in charge of an out of control and non-representative government, and as a new homeowner will look at the links about smart meters. I just bought the author’s Leaving the Sandbox book to continue pursuing some of the ideas, and as a matter of full disclosure I received The Truman Prophecy as a gift from the author, whose association I’ve appreciated over many years. I like how he’s stressing the importance of making a difference in your local community instead of having dinner discussions on national policy but never doing something to improve anything.

Highly recommended for people who are tired of establishment corruption

Michael Atkinson. July 3, 2016

I haven’t read that many books in my life outside of having an Associate’s Degree in the Music and Video Business. I also joined the U.S. Army Engineer Corps in October of 2000. Then 9/11/01 happened. My boss was at the Pentagon that morning.. and my research started the very next day. Now, I know it was all a bunch of fraud and I want justice. Enough of all this bs. I’ve somewhat known and followed the author being a long-time 9/11 truth activist, and found this book to be both inspirational and informative.

With jest and smarts, Brian shows us how we can view the lies of the real-world owners and manipulators of our world that are constantly being used and controlled by the powers that be. We should strive for the freedom expressed within the independent grand jury. Highly recommended for people who are tired of establishment corruption. It’s time to rise.

Helping the rest of us towards breaking through the illusion

Claudio Marty, entrepreneur: “I Am the Face of (911) Truth.” June 30, 2016.

A non stop read! “The illusion of our reality is what we are all trying to figure out and sometimes we butt heads with each other. Not our fault, we are all doing our best to figure out what is real and what is fake. Getting along even though we may have a different take on the illusion should not stop us from exposing and ending the illusion. We are all on the same side and without our combined efforts to expose the matrix, we and future generations are all doomed.” Thank you Brian Wright for helping the rest of us towards breaking through the illusion.

Inspires us along the Road to Freedom

Arleen. June 20, 2016

Brian Wright continues to bring human consciousness closer to the truth with another intellectually superior thought provoking method of writing. This book will bring you closer to understanding the injustices to liberty and why we must not hesitate to take action now to claim our human birthright. With a storyteller’s art, The Truman Prophecy encourages us to capture our spiritual essence and tap into our inherent power as human beings. When we get this, we will no longer tolerate the lies, deceptions and fabrications blocking our liberty and human rights. The novel will inspire you along the road to freedom.

Highly stimulating

Rudy List. June 12, 2016

This is an interesting book. The author describes a doable approach that would restore control of the U.S. to its citizenry.

Touches all the bases

David Lonier, precinct delegate, Michigan liberty activist. June 9, 2016

The Truman Prophecy covers most, if not all the bases, for peacefully restoring our lost freedoms. A Revolution in Consciousness…The exercise of fully informed individuals focused on achieving individual freedom for all. An inspirational and challenging book, spot on with the most vital issues we are facing today.

Truth be told

Tanya Dejkunchorn, prop., Chiropractic Studio, Troy, MI. June 5, 2016.

Great symbolism projected with The Truman Prophecy. Creative writing style kept me engaged in continued reading.

Well worth a read

J.D. Worsham. May 12, 2016

This intriguing work does not reflect upon the career of the American president, as the reader might think at first glance, but instead takes its inspiration from the futuristic movie, The Truman Show. Before long, plenty of other associations come along, many suggested by the author and some others the reader will fill in for himself. Certain of the writings of Tom Wolfe and the movie, Idiocracy, came to my mind….

It’s not preachy, and it’s not meant to twist your arm. In a way, it may not even deserve to be called “futuristic” in that the author does not lead the reader by the hand in conventional fashion, proving that a series of developments will occur. They’re upon you already and invite your response. This is a thought-provoking—but delightful—ride you’ll want to read a second time and pass along to a friend.

Barks up a lot of the right trees

Kevin Barrett, author: Truth Jihad; May 9, 2016.

We live in a dystopian era, which is why we need utopian fiction more than ever. Reality is worse than Orwell times Huxley to the nth power; how could it possibly get worse…much less get better? Those who have taken the red pill need a map to get out of the Matrix, and Brian Wright supplies one.

Even if you aren’t a 100% true believer in his libertarian worldview, you have to admit it’s a remarkably coherent political philosophy that sheds light on the unfreedom all around us, and offers plausible and inspiring solutions. Wright’s take on current events is alarmingly accurate, his prose is clear and energetic, and his optimism is contagious. This book is barking up a lot of the right trees.

Inspires in a refreshing, entertaining manner

Keith Bilby, automotive engineer. May 8, 2016.

… The Truman Prophecy provides inspiration in an entertaining way to combat “the sanction of the victim” mentality which leads to dismal politics. Challenge people to think for themselves and question what they’re being told as well as authority. Look at who benefits and who pays. Follow the money. Be a beacon of reason and skepticism to those we come in contact with on a daily basis and call out the oppressors!

Moving from Rothbard to reality: how to get there from here

Emily in New Hampshire. May 2, 2016

One of the problems with the large body of liberty theory is just that: it’s theory. There’s still a considerable shortfall in the area of “Great, but how will it work?” and “How do we get there?” A few authors, such as L. Neil Smith, have proposed alternative pictures. While enlightening and motivating, many of those pictures are presented within the very speculative framework of science fiction or at least fiction where the initial environment bears little resemblance to anything we’d recognize as current reality. Brian Wright’s newest book The Truman Prophecy squarely addresses that gap….

Brian Wright clearly understands that embracing one’s own liberty is a profound psychological act, equivalent to “taking the red pill.” As both Wright and Morpheus point out, there is no going back once that threshold is crossed. The Truman Prophecy incorporates this understanding as a fundamental premise and does a very credible job in running with that premise, showing how individuals, transformed by a deep understanding of their own liberty, can move to externalizing and generalizing that realization.

A master of allegory and metaphor…

Shane Trejo, Michigan 10th Amendment chairman. April 22, 2016.

The author is always great at using allegory and metaphor to explain the current state of affairs in a way that is entertaining and informative. The Truman Prophecy may be his best work to date!


Pamela Haviland. April 21, 2016.

Brian Wright’s The Truman Prophecy is an ill-fated society’s roadmap to freedom, cleverly woven into an inspiring story of truth, courage, and independence.

Another home run by Brian Wright

David Hooper, creator, movie: 911: Anatomy of a Great Deception. April 11, 2016.

Brian Wright has been and continues to be a significant figure in the fight for truth. Whether writing a novel, motivational book or an action plan to bring the truth to light, I highly recommend anything he composes. The Truman Prophecy is no different! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in seeking the real truth of our world.

Sensational effort!

Brett Elkins, author: Teach Your Teen to Drive.

Brian’s book is brilliant—it is a factual yet fictional characterization of individual choice. Soon to be best seller, you will love his fascinating story and a journey into a world that only Brian can make a reality. Enjoy!

For the complete reviews access

Features and New Ideas in Truman

I’ve taken a moment to compile a partial list of specific innovations or strong features embodied in my novel—both from a literary standpoint and in the context of social, political, and spiritual ideas in general as we make our way through history:

  1. Local colorSE Michigan, chosen for my familiarity with key salients of the modern liberty movement, and from the context of major liberty impinging events, such as the system’s assault on Doreen Hendrickson for refusing to commit perjury.
  2. Flashback, use of alter egouse of several autobiographical qualities in the main character of Hiram (Hi) Chance, ‘the Prophet,’ was not for my own ego salve, rather because no other man’s thoughts and actions, real or fictional, convincingly establish the ideas or reality I needed to present.
  3. Doreen-assault inspirationI have been deeply moved by the injustices committed against Doreen and her husband Pete Hendrickson, who has brought to Americans the liberating understanding of lawful federal taxation; it is fitting for the ‘Prophet’ to assert his vision instigated from such injustices.
  4. Antiaggression (AA) weaponscertainly nice to have and imagine, I’ve tried to make these tools conceivable and realistic, not to mention effective against the rampaging initiators of brute force in our world today.
  5. Other intelligent beings (OIBs)Anyone who has watched the Thrive video (and I strongly recommend that everyone do so) knows that nonhuman intelligent beings exist, and  have visited/are visiting earth; they also serve as a minor plot device in conjunction with feature #4: AA weapons.
  6. Single-page ‘Interlodes’The ideas and complex actions conveyed in the book are fairly high in density, thus, I wanted to break up the narrative with lighter material that also contributes to the plot; the name ‘interlode’ came to me as a takeoff on Mother Lode… the source of Chance’s intentions.
  7. Real back stories, e.g. space and the 911 truth movementFor ‘space’ I use the reality of views from authors of an important alternative space program concept and book, StarTram: The new race to space: therein they discuss the fearsome prospect of a doomsday shroud; this factors into the choices of an important character emblematic of the ‘2d little boy’ in the oh so relevant fable of the Emperor’s New Clothes.
  8. Agricultural hemp-marijuana moneyThis invention and plot mover came to me in flash of ‘what if:’ having our commodity money not an inanimate precious metal, rather some variation of primo Acapulco Gold… something a user can plant and grow, yet having all the key attributes of honest money?
  9. 10 Easy Pieces, obvious truthsAll major so-called truth movements are firmly planted on stating the obvious; this is not brain surgery, simply calling the emperor naked; the innovation in The Truman Prophecy is coming up with a set of extremely simple facts that virtually nobody on either side of the argument doubts as true.
  10. Threat Matrix of high-crime hitsThe so-called Threat Matrix is a crucial discovery, or, rather, identification I made of what I call ‘high-crime assaults’ by the Men of the Power Sickness (aka New World Order, Glob, Western Cabal, etc.); I have 12 categories of Threat, 7 of which are featured as high-priority Toto truths in the book. Ref.
  11. Mix real and fictitious charactersYes, all of cast of characters are fictional, yet many I have developed from or were inspired by fine (or troubled) people I have known personally… which seems to lend more authenticity or connection to reality I was striving for. 
  12. Mix real and fictitious eventsIf the blending is done skillfully, as I believe it has been, say, for example, in the initial scene set at a location corresponding to a real Panera restaurant, near a real street (Grand River), and a real exhibition center (The Suburban Collection Showplace), it sets up realistic action… and effective satire regarding real public officials.
  13. Spiritual Magic Move (Gravity Golf)A wonderful analogy, indeed, to the entire Trumanist/Beist ‘project,’ giving an uplifting, practical action plan to remedy our psychological and social  ineffectiveness: “I suddenly realized that instead of me hitting the golf ball, my body had become simply a vehicle for a more powerful mechanism.” — David Lee
  14. Invoke major cultural imageryJust off the top of my head, applying lessons and wisdom from such iconographic movies as The Wizard of Oz (1939), The Matrix (1999), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1955), The Fountainhead (1949), and, of course, The Truman Show (1998)… their various symbols (and others)… not to mention Thrive (2013) and Rule from the Shadows
  15. Significant literary-political referencesParticularly in the assessment of psych qualities conducive or detrimental to ‘independence,’ several key authors and books are referenced: Neil Postman [Amusing Ourselves to Death (1985)], Aldous Huxley, Marshall McLuhan, my books [esp. The Sacred Nonaggression Principle (2010)], Ayn Rand [esp. The Fountainhead (1943)], Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now (1997), etc.
  16. Radical truth and justice perspectiveMy perspective on truth and justice seems mild-mannered and modest TO ME; still, many will see my advocacy as undercutting the terra firma on which they’ve been counting all these years—laying out the truth and justice actions in strong terms provides substantial emotional fuel for individuals in their own life struggles.
  17. Reparations from the bankstersAnother brilliant idea whose time has come, and while it hasn’t originated by me, nor am I the only one making specific proposals along these lines, I’ve consistently made a fine moral case for recovering the wealth stolen secretively by the banking elites via the central national monopoly bank fiat money-and-credit system; high specifics of my reparations plan (several hundred thousand dollars apiece) are in the book.
  18. Snowden-Manning programConceived initially as a write-in campaign for president and vice president in 2016, the idea morphed into a 10-point political program for immediate justice for all Americans: expose federal crimes, indict federal criminals, restore those innocent of aggressive crimes, hard stop Big Brother programs, shut down the empire, etc.—in the novel worked on by leading characters into the Dorothy (justice) phase of the Prophecy
  19. Indie grand jury, specific plansThis is the historical, major power of the people that stands to restore our country to liberty-republic status, a lost tool, or one that has been allowed to decay via fatal government-official corruption; the novel lovingly makes real functional people’s grand juries—bringing justice to government/corporate criminals and to their victims.
  20. Character humor, esp. government-type antagonistsIn the dramatic plot aspect, I’m quite proud of how I was able to write characters who oppose the truth- and justice-bringers… for example the dedicated Homeland Security official, Analyst Smith, who changed her first name to Analyst from Allyson… insights into the functioning of the bureaucratic and sociopathic mind. 
  21. A new world of beings of Independent consciousness (Indiecons)The primary concept/message of the novel is how individuals learn to self-realize their own precious psychological independence, then proceed from that to walk the walk of political independence… rescuing humanity from the ravages of the Collecticons—both classes, ruling and ruled.
  22. Personal Declaration of IndependentsUsing the word Independent for ‘being of independent consciousness;’ then play on words to put psychological indies into effect as political indies… characters fulfill this phase with documents such as the Declaration of Independent and the Affidavit of Self-Government and Transition, to be modified and upgraded as the struggle ensues.
  23. Liberate minds, end to prison schoolsBringing to bear (through a character inspired by my former brother-in-law) how compulsory government factory schools have held humanity back by centuries, making us subservient to the body-and-mind controllers of society; now the light is at the end of the tunnel and minds, esp. children’s, will be freed.

Inspiring Vision, New Paradigm

T_B_EmblemAfter finishing Truman and, now, writing The ‘J’ Spot, which is about the inner body and cultivating full consciousness, our own unique, individual ‘authentic swing’ connection to Being, I realize that I have given short shrift to what the world of the fulfilled Prophecy is going to look like—for me, for you, for all the other Independents choosing to rise. An oversight, I admit, but understandable given the Threat Matrix and siege operation we face from the global mob (Glob) and their drone minions…

Interestingly, the authentic swing via the Gravity Golf metaphor holds the key. The quote from David Lee, founder of Gravity Golf, that I’ve already mentioned above (in feature #13) expresses the foundation idea succinctly:

“I suddenly realized that instead of me hitting the golf ball, my body had become simply a vehicle for a more powerful mechanism.”

The ‘more powerful mechanism’ for the golf swing is the natural flow of gravity… which—with a short, direct learning cycle—yields a game of near par for virtually anyone with the slightest hand-eye coordination. The mechanism for successful life is the natural flow of the universe’s core energy… which we learn to tap into via the ‘Spiritual Magic Move.’ This process brings us the analogy to near-par golf, i.e. the joy, ease, and lightness of near-full consciousness or Being, that is, living from the ‘J’ Spot.

Reaching the ‘J’ Spot is the prime-mover process that leads to all the political values of truth, justice, and liberty. Let’s say, right now, being generous, that the number of human individuals having reached full consciousness, worldwide,[5] is 1,000. Trumanism can easily cultivate 10,000 more in a year’s time, then 100,000 a year after that, then the nuts are off the buggy. Independent spiritual consciousness unrolls the carpet to the Billion+ Points of Light Society.

Note: Realizing the Beist ‘J’ Spot in no way interferes with any of one’s religious affections, that is provided these inclinations are consistent with psychological independence. My own feeling is that so-called secular Trumanism is easier to sustain in that regard, but religious Trumanism—Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Great Pumpkinism, etc.—can be fully consistent with a personalized interpretation of Being.

The purely political transition from our current toxocracy to Independent world civilization occurs much as already described in The Truman Prophecy. Strategically, as the self- realized Independents grow in number, we insist that existing government(s) adhere to First Principles with widespread people’s independent grand jury protection. Failing that, we form voluntary contractual, freedom-of-choice ‘governments’ and abandon the existing coercive state apparatus. Keep in mind that sociologically the Independents’ (Trumanist) movement will be proceeding to gain more and more adherents, daily.

People, at some point, desperately will want to leave their pods en masse.

As the old systems of control and sapping of the individual start collapsing in earnest, the Independents rise as saviors and problem solvers. For the poorest and most culturally deprived, psychologically collectivized communities, remediation will take on the look of an Alcoholics Anonymous operation. Productive-citizen reparations will be pooled to provide a safety net for these neighborhoods, but individual victims living in these areas will have to become self- responsible and self-educated directly—the work of Marva Collins provides a template—within a hard time limit. Person-to-person networks of learning and support will cross all the former boundaries of race, income, and social status.

And the Independents’ or Indiecon meme will steadily work to undo the Collecticon pro- gramming of decades. We will be reconstructing the species from the most downtrodden up. And, It will happen inordinately fast. Effectively, 90% of humans on the planet will reach Independent psychological status within five years of the Independents’ Day described in Truman (11/08/2016). At that point, 1) productivity will fly thru the roof (essentially leaving scarcity behind), 2) we are on the threshold of extended, enhanced life, health, and longevity, and 3) Independency and the nonaggression principle rule worldwide.

Imagine a world without restrictions, where you are free each and every day to sit and imagine/develop new and creative ways in art, science, engineering, space travel, environmental cleanup, geoengineering assault indictments/injunctions (in transition), business, and wealth generation. In a world like this, you go to the beach, play golf, conceive new ideas (work), make love, write sonnets, build rocket launchers and Mars habitats, leave the solar system, “make one large step for man.” Every day. No restrictions, no rulers, nobody da boss o’ you.


The New Paradigm fails.

When a robustly radical new philosophy or political worldview emerges, it challenges the comfort factor of those who are desperately wed to the established order/disorder of things. We see something similar to this in the panic of individuals who are so close to drowning they ignore a proffered life preserver instead wildly climb upon, threatening to also drown, the person who brings the life preserver.

I don’t think the species is too far gone to be saved. The New Paradigm, Trumanism, is an irresistible force. IF we declare ourselves as individuals and noble beings of independent psychology… and ACT forthwith. — bw

[1] Indiecons = beings of independent consciousness; The Truman Prophecy raises the notion or recovery of psychological independence for individuals as the highest goal of our species.

[2] First Principles are what follow from the phrase “We hold these truths to be self-evident” in the Declaration of Independence: …  that (1) all men are created equal, that (2) they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. (3) That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, (4) deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. (5) That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…

So when a liberty activist talks about First Principles he means: 1) equality before the law, 2) rights based in nature, 3) sole purpose of government to protect rights, 4) just powers require consent of the people, 5) people have the right to abolish or replace bad government.

[3] Beings of collectivized consciousness, either those who rule and manipulate or those who submit and become compliant zombies to one degree or another. It’s a mind control term, sometimes also those who acquiesce to consensus reality.

[4] In those days, the personal computer had not yet materialized. For those of us who were leaders in the liberty movement of the time, it was possible to keep abreast of nearly every liberty or reason-oriented intellectual or writer who was doing work of significance, worldwide. In America, the A is A Newsletter by Dale Haviland of Brighton, Michigan, kept us up to date.

[5] I’m being kind of a hard-ass here: My Randian-Objectivist background holds that the reasoning mind has a fundamentally ‘right way’ to apply itself to the ephemeral world of form—that is, logic => benign egoism and the nonaggression principle. A very large percentage of the people who would otherwise be considered fully conscious by (Eckhart) Tolleian standards of quieting the mind lack the integration with the manifested truths that deliver us from the ‘bad guys.’ In other words, they have material contradictions to resolve and cannot count in the ‘fully conscious’ category until they resolve them. [Via The Truman Prophecy, for example.]



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